Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “A Dangerous Game”

Okay, guys. The spring finale definitely didn’t disappoint!

1) Toby’s alive! Toby’s alive! Toby’s alive! I knew it! Or at least I thought I knew it. I’m just glad to see his face again.


2) Spencer was working with Mona as part of the “A” team. So Spencer kidnapped Ezra’s kid? That’s actually a pretty good twist considering they pretty much showed all the clues before. The possibility just never occurred to me. Unless it was  clear and I completely missed it? That’s…completely possible. I am easily distracted. Heh. Anyway, I don’t know how Spencer trying to find out who Redcoat is proves that she isn’t really part of the “A” team, but I’m glad she wasn’t on the outs with the other girls for too long. Also, I don’t know why Spencer doesn’t deserve what the rest of the “bitches” do. Maybe it is a special kind of torture for her to make her turn against her friends? I’m just glad it was the writers jerking us around because I wouldn’t want Spencer to be bad.

3) Toby says he was working for the “A” team to protect Spencer. So okay, I will buy Toby’s explanation for now, but it is a pretty weak explanation. I don’t know why he couldn’t just tell Spencer, but I guess it is all supposed to be more believable since Spencer was doing the exact same thing. Still Spencer and Toby did get an awesomely cheesy 80’s-style sex scene. I couldn’t be happier about that. No, really. I mean it.


4)  Melissa is colluding with Jenna to get the girls at Spencer’s family party. I can completely understand why Jenna hates them all, but why would Melissa? I suspect we will hear more on this later. Oh and Jenna and Shawn helped Wilden after he was run over. I’m sure we’ll get more on that connection later too.

5) Redcoat orchestrates an elaborate plan that includes a freaking private plane (Who is this person, a bond villain?) to kill all the girls and then turns around and rescues them? Or something? Honestly, I think the show’s strategy is to twist you so into knots that you can’t tell if what they did makes sense or not. That said, it is also possible that Redcoat had other plans and it was Melissa and her crew that set the lodge on fire. And now Spencer, Hannah and Mona think Redcoat is Alison. I’ve heard rumors of this on the internets and had wondered for a while, but as usual, if the girls think it, then it is probably dead wrong. The other theory is that Redcoat is wearing an Aly mask. Maybe diabolical Redcoat has access to the same high-tech disguises as Cesar Faison.


Who is responsible for the fire? Who the eff is Redcoat? And what the eff is in that trunk? Guess we’ll have to wait until June to find out!


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Pretty Little Liars: “A Dangerous Game”

  1. My big question at the end was: Where the hell is Toby? They all just left him in the woods up at the burning house? No one seems worried in the least about him? Uh, okay?

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