Um, is it sweeps again already?

I have a feeling this week is going to involve a lot of epic flailing on my part. Since in the last two days alone, we’ve already gotten: Bobbie! Nikolas! Britt’s back story! And Dante’s faaaaaace!

Dante's faaaaaace


(Does it need to be said that Dominic Zamprogna has been absolutely killing it with Dante’s worry and desperation over his wife? No, not it does not. Because you have eyes and he has that face.)

Fortunately, Dante’s got Spencer support just coming out of the woodwork. (Almost as if they were actually a loving family that bands together in times of crisis! Even Lucky warranted an off-screen missed call!)

Barbara Jean? It is truly lovely to see you, weird face and all.

Bobbie returns

But Nikolas makes me possibly the happiest of all. He’s like Jax, in that I often get sick of him over the long haul and then miss him like crazy when he’s gone. In order to fully enjoy this return, I’m going to repress my memories of the last few years of his tenure, which you may recall involved: a tumor girlfriend, Natalia Livingston abusing eyeliner, exciting plow patent drama, nailing his brother’s fiance in some of the grossest sex scenes* to which this show has ever subjected us, and hiring Brook Lynn as an escort.

(*And I’m including Carly and Sonny’s “our son is a vegetable” limo tryst in that, so you know I really mean it.)

But here’s the thing: that Nikolas — the Nikolas I want to run over with a truck? That’s Romance Nikolas. He’s officially the worst. But Family Drama Nikolas? Totally different animal!

Nik and Laura

Case in point: that great, silent smile and nod he and Luke exchanged over Laura’s shoulder when he first came in. Fifteen years of hard-won character development encompassed in a single look? That’s the Nik I love. And the Nik who had better not die, damn it.

Meanwhile… Dr. O is also back! And she just keeps getting more fabulous. I mean, not only does she wear absolutely FIERCE hats and use phrases like “timorous, homely slip of a girl” to describe her daughter’s romantic rivals, but she also apparently gave birth to Britt! Who I think I kind of love now?

(I know, it’s weird. But she’s turning into that magical combo of both awesome and terrible that makes for an excellently rootable soap villainess.)


Britt and mommy dearest

BRITT: She’s pathetic. And a borderline stalker. She finds any and every excuse to be near Patrick.
DR. O: It’s difficult to seduce a man from long distance.
BRITT: Seduce? She has all the sophistication and sexuality of a third grader. The only thing she’s good for is babysitting.

See? She’s kind of the best. And she has a mysterious  and ominous-sounding father and a mission to seduce Patrick at all costs. CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER.

(Anyone want to start a pool on candidates for Daddy Dearest? My money’s on a Cassadine, which is kind of a shame, because although we’ve established Romance Nik is terrible, I’d still be kind of curious to see him chem tested with Britt. They could be awesome/terrible together!)


In less awesome soap news, I’m trying not to freak too much in advance about Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson all  returning to the show… as new characters. But, um, I’m freaking out, just a little?

Honestly, at this point, I’m pretty much open to anything that will get Michael Easton back on screen with Kelly Monaco. But jokes about his identical cousin Ron McPain aside, the thing I’m really scared of losing is all the character and relationship development we’ve had for all of these characters in the last year.

(Well, Todd’s actually been developing into a character I like much less than I did when he first appeared. But the other two! I’m sort of invested in their current relationships, you know?)



34 thoughts on “Um, is it sweeps again already?

  1. First off, welcome back not Hulk looking NIk :) Nice to see Bobbie but the face ouch, kind of jarring for me.

    I don’t mind Michael Easton or Kristen Alderson ditching their characters & inventing new ones. Starr Manning and John McBain aren’t my favourite characters but how can I go on in life without Todd Manning seriously now. Okay, open mind needed here. If anyone can persuade me RH can. Just don’t go reminding me of Paul Ryan too much and I’ll be alright!

  2. A little thing called incest never stopped the Cassadines. Alexis and Stefan were one big ball of inappropriate chemistry.

    Anyway, it is amazing how suddenly and completely I now like Britt. A little thing called motivation helps immensely. Before, she just looked like a deranged Mean Girl, instead of the mentally tortured offspring of Mutter Dearest (and FIERCEST) and Papa Proudest (who I’m thinking is either NotDead Stefan or that Valentin character who got dropped for Franco *shudder*) ordered to seduce Patrick and DESTROY SABRINA SANTIAGO. Plus, those lines about Sabrina? Really awesome. And I like Sabrina!

    Funny how much more I care about Dante FEELING ALL THE FEELS than I do whenever his father gets angsty. Maybe because the latter starts FEELING whenever he sees a closet or whatever. But speaking of Sonny, I actually do want him to pop up to support his son soon. Is he out of town getting Kate help? I thought he was just offscreen for the weekly downtime.

    • Hah. I almost threw in a reference to Cassadine incest but wondered if other people would find it funny. Thank you for validating my inappropriateness.

      (Good point re: Sonny. It’s still only the morning after Lulu disappeared, right? So maybe he’ll show up soon.)

  3. so couldn’t care less about britch’s back story…where’s spins..he’s been on for how long….and we don’t know anything at all about him….but yet stupid britch who’s been on for 6 months…and we now know this about her….something is truely wrong……..give me a back story on spin, and i’ll watch….brich, totally don’t care about her and why she is like she is, at all…


    i hope that stephan’s not her dad….because that would be totally out of character for him…..not having anything to do with her, if that’s the case….when he raised nick…..i can see valentine being her dad…..but, if they’re going to make it stefan…then…but, i think that her daddy dearest is faison…….and that would make sense of how she went after patrick… father like daughter, and all that……daddy couldnt’ get grandma…so daughter would get the next best thing…….and all that…

    having stefan as her dad…..


    i don’t care who ME comes back with….just as long as they don’t put him and sam together….come on people, see who else he clicks with… had it set in your mind, it’s nat or no one…and now with sam……..bletch…….i know that alot of people see chemistry…but, they so don’t have it anymore……as far as i’m concerned……

    • IDK, Spinelli has a back story — his parents died when he was young and his grandmother raised him. He came to PC for college and fell in with the mob to support his pot habit. Considering I find him obnoxious on a good day, I really don’t need to know more than that.

      The Britt/Dr. O scenes were good for me because they gave her a lot more depth — it’s clear she’s terrified and resentful of both her parents, and her emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive relationship with her mother helps explain a lot about why she is the way she is. I’m intrigued.

      (And I like Sabrina, but a good burn always deserves props. And that was definitely a good burn.)

  4. BRITT: She’s pathetic. And a borderline stalker. She finds any and every excuse to be near Patrick.
    DR. O: It’s difficult to seduce a man from long distance.
    BRITT: Seduce? She has all the sophistication and sexuality of a third grader. The only thing she’s good for is babysitting.

    is she talking about sabrina or herself……come on…..someone should have heard this, and went, oh yeah…and you took a shower in front of him….made sure that she saw it, and everything like that, you made her cheat on a test…and she’s stalking him….right…..

    makes me not like her one little bit……… makes me hate her even more then i did before…glad that i wasn’t listening to her whine to mama………about what a poor pathetic creature that sabrina is…….britch….sorry but in my book, those lines are you, and all you….

    well not the part about just being baby sitter material….

  5. oh yeah…another baby thing about her…..(britch is) is don’t trash something that your potential boyfriend is pationate about…like the nurse’s ball….you’d want to get into his good graces by helping him out with it….instead of the other way around…

    nope….britch….you’re the cry baby, stalker….little girl……..and so not sabrina……

  6. Nikolas!! I miss you, even if I haven’t liked you in your more recent stories. I have faith these writers will bring him back to life, and BOBBIE!! Dante’s worried face, it’s that protectiveness and how much he sincerely loves Lulu that makes me love Lante so much, and that’s what got me to love them from the first scene I watched when Lulu told Dante about Lucky’s addiction. He’s such a gentlemen. I care about his desperation more than Sonny, because with DAnte, he’s a cop, he protects people, and would do anything to protect Lulu. Sonny, on the other hand, whines but won’t do anything to keep anyone safer and goes straight to MEMEME and REVENGE mode. That’s why I found Dante breaking up with Lulu in their earlier relationship more believable, he was being sincere and not sexist and controlling (and Lulu didn’t beg for Dante’s scraps, she just called BS and told him he doesn’t get to make that choice for her). Is this JMB’s last scene? If so, good luck, JMB. I’ll miss you, and I hope you get a great job in primetime. She was a wonderful actress, and she always brought it, she never phoned in the lines.
    I don’t like Britch but I always enjoy learning a character background.

    • I’m not sure if we’ve hit JMB’s last scene yet, but if not, we’re definitely close. And yeah, the reason I fell for Dante fairly early on into him and Lulu interacting was how respectful and opposite of Sonny he was with her. Really hope he has chemistry with the new actress.

      • When something happens to Sonny’s family, it usually IS his fault in some way and HE NEVER LEARNS! Nothing that has happened to Lulu has been Dante’s fault. Lulu lucked out with Dante. I mean even Tracy likes him and told Lulu she had a good thing going with Dante. When Tracy is on your side you must be good, especially since she’s seen Lulu’s crash and burns of the past. I really hope this new actress has chemistry too, most people seem to think she’s a good pick for Lulu. So I’ll give her a fair shot. I’m glad they’re not killing off Lulu.

        • I remember when Lulu broke up with Dante over Lucky’s drug use and it was hilarious how basically everyone – Tracy, Lucky, Ethan, and Maxie – told her she was stupid and she take him back

        • i’m gonna try to give Nulu a chance but it’s gonna be really really weird for me. I like the show okay but Lante were the last thing I was actually emotionally invested in, so it’s gonna be really jarring for me

  7. And oh my god, Jammer is so hot as Dante. Especially when he’s being emotional and such. Then again, he learned watching Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. I need to rewatch Battlestar Galactica.

  8. The show has been amazingly good lately. Britt has been a fairly dull character to me, but “hello, mother,” was old school soapy goodness. I especially like that this story has obviously had a really long fuse, given how much Dr. Obrecht and Britt resemble each other.

    I agree with you on the look between Nik and Luke. All the actors are really upping their games now that the writing has improved so dramatically. And while I never hated Liz and Nik as much as pretty much everyone else did, it did crack me up when she said, “Nikolas, it’s me, Elizabeth!” and he immediately flatlined.

  9. Nik always looked like the Hulk while Liz was Tinker Bell in their Niz love scenes, which is why I found the incestuous couple so, gross.

    I am more interested in finding out Britt’s bad to the bone Daddy than Sam’s father.

  10. I’ve never invested in Dante or in Dante and Lulu as a couple. I’m curious if the Lulu recast will have any effect on me at all.

    I still hate Britt, I don’t care about her terrible, horrible, abusive parents. It’s not that she’s mean, it’s that she is stupid. She did not make an actual effort to win over Emma, she has been heavy-handed with every move. Sorry, but she’s dumber than dirt and mean and I don’t have any use for her, even with the new connection. And I don’t care about her “poor baby’ upbringing.

    I’m also in the minority that likes Sabrina, both on her own and with Patrick, so …

    Random GH thoughts: I am absolutely loving all the Spencers and Cassadines in general, just being present. The Lucas mention and all that surrounded it was clunky and had all the subtlely of Sonny tossing barware. I adore Patrick and Jason Thompson should be on every day! Anna is perfection. The fact that the police are the good guys again and the hospital exists for more than taking care of “good” mobsters makes me want to stand up and sing.

    It may not be perfect, but thank you, RC and FV for bringing back my show!!

    • There’s a handful of ways I think it could work and about a million it could horribly fail. So yes, I’m a little worried too.

    • Well, in all honestly, the only one I really, really care about is McBain, and I’d be happy with just about anything that didn’t erase the last year of character/relationship development with him and Sam. So if ME popped back up and as the exact same character whose name was now reconned to have always been John Smith, and no one ever mentioned Llanview again? I would be totally okay with that.

      But I was trying to think of ways to do it in-story — my understanding now is that they can’t even mention the OLTL characters by name, which makes things even trickier. But I was thinking, maybe some guy who looks just like John shows up in town with amnesia. And Sam and Anna do some investigating to track John down and can’t reach him or find any mention of this FBI task force he’s supposedly on. And it becomes a mystery for a while until they eventually figure out that this guy is the same guy they’ve been calling John McBain all year — except he was never the real John McBain to begin with. He was just brainwashed into believing he was (a la Victor believing he was Todd) by this shadowy group that was pretending to be the FBI task force. Only he escaped this time before they could re-brainwash him (you know, for… reasons) and instinctively made his way back to Sam in PC. Or IDK, something along those lines. I just want to keep the character, even if that character is no longer named John McBain, you know?

      Todd and Starr would be much, much trickier, unfortunately. No ideas there.

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