Happy birthday, soap of my heart.

You might think that after spending almost every waking hour of the last two and half days in a non-stop General Hospital coma, the thought of delving into even more show history — and some of the crappier bits, at that — would be losing some of it’s shine. But guys, I really enjoyed today’s revisit of the Elizabeth/Nikolas affair.

(And no! That’s not an April Fool’s joke!)

Niz fix

ELIZABETH: This whole AJ thing? Kind of scares me. The idea of getting involved with Jason’s brother… I don’t know, is it wrong? Is it wrong, like the way I was with you? I never thought we would betray Lucky or Emily’s memory, but we did. The first time we were together, I didn’t know if I loved you or hated you, but I knew I hated myself. And then I realized you felt the same way.

It’s kind of sad and hilarious at the same time that the current writers so obviously care so much more about giving Elizabeth a point of view for this story that the writers who actually wrote the damn thing to begin with ever did.

But I deeply appreciate the effort to re-contextualize that abomination of an affair in a way that makes sense for both Elizabeth and Nikolas, and I love seeing her questioning her current situation with AJ based on past mistakes. Finally, we have an Elizabeth who isn’t just making the same self-destructive choices over and over again with no reflection!

Speaking of reflection and past mistakes, we also got this wonderful bit of Bobbie telling it like it is:

Dubious Bobbie

CARLY: It’s wrong; it’s selfish. It’s like Michael exists just to validate AJ. This is exactly the reason I didn’t want AJ to know he was Michael’s father.
BOBBIE: Oh, now, Carly, let’s not rewrite history.
CARLY: What are you talking about?
BOBBIE: When you first found out you were pregnant, you weren’t worrying about protecting your child from AJ. You were trying to hang onto Tony.

(Bobbie? High-five, girlfriend. This is why I missed you so much.)

Sonny was also doing some reminiscing! I’ve been wondering if Carlivati and co. would be as interested in fixing the hot mess that was Brenda’s most recent visit as they seem to be in rehabilitating Liz. And I have to say — this AWESOME BURN on the writing for Miss Barrett last time around gives me a lot of hope:

SONNY: Well, you didn’t know Brenda — you knew her from the last time she came to Port Charles. When I met her, she was a different girl; she was beautiful and wild and greedy for attention, greedy for love. And I could not stay away from her. Didn’t even try.

WORD, SONNY. If you only knew Brenda from that train wreck Balkan story? You don’t know really her at all. Also, it’s just so nice to hear Sonny talk about Brenda as if he actually remembers why he loved her, and about the reality of his marriage of convenience to Lily without that halo of saintly perfection she usually gets.

All of which is a great lead up to tomorrow’s anniversary extravaganza! But even though the actual anniversary episode got pushed back a day, today is the day, y’all. Our show is half a century old! And at the risk of sounding a little maudlin about fictional people living in a fictional town… oh, screw it, let’s be maudlin.

50th anniversary cast photo

Because I love these people and I love this town, even when they drive me nuts. And most of all, I love the communities that I’ve been a part of while watching them live their ridiculous fictional lives — from my mother in high school, my college GH group who gathered faithfully in the lounge of our dorm every day at 3pm, the online boards where I’ve come to know some of the most important people in my life. And of course, my darling co-blogger and everyone who reads us here.

So here’s to you, Port Charles. You’ve made me cry, you’ve made me groan, you’ve enraged me, you’ve captivated me, and you’ve taken up an awful lot of trivia space in my brain. But through good years and bad, you’ve always given me a place to come home to and a community with whom to share it.

Happy birthday, baby. May you get 50 more.


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, soap of my heart.

  1. Excellent post. I’m so glad to have that nasty Niz affair put into perspective. I’m so glad somebody’s finally writing for the character of Elizabeth again, as opposed to inserting her as a plot device in everyone else’s story. I wish I could be as hopeful about repairing that hot mess that was Brenda last time she was in town.

  2. Tell it like it is, Bobbie! Come on, Carly, you slept with your mother’s husband for revenge, and that’s what start the whole snow ball, don’t go making yourself the victim. You reap what you sow.
    Yes, thank you for Elizabeth not repeating her past mistakes. It was beyond painful.

  3. What a sweet love letter! I can’t even imagine how this would go if it was still Guza at the wheel. Here’s to the soap gods for giving our beloved another chance!

    • I can’t even imagine celebrating this milestone with the show in the horrible shape it was in year and half ago or earlier. What a bittersweet celebration it would have been.

  4. Yeah, the reports of the death of the great american soap opera have been greatly exaggerated. And while there have been ups and downs, right now it feels like the ladies of the red hat society; loud and proud and fabulous. So here’s to the relationships made, both real and fictional, here’s to 50, and, as the saying goes, ’til 120.

  5. Great Post!! I agree with everything. I was hoping to see mygirl Brenda at the door at the end, but I did love Sonny actually being real about the Brenda/Lily situation (although it really has no correlation to Kate/Connie-but whatev). I am happy Sonny wasn’t pretending that Lily was the love of his life and the saintliest saint to ever grace Port Charles that she has been portrayed as over the last decade or so. I mean, let’s be real. Lily knew Sonny was in love with Brenda when she had her daddy buy her a husband. Although talking to your son about your sordid love life is awkward to say the least. Sonny needs some friends…….Or a better personality so he didn’t alienate everyone in his life and had friends. Can’t wait til tomorrow! Brenda is back, bitches!

  6. Today was amazing. Love that Liz is actually thinking carefully about the past and moving forward with AJ. And LOVED Bobbie’s line about re-writing history…

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