Five Things About Revenge: “Victory”

1. It’s kind of sad how excited I was when they did the WHAT’S IN THE BOX tease. I don’t really care enough about Padma to want her dead, but damn. She’s just so boring, and such a gigantic waste of precious Nolan screentime that could be spent delightfully snarking with Emily instead.

Nolan and Aiden

(Plus, their whole desperate love schtick? Really, show? They’ve known each other all of what, three months, and she spent most of that time secretly betraying him. It’s just all so unbelievable and unsatisfying.)

At least all that melodrama led to Nolan getting some good snark at Aiden’s expense, because seriously. He is terrible at this. And Nolan’s angst allowed for a genuine moment of contrition from Emily about what a terrible friend she is to him. That was nice.

2. I guess my question from last week about why the Initiative wouldn’t have snapped up this Falcon person has been answered. Although I’m still not certain why they need Nolan’s Program of Doom when they have a dude capable of defeating it on hand already.

3. So… Eli’s gone, then? That was fast. And a little unsatisfying. I was hoping for more of a confrontation between him, Emily and their evil foster mother.

Goodbye Eli

Although the revelation that he was the one who started the fire that got young Amanda sent to juvie was interesting, I’m a little confused by how she seemed to be surprised she was innocent. I hope we see him again, since he loves Ems, and she needs more people like that around. Plus, Team Revenge could use a little more color.

4. Oh, dear. Jack’s still trying to think. This bodes ill. (Where’s Takeda when you really need a revenge sensei on hand?) Still not following what, exactly, he’s trying to accomplish now — if he believes Teen Wolf Dad about not having rescued him the night of the explosion, does he now suspect Nolan again? Or the Graysons? And couldn’t he just take that tape of Conrad basically ordering the hit straight to the police?

5. Victoria’s got another son! Will he be less of a potato than Daniel? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. (Speaking of Daniel and Victoria, the fact that she keeps a box of bullets in her jewelry box? LOVE.)

I wonder if the father is James Purefoy? They knew each other before Conrad, but I don’t know that it was when Victoria was a teenager. Or one of her mother’s boyfriends? So many questions!

Next week: MASQUERADE BALL! I’m amazed it’s taken this show this long to have one, honestly. BUT I CAN’T WAIT!


4 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Victory”

  1. Blast! I really thought we were going to be rid of Padma. Either flying off into the sunset or being so totally dead. UGH I guess I’m just not that lucky. I thought the writers had realized how amazingly boring she is. It is a crime that Nolan is stuck with her but at least she won’t be taking up space for a while. I loved him and Ems talking about it after.

    And I agree, Masquerade Ball FTW! Though I didn’t see Nolan at it, maybe I missed him in the preview D:

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