The Best of S&B: Oh, Canada!

Happy Sunday, everyone! We’re celebrating the 50th with another retro recap!

This time, the year is 1996: we’re a month out from Clink/Boom, and the Lily/Sonny/Brenda/Jax quad is fast reaching its breaking point. So, naturally, everyone decides to take a vacation up to the frozen north, where cuddling and desperate confessions will ensue:

Sonny and Brenda in Canada

S&B cuddle

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Since we last saw S&B in Puerto Rico, there’s been some trouble in paradise:

  • Just as Sonny was finally ready to forgive Brenda for the wire, he was forced to marry Lily to stay out of prison. Brenda, completely obsessed with winning him back, has enlisted newcomer Jasper Jacks in her schemes to make Sonny jealous. But what started as a business deal has started to turn real for Jax.
  • Sonny, meanwhile, is committed to making a life with Lily: the perfect, docile mob wife who never challenges him or asks any questions. He’s also desperate to prove Brenda no longer means anything to him, because unbeknownst to Brenda, Lily’s father has already tried to have her killed once.

We open at Wyndham’s, Port Charles’ best and only department store. Brenda’s shopping when she spots Lily making arrangements for same day delivery of a bunch of ski gear. (Because that’s easier than just bringing it home herself? I guess? I mean, she’s even got bodyguards with her so she wouldn’t have to carry it herself! Way to be lazy, Lily.)

Anyway, as Brenda eavesdrops with laser beams of hate coming out of her eyes, Lily helpfully shares the exact name of the resort where she and her husband are heading for a romantic ski vacation in Canada.

Brenda blind with rage

After Lily leaves, Brenda marches up to the desk and asks to be directed to their ski parkas. Someone’s hatching a plaaaaaaaan! (By the way, Pandora started playing “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan while I was writing this, which is perhaps the most appropriate 90s song for this arc I could imagine. Good job, Pandora. Getting a little creepy anticipating my needs, but good job.)

Meanwhile, Sonny exits the elevator at his old penthouse to find a newly minted Jason Morgan sitting on the floor waiting for him. This scene really has nothing to do with the Canada plot, but I’m going to include it because just because I liked it.

Young Jason Morgan

It seems Jason witnessed a gun fight involving one of Sonny’s couriers down on the always dangerous-ass-docks and made off with a bag full of money after all the participants were dead. He was going to use it to skip town, but his new friend, Robin, convinced him to take it to Sonny instead.

Sonny thinks this is lucky, since it happens to be his money! Jason apologizes for already having used $100 of it for a bus ticket and promises to pay back the debt. Sonny poo poos that notion immediately and actually gives him more money as a reward, which he wants Jason to spend on Robin. He also offers Jason a job on the spot. But Jason says he can’t take it, since the Quartermaines always come and force him to quit every job he tries to take, and he really wants to be Sonny’s friend. (God, he’s like an adorable little puppy here. It’s almost painful to watch.)

Sonny leans in and whispers that he’s not afraid of the Qs; they have no power in his world.

Sonny seduces Jason

Jason is seduced


As seductions go, it’s kind of masterful, really. I mean, just look at the starstruck expression on Jason’s face! But before Sonny can seal the deal, they’re interrupted by Lily’s arrival. Jason quickly makes himself scarce, and Lily asks what that was all about. Sonny brushes the question off and she just smiles and accepts it like a good little mob moll. Then she exposits that she’s been to Wyndham’s to pick up ski gear and they’re all set for their trip, just the two of them, no distractions! What could go wrong?

Right on cue, we see Jax waiting for Brenda in front of Kelly’s. He is wearing a tucked in, white mock turtleneck under a blazer and has incredibly poofy hair. (That’s not really relevant to anything that’s about to happen. I just thought you should know.) Brenda arrives and tells him that she’s been giving it a lot of thought and might be ready for “that next step” they talked about.

Brenda manipulates Jax

And wouldn’t you know? She’s just been to Wyndham’s and saw a ski parka, and wouldn’t it be fun to go skiing? And hey, what about this one mountain in Canada. Wouldn’t it be fun to ski there, and ONLY there? Why? OH, NO REASON.

Jax falls for it, hook, line, and sinker, and smiles with pure happiness at the thought of spending time with her. Brenda smiles with pure deviousness, because she’s a little evil here. I mean, damn girl, I’m not a huge Jax fan during this period, but that’s pretty cold.

Cut to Brenda and Jax arriving in the lobby of the ski resort. The hotel staff immediately roll out the red carpet for him, to Brenda’s amusement.

Cocky Jax

BRENDA: Things come very easily for you, don’t they?
JAX: Well, that remains to be seen.

Pretty cocky for a man wearing what appear to be a Cosby sweater. Just sayin’.

Elsewhere at the resort, Lily wakes up to find Sonny at the window of their enormous suite, looking at the snow. She thinks it’s so pretty they might actually have to do a little skiing, but he convinces her to go back to bed instead. They then proceed to have a nauseating post-coital conversation about how this should become a family tradition, which for some reason leads to Sonny joking that their future children will be sex fiends. I don’t even know, you guys.

Lily confesses that she hasn’t had much opportunity to ski before, what with growing up in Puerto Rico and all. She wants Sonny to teach her, but after much hemming and hawing on his part, she finally figures out that of course he doesn’t know how to ski either. She’s shocked — shocked, I say! (Um, Lily? What exactly about Sonny’s childhood screamed “ski lessons” to you?)

Lily and Sonny in bed

Down in the lobby, Jax chats with a ski instructor about the unexpected storm they just had that NO ONE SAW COMING. I’m sure that was a one time occurrence we won’t have to worry about again. Meanwhile, Brenda is skulking around the lobby, obviously trying to figure out what Lily and Sonny might be up to. She tries to ditch Jax, but he insists she go skiing with him right then. Geez. Pushy.

Which is too bad for them, because they miss the truly priceless sight of Sonny wearing a goofy ski cap, completely perplexed by how to get into his boots. I feel you, Sonny. Ski boots are the most annoying, ungainly footwear known to man. Lily teases him, and they bicker a little when it becomes clear he really has zero interest in any snow related activities:

Sonny in ski gear

LILY: [fed up] Honey, we could have gone scuba diving.
SONNY: [deadpan] Oh, another one of my favorite sports.

Hah! Jax and Brenda, on the other hand, are both expert skiers. After a successful run, they wander off the trail and discover an empty cabin. Because even when they leave Port Charles, these characters will always run across a fully furnished and conveniently abandoned cabin any time they get five minutes off the road.

For some reason, Brenda thinks this is the greatest find ever, and wants to break in. But Jax, like a non-crazy person, vetoes that idea. As they leave, she ties her red scarf to a tree outside, looking back thoughtfully. Well, I’m sure this will never become relevant again!

As for Sonny and Lily’s run? Well…

Lily and Sonny ski

SONNY: It’s just these Canadian trees. You know, they got, like, magnets inside. You get too close, they suck you in.

Hah! Okay, Sonny out of his element here is kind of adorable. And he and Lily are actually a little sweet as she tries to help him and they both fail miserably. They head back to the resort and Sonny confesses that it was kind of liberating making a fool of himself when no one was watching. Lily says she was watching, but Sonny doesn’t think that counts.

But when she tells him she has never loved him more than she does right now, he very carefully changes the subject without reciprocating. Tick tock, Lily.

Sonny doesn't love Lily

Enter Brenda and Jax: tumbling into the lobby throwing snowballs at each other like assholes. The staff really appreciates that, I’m sure. Brenda sneakily dispatches Jax to get hot cocoa so she can bug the concierge to see if Sonny’s arrived yet, then she and Jax sit down and chat about the ski trips Brenda took with her family as a child.

At first Brenda keeps it vague and happy, but eventually — to Jax’s obvious sympathy — she confesses she spent most of her time alone; her father usually preferred to spend time with Julia, as Brenda was an awkward, overweight, braces-wearing 12 year old who her father liked to call “tubbo.” Damn. Jax reciprocates by telling her a little about his family and how competitive he, Jerry, and John were.

Sonny and Lily play piano

While this is happening, Lily’s in the next room, playing the piano for Sonny. She does some confessing of her own, telling him she hasn’t played since her mother died, then begins to sing her favorite lullaby in Spanish. Sonny joins in, saying his mother used to sing it to him too. Neither of them have perfect voices, which just makes the moment feel more intimate and real.

Both of these scenes are kind of great, by the way. I mean, I still don’t like either couple, but it’s a nice demonstration of how much they have in common in terms of upbringing and culture, and a solid counterpoint to the grand passion that is S&B. It would have been far easier to make Lily into a complete villain, but instead, the writing went out of its way to show how she could have made Sonny very happy in another life. It’s clear there’s a genuine compatibility between both pairs. Good soap.

Anyway, Jax doesn’t believe Brenda was ever anything but beautiful. She insists it’s true and claims she still doesn’t believe it when she sees herself in a Deception ad. She makes Jax promise to never tell anyone the tubbo story. He says she can trust him. Ah, but can he trust her?

Brenda caught in a lie


They head into the next room and run straight into Sonny and Lily. Jax immediately accuses Brenda of knowing the others would be there, and she spins a pretty smooth lie about having been in Wyndam’s and the sales lady recommending this resort. Too bad no one is buying it.

Sonny and Lily walk away in disgust and Brenda bursts out laughing. I can’t tell if she’s actually that oblivious or just trying really hard to fake it. In any case, Jax… is not in on the joke. At all. He stomps off too, leaving Brenda looking all “what did I do?” (Really, Bren? That’s how you’re going to play this?)

Upstairs, she finds Jax packing and they have kind of an awesome fight in which he calls her, among other things, a “slippery character.” Heh. Brenda thinks she’s been more honest with Jax than anyone, and resents him trying to make her feel like a bad person.

Brenda is a brat

He calls her out for her manipulations and carelessness with other people’s feelings. She, in turn, reminds him that they had a deal to use each other to make Sonny and Lois jealous and nothing has changed. Oh, but it has — at least for him. And she knew that. Busted!

So Brenda finally admits that she didn’t tell him the truth about this trip because she was afraid he wouldn’t come. And also because there was a part of her that wanted to spend time with him no matter what. Now she’s just confused. Jax seems more disappointed than angry, and anyone who’s ever been yelled at by my dad knows that’s actually much worse. He leaves and tells her to call him if she ever makes up her mind. Good for you, Jax. Have some self-respect.

Jax and Brenda fight

Sonny and Lily, meanwhile, are also fighting about Brenda. Sony thinks if they just ignore her, she’ll go away, but Lily wants to deal with the situation head on. You know, I would feel bad for her here if she hadn’t known full well that he and Brenda still had feelings for each other when she went to her father and set this whole marriage thing in motion. So, really… shut up, Lily’s insecurity. Maybe you should have thought of that before you had daddy blackmail you a husband.

Anyway, Lily claims she’s not threatened by Brenda’s schemes, but she’s worried Brenda has Sonny’s attention when she’s not even trying — like after the hit and run.

Lily is threatened

Sonny’s all, what, that little old freak out? I’d do the same for anyone! (Sure, Sonny. I’m sure you spend your free time at the hospital desperately begging all the patients to come back to you.) And anyway, Brenda’s stunts just annoy him and Lily has nothing to worry about. Nothing! Uh-huh. SURE, SONNY.

Lily agrees with me, because the second he goes off to shower, she’s marching back downstairs to tell Brenda off. They have a throw down in the lobby, with Lily accusing her of being a crazy, Fatal Attraction-style stalker. Brenda responds that she’s a Stepford Wife. So Lily hauls off and slaps her. Wow.

Lily slaps Brenda

Brenda makes a crack about how Lily’s a mobster’s daughter and might have her legs broken. Lily thinks that’s too good for a tramp like Brenda. And so on and so forth. Sonny and the concierge finally break it up. Sonny is very carefully still ignoring Brenda. She watches him walk off with his wife, looking heartbroken.

The next morning, Brenda’s asking the concierge about the avalanche warnings. He assures her she’ll be safe if she just stays away from these two, clearly marked areas. Oh, good. I’m sure nothing will come of that, then! Next, she eavesdrops as Sonny tries to check out, only to be told the airport and roads are all closed due to the unexpected second storm that NOBODY SAW COMING they had the night before. Everyone’s stuck at the resort.

Brenda confronts Sonny, apologizing for how unfair it was to everyone for her to show up here. She promises to be skiing all day to stay out of his and Lily’s way.

Brenda apologizes

Sonny shuts her down cold, telling her it makes no difference to him what she does, and he and Lily are leaving anyway. Sonny, Sonny, Sonny… Don’t you know pretending to be indifferent is just making her even more crazy? Brenda takes off with an expert ski group as Sonny and Lily make plans to continue their second honeymoon on a warm beach somewhere. But Lily’s still worried the Brenda situation will just be waiting when they finally do come home. Sonny promises Brenda is “immaterial.”

Oh, Sonny. Who do you think you’re fooling? (Mostly himself, I think.)

And they’re in luck — the roads are finally clear! But just as they’re about to head out, a helpful group of extras starts grilling the concierge about the latest avalanche. He assures them that no skier could possibly have been caught in that unless they deliberately went into one of the danger zones. And who would be that stupid, right? (Cut to Brenda, consulting her map before ditching her ski group and heading off into the danger zone. Natch.)

Sonny facepalms again

Lily and Sonny are amusingly certain Brenda’s in trouble, because of course she is. For the first time, Sonny starts to lose his veneer of indifference, although he’s still trying to play it cool. Lily — because she really is the perfect wife except for how he’s not in love with her at all — is extremely understanding. After canceling their car to the airport, she even dispenses the following wisdom:

LILY: Sonny, it’s not right or wrong. It just is. Brenda is a presence in our lives. Everyone’s past is present in their life. In time, things diminish. Someday maybe she’ll be less important. A footnote, I hope. But to deny that you have feelings when someone you care about is in danger? Now that would be dumb. [pause] Anyway, I’m much too selfish to go on a third honeymoon while you’re still worried about her.

I can’t really argue with any of that logic! Just then, the leader of Brenda’s ski group returns and announces that she’s officially among the missing. Lily tries to assure Sonny that Brenda will be all right, but he says he has to go look for her and heads off on a snowmobile to do just that. And yes, the image of Sonny aboard a snowmobile on a sound stage, squinting into a bunch of fake snow is exactly as hilarious as you might imagine.

Sonny on a snowmobile

And where is the lady in question? Oh, just sitting around in the snow, letting the memory of kissing Sonny by the pool in Puerto Rico — and in the hot tub… and on the beach — keep her warm. And really, you all know I love Brenda Barrett, right? But this is straight up the stupidest thing she’s ever done. I mean, she’s not even wearing a hat!

(And forget the danger she’s putting herself and Sonny and the rest of the rescue parties in. There’s just no way she could have been sure Sonny would even know she was missing, much less be able to find her even if he wanted to! This is worse than a Carly plan. Oy.)

Anyway, she hears a ski patrol on megaphones calling for her and some other missing skiers, but continues to huddle in the bushes until she passes out in the snow, hallucinating Sonny’s voice telling her to wait for him. (Jeez. This is edging into Bella Swan territory now. I’m not sure how I feel about that.) (LIE. I feel totally gross about it.)

Brenda passed out

It’s now night, and still snowing. Eventually, she manages to get herself up, stumble onto the scarf she tied to mark the way to that abandoned cabin the day before, and bust open the locked door.

Back at the lodge, Lily looks like she’s beginning to regret being such an understanding wife when the concierge explains that even the rescuers are in danger, phones are down, roads are blocked, and this is the worst blizzard he’s ever seen, which NO ONE COULD HAVE PREDICTED. Dun!

Jax, meanwhile, is flying his private plane back to Port Charles when he’s distracted by a flashback montage of all the good times he and Brenda had on their Malibu trip, including that time he wore what is possibly the whitest outfit I’ve ever seen and yet she kissed him anyway:

Brenda and Jax in CA


Looking pensive, he flies on. (Self respect, Jax! Remember the self respect!) (God, this really is like reading Twilight, all of a sudden. DO NOT WANT.)

Sonny runs into the ski patrol, who are kind of hilariously brusque with him. Even Canadian politeness doesn’t extend toward stupid tourists putting themselves in danger in a blizzard, I guess. He promises them he’s heading back to the lodge… and then turns and heads straight for the danger area they told him to avoid. Clearly, he knows Brenda well.

Inside the cabin, Brenda manages to find a working radio and light a lamp, but utterly fails at starting a fire, even though she has logs and matches and a freaking fireplace. Really, Bren?

Brenda alone at the cabin

(This is such a terrible plan. She’s like one of those people who goes on Survivor and then is all, “oh, BTW, I don’t know how to swim, or make a fire, or build a shelter. And I’m allergic to mosquito bites. Should I have mentioned that earlier?” I hate those people.)

Back at the lodge, the ski patrol comes in and informs an increasingly strident Lily that sure, they saw that Corinthos guy and shouldn’t he be back by now?

Sonny pulls up at the cabin, having found it via… magic? I guess? The music swells and Brenda flies into his arms. She knew he’d come! Sonny thanks God she’s alive and wraps his coat around her; Brenda can’t stop smiling. She lies that she expected him and Lily to be gone by now, and he admits he couldn’t leave until he knew she was all right. He thinks the storm is too dangerous now for them to try and get back down the mountain, and rubs her hands to warm them.

S&B hug

(The thirteen year old in me sighs happily, even as I’m squirming a little from the contact embarrassment of knowing he’s got to figure out the truth soon.)

And sure enough… Sonny looks for paper to start the fire and finds some in about three seconds, giving me another reason to feel embarrassed on Brenda’s behalf. She’s so happy her ridiculous plan has actually, miraculously worked that she slips up and tells him she thought he was never going to show up. D’oh! Sonny immediately puts two and two together and realizes she set the whole thing up. He’s as mad as any sane person would be to realize they person they’re in love with is kind of suicidally stupid.

Sonny in the cabin

Brenda, never one to let being utterly in the wrong stop her from getting defensive and self-righteous, yells at him to just leave then, because she got herself into this mess and she can get herself out. (Oh, honey… no. You can’t. You couldn’t even find the paper for the fire that was sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.)

Sonny’s actually mad enough to take his coat back and open the door, but it’s snowing too hard now and he’s stuck. He asks her if it was worth it to endanger both their lives. Brenda doubles down on the stupid and claims it was. Anything is worth it for them to be together!

I roll my eyes a bit at the melodrama, but then she does go on to make pretty good point, and I remember that she’s still very, very young and he really has been jerking her around a lot, which might make anyone go a little nuts:

Brenda self-righteous

BRENDA: You want to know what’s ridiculous? Me thinking that you’re finally ready to face your real feelings. Course you’re not. You’re so used to lying and pretending, that’s all you know how to do. So if you think I’m so sad, and annoying, and desperate, then guess what, Sonny? I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted. I’m gonna leave. And I’m gonna stay out of your way from now on.

I mean, I’m giving Brenda a lot of well-deserved flack here, but seriously, Sonny. These are maybe the kind of consequences you should expect when you’re a man in your thirties who started dating a girl just out of high school, introduced her to this exciting, dangerous, grown up world while lying to her about what that actually entailed, dropped her flat when she reacted badly, came back just to tell her you’d love her forever, and then immediately married someone else. You know? JUST SAYING.

Anyway, of course, having made a semi-legitimate point, Brenda promptly goes straight into SUPER ULTRA MEGA-MELODRAMA mode and runs out the door to go kill herself because a boy wouldn’t admit he loved her. Oh, Bren. Sonny tries to stop her, and they actually have a brief, physical struggle before she runs out… straight into another avalanche. Of course.

Sonny is worried

Sonny, frantic, finds her unconscious in the snow and brings her back in, ordering her not to die on him, as is his wont whenever she’s in danger. And there is much hand-kissing and begging and squealing (on my part, at least) before she wakes up.

The cabin’s now full of snow and generally falling apart thanks to the avalanche. Brenda looks around soberly and thinks it might have been better if he’d just left her out there. She wonders if he’d ever at least thought about how much easier his life would be if she wasn’t around. But the only thing Sonny wonders is why she keeps doing this to herself when she’s beautiful and talented and has so much to live for. He thinks he isn’t worth it.

Word, Sonny. I love you, but… WORD. Brenda Barrett, you are being a terrible role model for young girls! (Obviously, I did not see it this way at all when I was a young girl. Which probably just proves the point.)

Brenda and Sonny huddle for warmth

The close call seems to have drained all Sonny’s anger out of him. He tries to make her get up and walk around to help warm herself up, but she sprained her ankle in the avalanche so now they’re extra double screwed. Sonny wraps it (sexily) for her while explaining their options, to wit: sit tight and wait it out, because the snowmobile was swept away, Brenda can’t walk, and he can’t carry her all the way in a blizzard. Guess they’ll just have huddle together some more for warmth! Damn. What a shame.

Later, we come on them both curled up asleep around each other on the floor in a way that’s very sweet but also does not seem at all practical for the purpose of actually sharing body heat:

Sonny and Brenda passed out

Sonny wakes them both up with a shout, which is never really explained. Just a nightmare, I guess? They take stock of their remaining supplies, which amount to a candy bar and a table that Sonny proceeds to break up for more fire wood while on a rather spectacular rant about how he’s a hood and not a mountain man and maybe Brenda should have thought about that before casting him as the hero in her little fairy tale. I love seeing Sonny out of his element and worrying about not being good enough.

This leads them into more rehashing of the same old sore subjects (i.e. Lily and the wire), including this bit of fantastically purple, Harlequin-esque dialog:

You burn don't you

SONNY: No, no, you love the way you were with me. Because it’s the best you ever had. Harder, higher, farther, faster — you push it to the red line every time, Brenda, and who cares about the wreckage you leave behind?
BRENDA: You’re right, I don’t care. Neither do you. Because you love me and you know it. What are you talking about, Sonny? Lily gives you love and peace? Well, what is that? [whispering] Does Lily keep you awake at night, burning? Like I do? Because you burn, don’t you? When you’re near me? I can feel it.
SONNY: What, now you’re psychic?
BRENDA: No, I’m just in love with you. Don’t you miss me? Tell me I don’t live in your dreams.
SONNY: My dreams are a dark place, Brenda. Too dark for even you.

HIS DREAMS ARE TOO DARK, Y’ALL. I am cracking up at this, but also squealing a little in pure delight, so, you know… don’t take the laughter too seriously. This whole scene is pretty amazeballs.

Frustrated, Sonny admits that of course he cares about her and what’s really killing him that she set this whole thing up expecting him to save her. And he can’t. They fight some more about how Brenda only ever hears what she wants to hear, and Sonny eventually stomps out.

Sonny lights a fire

Sonny lights a fire

When he comes back with a load branches and twigs, it’s dark out again. Brenda’s been crying and admits it’s because she thought he’d really left her, prompting Sonny to awesomely snark that no wonder she loves him, with all that faith she has in him. Hah! Sonny is on fire in these episodes, guys.

They bicker over who should eat the candy bar (he makes her take it, of course) and Brenda finally — very quietly — apologizes. Sonny very quietly replies that he knows. They cuddle together again and he calls her sweetheart and tells her to go to sleep. I have a very quiet joygasm.

Go to sleep, sweetheart

Later (possibly the next day?) Brenda wakes up alone and proceeds to freak out again. But Sonny’s just outside, checking things out. The good news is he thinks the blizzard is finally over. But they’re still completely snowed in, and are now out of both food and firewood.

Sounds like a good time to check back in at the lodge, where the phones are finally working! Lily takes the opportunity to call Jax and tell him Brenda is missing. Jax promises he’s on his way. Must be nice having your own plane! She uses her second call to let good old, not-yet-completely-bonkers Harry Silver know what’s been happening. Harry offers to come up, but Lily says there’s nothing he could do; she just wanted to talk to a friend.

Lily and Harry

It’s kind of sad that her husband’s business manager is her only friend at a time like this. And also sad that she might have actually helped sign her own death warrant with this conversation, by alerting Harry to Sonny and Brenda spending time together and therefore setting the whole car bomb assassination attempt in motion. Ladies, let this be a lesson for you: using your mob father to blackmail a man into marrying you: not all it’s cracked up to be.

Back at the cabin, reality is sinking in:

BRENDA: I can’t believe I did this. I must have been out of my mind. You know, I just wanted to be with you so bad that I wasn’t thinking straight. I got us into this whole mess; it’s all my fault. God, I can’t believe–
SONNY: [shaking his head] No, no, no… don’t go there. It’s useless, the blame…
BRENDA: I mean, this is really it, isn’t it?
SONNY: I don’t want you to be afraid.

Brenda unafraid

BRENDA: I don’t really feel that afraid, for some reason. Remember when Joe Scully’s men shot at me in the shower? Then, I was really afraid. When you weren’t there. In Puerto Rico, I was really afraid, but we were running and running, all those bullets were coming after us. But we were together and I knew you were going to make everything okay. We were something else together, you know? We were like a force of nature.
SONNY: You might want to take a few steps back. You’re starting to move into dangerous territory.

Brenda tries to convince Sonny to leave her there and try to make it back on his own. He refuses, of course. She admits that she lied before –she is afraid — and he tries to distract her with cuddles and reminiscing about how hot it was in Puerto Rico. The both flashback to the Puerto Rico kissing montage.

Brenda starts talking about the day they met at the car dealership. She thinks she fell in love with him right then. Sonny calls bullshit. (But in a cute, flirty way.) She says even two years later, she still lies awake at night “burning” from the kiss he gave her that night. Sonny knows what she means. There’s a lot of intense eye contact and face-stroking, and then — THEN! — they’re finally kissing:

S&B cabin kiss1

S&B cabin kiss2

Damn. Still magic, even after all these years. (Also, can I just say how much I love the way old school Sonny gets so gentle with her whenever she stops blustering and yelling long enough to admit she’s afraid or in the wrong? It’s just so nice to see a Sonny who can show forgiveness and compassion for others. I mean, we’ve started getting back to that in present day Sonny now, so it’s not quite as shocking. But still.)

Back at the lodge: Jax is back and he brought a helicopter, because of course he did. Although, honestly, with the use he’s gotten out of his personal rescue helicopter over the years, I guess it probably wasn’t a bad investment. Anyway, he’s going to go join the search; Lily’s freaking out and demands he take her with him.

Cabin make out time! Brenda, damn her, pauses to ask Sonny why he told her he loved her when he came to her that night at Kelly’s right before he made the deal to marry Lily. Sonny admits that was a mistake and unfair to her. (True!) She still wants to know why.

Just tell me the truth

SONNY: We couldn’t have held it together. We were too big, too powerful, too intense, too everything… we would have eaten each other alive. We would have exploded.

Well, that’s poetic. But not at all an actual answer to the question. Brenda, getting irritated by his vagueness, wants to know how he could ever have settled for anything less after what they had. And just like that, they’re fighting again! I really don’t blame her for being frustrated at this point, since he’s basically saying over and over that she doesn’t understand his life the way Lily does, yet still refuses to actually explain what he’s talking about. (Hey, here’s a radical thought, Sonny — maybe she’d understand if you actually told her anything, ever?)

Finally, Brenda — looking like she can’t believe they were finally at the hot make out portion and somehow ended up back to fight portion anyway (me too, girlfriend) — deflates and says she doesn’t want to argue anymore. She just needs to know he forgives her for betraying him with the wire, and needs him to know she’s so sorry for it and wishes she could do it over.

I can't pretend I don't want you

Sonny looks pained and says he can’t keep doing this. Brenda, finally seeming resigned, says that she knows and won’t ask him for anything else. But no! That’s not what he meant:

SONNY: I can’t keep pretending I don’t want you anymore.

That thump you just heard? JUST MY THIRTEEN YEAR OLD HEART SKIPPING A BEAT. The music starts thumping along with my heart, and they kiss again… just in time for the sound of a helicopter overhead. DAMN IT.

Sonny kind of hilariously hesitates… and then keeps kissing her. Heh. But eventually he pulls away. Brenda, of course, immediately tries to convince him they should let the rescuers pass because she’d rather die together than spend one more minute apart. (Oh, Bren. Really?) They argue back and forth in between kisses.

But FINALLY, Sonny pulls it together enough to pull away for reals. He makes her promise that what happens in Canada, really has to stay in Canada, because there could be major, “capital C” Consequences if anyone found out.

S&B last hug

(And once again, Sonny, not to be overly critical, but I can’t help but think it might be helpful for Brenda to know that by “major consequences” you actually mean Rivera will have her murdered. That’s the kind of information it might be nice for a girl to have, you know?)

The helicopter is landing and Sonny tries to get Brenda out to meet it but she’s still fighting him, wanting to stay as long as possible. They share one last, desperate hug and then he carries her out to meet Jax and Lily. Sonny hands Brenda over to Jax, and she watches forlornly as he hugs Lily. Jax tells her they have medics and everything’s going to be all right now. Somehow, Brenda doesn’t look comforted in the slightest.

Jax carries Brenda

Sonny and Lily reunited

As Jax carries Brenda off to the helicopter, Sonny stares off into space, an oblivious Lily clutching at him. What was that, Sonny? You thought Brenda would be the one having trouble acting like this ever happened?


6 thoughts on “The Best of S&B: Oh, Canada!

  1. First off, love the dig at Twilight. I refuse to read the books because Bella sounds so. . .needy. Like she’d fit right in with GH pre RC.
    Another great recap. Sonny, oh, Sonny get back to being like this (sounds like he is judging from your previous empty)

    • He really is so much more likable right now on the show than he has been for years. I wish that I cared about him and Kate even a fraction as much as I loved him with Brenda, though.

  2. I have never, ever liked Sonny and was a total J&B fan, but damn, Brenda was irritating during this period. I still remember her sitting down in the snow, saying “ok Sonny, come and find me.”

  3. This is the peak of Brenda’s stalker faze (her waiting in Sonny’s car in the penthouse garage was probably the ultimate obsessed moment) and even as a teen I found it cringeworthy. I am so glad they flipped the script and had Sonny persue Brenda after Lily got blown to bits. I am all for S&B, but this period isn’t my favorite. Jax and Brenda and Lily and Sonny actually made more sense. Anyway, I love your S&B recaps! Keep them coming (if your open to requests- my favorite S&B scenes are the scenes at the penthouse where Sonny and Brenda see one another for the first time after the non-wedding)!
    And seriously, I would love present day Sonny 1000x more if he acted half as concerned about his wife at the time Brenda as he does for his lastest piece of ass Konnie. His character change is wasted on her. Is there a massive Skate 2.0 fanbase out there that I am missing? I didn’t even get the feeling that he and Brenda knew each other, much less actually liked each other this last return. Hoping for better things this time around.

    • Absolutely. If they hadn’t flipped it around and made Sonny the pursuer very shortly after this, the entire triangle wouldn’t have worked.

      Oh, and I definitely take requests! What I do next will probably depend on what’s in the marathon, but I’ll keep that one on my mind.

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