Five Things About Revenge: “Illumination”

1. Hey, look at you, Jack! Doing some investigating and putting some pieces together. Not so stupid, after all! Except…

Jack and Nolan


I admit, I’m kind of at the point where I wish Ems and Nolan would just sit down and explain everything to him. I mean, sure, he’d be mad, but let’s be honest: he’d probably get over it pretty quick. And wouldn’t it be preferable to have him fully on their side than running around half-cocked imagining himself as the revenge master? This is Jack, remember, who couldn’t even call in a drug bust without getting himself arrested.

Also, in case that picture wasn’t clear enough to appreciate the true majesty of Nolan’s COPPER SUIT, have a close up, and note the FOUR separate patterns he is working there. Damn, son.

Nolan's amazing suit

2. I like Eli. Not quite sure what his game is yet, but Emily needs more people she can’t manipulate as easily as snapping her fingers. And he protected baby!Ems — that has to count for something, right? He can stay.

3. Conrad’s version of a “conscience” will never stop amusing me. He’s such a magnificent bastard! Daniel’s conscience, on the other hand, while slow to kick in, has finally seemed to yield some interesting results. Since that’s about the only time the words “Daniel” and “interesting” have come up in the same sentence, I’ll take it.

4. Victoria’s hatred of Emily is already so pure. (Can you imagine how she’ll react when she finally, finally learns her real identity? It’s going to be such an epic hate-off.) I love that she was basically screwing with her just for the hell of it in this episode. And without even realizing the real trouble she was causing. Watching Emily steal the Grayson fortune in return next week will… extremely satisfying.

Eli and Victoria

5. So now, there’s some matrix-ish hacker crap going on and a dude named Falcon that has even Nolan running scared? I have to say, if this guy is already working for the Graysons and he’s so good that he can effortlessly stop Nolan’s big bad program that everyone’s been talking about like it’s the second coming all season, then why isn’t the Falcon just working for the Initiative directly? Why would they need Nolan at all?

Whatever, if it leads to Emily crossing more red Xs onto people’s faces, then I’m happy.


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