Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “I’m Your Puppet”

Only one more episode left this season? Or at least for the spring?  These split seasons get me all confused!


1) Toby isn’t really dead, except he really is, except he might not be? Oh, for the love of Christ, show. Just make it clear, already. I’m tired of worrying about this. If they don’t clear this up in the next episode I’m gonna have a shit fit!

2) Wren is teh creeps. I knew it! Wren is totally creepy! Or maybe Very Hot Orderly Dude is actually the creepy one. I’m an awful judge at these things. Either way, one or both are super sketch and had something to do with Mona getting out.

3) Spencer discovered that CeCe visited Mona. So, since the evidence is pointing at CeCe fast and furiously, I’m convinced that she really has little, if nothing, to do with the “A” team. Whoever the girls suspect the most is usually not the real culprit. But Alison got CeCe kicked out of school, you say? Well, true. That again is part of the stack of evidence that leads me to believe that she really isn’t involved. I mean, convenient only other blond on the show? Yes. But could it get more obvious than her? Nope.

4) Caleb breaks my heart again..some more. Poor woobie, Caleb. When he told his father off it killed me. I’m glad to find out that he wasn’t being a sleaze and that it was “A” pulling their strings again. Hopefully his dad is now giving him hugs and cookies off screen.


5) Ezra truly is thick. Wow, his epic duh moment was…well, epic. How did he not catch that Aria broke up with him? It was hilarious and sad, but mostly sad.

Is Toby dead? Is CeCe involved? Will Ezra ever get a clue? Hopefully we will find out this week! Eeek!


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