Well, hot damn. This just might be a soap opera after all.

Hey, did you know that sometimes people who enjoy one another’s company — but not in a sexy way — still like to spend time together and talk about what’s happening in their lives? I know! What a crazy concept, right? It’s called friendship, and once upon a time, people in Port Charles did it all the time.

Until this last year, I’d about given up on ever again seeing characters whose names weren’t Carly and Jason sitting down to lend one another a friendly, supportive ear. But lately, it’s been friend city in PC. I mean, this week alone, we’ve had Felix and Liz, Carly and Sam, Anna and Felicia, Duke and Mac… and today, a reunion of two of my very favorite old friends:

Luke, Lucy and Kevin

LUKE AND LUCY, YOU GUYS! When he burst in and went straight into fight mode with Scotty (which, I’m with Laura: UGH) without giving Lucy and second glance, I was all set to get righteously indignant. But then! They had the sweetest hug, and a salute for Doc, and guys, my heart? Just so happy right now.

Which is good, because then Maxie and Frisco kind of took it and mercilessly crushed it into tiny little pieces. First with him FINALLY bringing up the ginormous elephant that’s been in the room since Maxie found out she’s carrying her own baby. Then with their entire conversation about parenthood and his plans for Felicia. And look… Maxie and I may have had our differences lately, but her getting all protective of Mac’s heart? Wins her back about a thousand points in my book.

Also, you know, with the heart ripping:

Frisco cries

FRISCO: You know honey, all those years away, I told myself that it was for the greater good, that I was serving my country, and that I’d be able to make up the time I lost with you and your sister. But what I really didn’t realize is that once time is gone… it’s gone. For everyone, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re alive or dead.
MAXIE: I really wish you would have known Georgie. She was so smart. And I don’t meant that she got straight As, which she always did. But she was really smart about people. She gave great advice. She was kind and forgiving. No matter how badly I would screw up, my little sister would always be on my side. And I miss that. I miss her. You would think after all these years, I’d be used to it, but, um, I still can’t really believe she’s gone.

I defy anyone to keep dry eyes while watching Jack Wagner cry.

Dear Frank Valentini: please can we have Georgie back? Please, please, please? I will sacrifice as many virgins to the soap gods as you desire to make this happen. And I absolutely do not give a crap about how implausible the story might be.


5 thoughts on “Well, hot damn. This just might be a soap opera after all.

  1. Yeah, Jack Wagner crying got some gutteral stuff out of me. (As did Anna crying and Felicia crying and Mac/Duke bonding and Dante worrying for his wife who he loves so much and… it was a weepy-ass episode. So good.)

  2. i used to love jax and alexis, and jerry (first one) and then ned and chloe’s friendship…that was great….

    yeah liz, and robin, and a couple of others used to go drinking at jake’s, all the time…

    felicia and anna, and duke and mac sure were great today, weren’t they…..

    and lucy and scotty still being friends after all this time…

    bring it on people, bring it on…

    i so agree miss lady….i knew that i was liking the show alot this week, and you have just said why…although i don’t mind sabrina……but, can totally understand why others do mind her….

    but what a concept…no connie forced down our throats…

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