Well, be still, my soapy little heart.

I’m pretty sure this week’s been a textbook example of everything people who hate the genre probably imagine when they think of soaps. Which means of course it was pretty much completely amazing for me.

I mean, 1) angsty couples with pained looks on their faces speaking overwrought dialog in husky voices? Check.

Todd and Carly good bye

Okay, so these two still aren’t my favorite.
But isn’t her hair AMAZING?

2) Blasé recital of clunky exposition involving an evil doppleganger, vampires, hypnotism, and relish espionage? Check:

STARR: Out of all the people you could possible give credit to for reviving Pickle Lila, you choose Lucy Coe?
MICHAEL: Well, if she hadn’t flipped out about the whole vampire–
STARR: Okay, don’t even start!
MICHAEL: –vampire obsessed maniac, John McBain look-alike, then her shrink husband, Dr. Kevin Collins, would never have come back to Port Charles, hypnotized Ellie, and got her to remember the missing ingredient.

The fact that this conversation could even exist is so beautiful to me, I can’t even. Oh, Starr. Oh, Michael. I really will miss your pleasantly boring stability when its gone.

3) Casual references to events that happened 30 years ago — involving the same characters played by the same actors? Check:

SCOTTY: She may not want some quickie wedding. If I recall, there was quite a number of people watching her marry that string bean.
LUCY: Oh, Scott, that was 1981. Everyone was younger, had a lot more hair… But she had her big wedding, you already caught the bouquet, it’s done, let’s move on!

SCOTTY AND LUCY, YOU GUYS! I’ve been waiting such a long time to hear her call him “pal” again. SUCH A LONG TIME.

And of course… 4) tortured make out sessions? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.

McBam kiss

SAM: I know you think this relationship hasn’t gone further than a few kisses, but that’s not true. You saved my life, you brought my child into this world, and then you saved my life again. John, you taught me how to trust again, and to have faith, and you never failed me.
JOHN: And I never will. It’s been a hard year, Sam. The only good moments I had came from you and Danny. If I helped you at all, I will carry that with me always. Always.

You guys. YOU GUYS. How am I supposed to go on without John and Sam making eyes at each other and wallowing in their angst and sexy whispering dialog like that? How?

Last McBam hug

One last McBAIN HUG for the road.

It… is going to be torture. Seriously. And if they can’t work this licensing mess out and get John McBain back somehow, I may cry.

Good thing I have Liz and AJ to console me! I think Felix and I had roughly the same reaction to this whole speech:

AJ: Elizabeth, I gave it all up because I realized the price I’d have to pay was you. Look, I lied about Carly, okay, and I saw how much it hurt you, and I’m sorry. I knew that if I kept on lying, I was just going to be that scheming low life, that same disappointment, that same… punch line that I’ve always been. And I realized that any success that would jeopardize our friendship, well, it just isn’t worth it. Because you mean that much to me.

And then (and then!) she gave him another chance and he agreed to do a number with her at the Nurses’ Ball (!!!) and they both grinned and were happy and… I pretty much died:

AJ smiles at Liz

AJ makes Liz smile

Look how happy she is! LIIIIIIIIIIIZ! It’s about time we saw that smile more often, girl. I just… love them so much. Butterflies! Butterflies all over the place!

(I also love Felix as Elizabeth’s supportive drinking buddy, because he is awesome and protective and doesn’t take bullshit but also tears up when I do. Now can we get him a hot man of his own, please?)


22 thoughts on “Well, be still, my soapy little heart.

    • Was it? Damn. It’s too bad they couldn’t have had more of a private moment, but it’s hard when an actor is leaving to be recast in the middle of storyline.

      • I liked the family scenes as final scenes (I had been waiting years to see a Lante/L&L/Olivia scenes, bonus for me no Sonny) but I thought they could have given DZ and JMBLante more than 30 seconds at least. They had since July to plan this.

    • still cant’ stand sam and john……….i was sleeping off and on during the show yesterday, not feeling all that well, still kind of aren’t….but, oh well…..and if only spring would come and stay here….last year we had 23 C….that’s well into 70 something…and this year….well…..bletch……

      love liz and AJ……

  1. I had a sneaky feeling that was JMB’s last scene. :( No wonder she didn’t like it–out not with a bang, but a whimper. Oh well. I’m just grateful they’re recasting Lulu instead of killing her or exiling her to Ireland.

    Oh John, I will miss you. Todd and Starr never really landed for me on GH, and I won’t be sorry if they never come back (I think they’re more valuable/suited to OLTL, and now there’s an OLTL for them to be on again), but with John, it was the reverse–he didn’t do much for me on OLTL, but on GH, he became one of my favorite screen presences almost overnight! And that ME/KM chemistry, yowza. I’m clinging pitifully to the hope that GH can steal him back again, and that someday, we will have the full flowering of John/Sam make-out hotness.

    I loved the Liz/AJ/Felix scenes. And REALLY I love that there’s a solid contingent of nurses on the show right now–Liz, Felix, Sabrina, Pip–who get to do nurse-y things on screen, and get lines like, “We’re nurses. We know how to multi-task.” (My mom’s a nurse, and indeed, she knows how to multi-task.) It’s really refreshing in general to see characters’ professions emphasized that way. It helps the show feel a little more grounded.

    • I really enjoy Starr and Michael together as kind of sane, background couple amongst the chaos, but I’ll survive her loss if a deal can’t be worked out. Todd can stay in Llanview forever, and I’ll be fine. But John? Nope. He never did anything for me on OLTL either but he works so well Port Charles. I really, really hope they work something out.

      Love the nurses getting to be nurses, too. It’s nice to see work friendships acknowledged.

  2. I thought of you yesterday! John and Sam finally made out, yay! :-) AND Liz and AJ were totally adorable.
    Honestly, I’m probably in the minority but I totally don’t mind if Todd and Starr go back to OLTL. Starr and Michael were cute, Todd was funny sometimes, but from what I understand his character had far more depth on OLTL and I have zero investment in his undying love for Carly.
    I will miss Sam and John, though.

    • I don’t think you’re in the minority here.

      I agree that Todd/Carly as a romantic couple do nothing for me though I enjoyed their friendship – I wish they’d left it at that. But I really don’t think Todd works on GH and as much as I love RC, I don’t think he has/had a great handle on the character even on OLTL.

      But I want Sam/John. John can stay forever. I never liked him on OLTL but I think he works beautifully on GH

  3. PS- I just can’t with the relish storyline. I’m sorry. I can’t. Believe me, I’m thrilled that ELQ/The Quartermaines have a story, but I just find this cringe-worthy beyond belief. And it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

  4. I must be the only person who liked Todd/Carly, granted they should have been friends longer before gettin’ their groove on. I do think RH & LW work well together. If Todd comes back to GH then slow it down and have Scott Sickles write for them exclusively it seems he has the best handle going on with the duo. Plus he writes Todd’s dialogue quite well!

    I prefer Michael Easton on GH; on OLTL its cringy worthy honestly and he and Natalie are so boring its not even funny! Kristen Alderson needs some personality and the way she was introduced on GH did nothing for me. Snooze worthy. The best part of that scenario was Tea and Todd interacting seriously.

    How is it Todd and Blair’s daughter doesn’t have more fire, spark and personality, really now. Todd and Tea’s daughter Danielle has more personality…

    • You’re definitely not the only one. Just maybe a little lonely around here at there moment. But the rest of the internet seems to be with you, so what do I know? Heh.

      For the record, I do think RH and LW have chemistry together. My objection is all on the execution, specifically:

      1. Todd’s obsession with her overshadowing every other concern in his life, including the daughter I used to believe he actually loved more than anything and now no longer even think he likes.
      2. The way both of them talk about their “love” as thought this is the end of some grand, five year long affair instead of a year long friendship capped by a one night stand and immediate break up. They should still be in the slow burn, “hey, I think I actually care about you more than as just a friend” phase and instead they’ve jumped straight to soulmates for life. It feels lazy and manipulative to me on the writers parts, like they couldn’t be bothered to actually write the relationship they want to have built. All tell, no show.

      Anyway, if/when RH does come back to GH, I hope the time in Llanview will have made him back into the guy who actually cares about his family and they tone down the melodrama with him and Carly and have them be scheming partners in crime again. Then I could possibly be into it.

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