Five Things About Revenge: “Retribution”

1. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little concerned that the last episode’s return to form might have been a one time deal. So hearing Emily wonder how she got so far off track was — I hope — a reassuringly meta statement from the writers that the Good Ship Revenge has been steered back upon its proper course.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ems and Nolan were firmly back to being partners in crime in this episode, whether it was putting together the pieces of the Grayson frame up, comforting Jack, or watching out for each other.

Nolan at a loss

NOLAN: Hey! You need to slow down and rest. And as far as me sticking by your side, I think you know I’m not going anywhere.
EMILY: Don’t ever tell me to let go, or to ease up, or to forgive. Not when I am standing here covered in the blood of one of the only people I’ve ever loved.

Oh, Ems.

Speaking of the great love that dare not speak its name between Ems and Fauxmanda, the locket! With a picture of the two of  them literally under the picture of her husband. OH MY HEART.

Ems and Fauxmanda

2. It’s rare for me to say this, but: Jack wasn’t boring in this episode. I know! Crazy, right? But having him finally, finally start to peel back the web  of lies that surrounds his life — and to see him turn on Emily in the process — is actually enough of a game changer that I’m prepared to start giving a crap about Jack for the first time in, well… ever. We’ll see how long it lasts.

3. Both Daniel and Ashley appear to be growing consciences? Which is interesting only so much as it makes me less sure what either of them might do. Ashley has seemed more than a little pointless as a recurring character for a while now, but I have to assume they’re keeping her around for a reason, and that showing us things like the flashback to her and Emily’s first meeting (and the debt she doesn’t know she owes Ems) have to be leading up to something worthwhile.

4. Conrad, Conrad, Conrad… was that a hint of actual guilt and remorse in your eyes when you were at Jack’s bedside? Well, probably not. But it did seem like there was maybe a split second when he felt something other than self-interest there. In any case, I continue to enjoy his truce with Victoria. And their sparring with  the new Mr. Initiative.

foster brother

5. New character alert! And unlike a lot of the other ones who have popped up this season, I’m actually interested in this one already! Because people from Emily/Amanda’s past tend to bring awesome flashbacks with them. And a level of organic investment in the drama that, say, the fate of Padma’s father  just doesn’t instill.

Plus, it feels kind of appropriate to be bringing in a brother to replace the quasi-sister she just lost. The question is, will this new guy be the kind of person from her past she has to blackmail into prison, or the kind who will brain a dude in the parking lot of a strip joint for her? (Those are pretty much the only two options on this show, right?)

2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Retribution”

  1. I am with you, so glad that things seem to be getting back to the whole reason I loved the show in the first place. I hope Em’s list of “distractions” extends to Aiden, she did seem rather distant with him this episode.

    Nolan was all kinds of wonderful and back at his rightful place. His double shirts never disappoint either. I still don’t trust Padma; I mean come on no one is so innocent in this show. So I’ll be curious to see what happens with Carrion.

    I too am actually curious about this new character unlike pretty much everyone they introduced this season.

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