Five Things About Revenge: “Masquerade”

1. Six week time jump! Which is just enough time for Nolan to go COMPLETELY off the rails. Can we talk about crazy Nolan for a second? Because he has greasy hair, a pasty complexion, and only wears two shirts at a time. It’s very wrong.

Nolan crazy eyes


In fact, it’s so wrong that even Ems has to break out her bubble of revengy self-absorption and show some concern. Which leads us to…

2. R.I.P. Padma. We hardly knew you! Mostly because you were really boring! But finally, we got Emily stepping up to the plate to really be there for Nolan in his grief, and OH MY HEART:

Nolan and Emily hug

EMILY: I’m not leaving you alone, Nolan.
NOLAN: I love you too.

That sound you just heard? Yeah, that was me, falling over dead in delight at that entire scene. (Hugging! Offering to forgo her scheme against Victoria just to keep him company! Which Nolan correctly interpreted as THE STRONGEST DECLARATION OF LOVE Emily is capable of making!)

It was good for me, is what I’m saying.

3. I can’t tell if Jack is getting better at scheming or just setting himself up for an even bigger fall, but I’m cautiously interested in his new alliance with Ashley.

Jack and Carl


Mainly because I’ve been waiting for her to do something awesome to justify her continued presence on this show for pretty much the entire season. And seriously, she needs a win against at least one of the Graysons at this point.

4. I’m not sure what’s going on with Aiden’s jealousy issues, but they’re making me increasingly uncomfortable. And increasingly wanting to see Emily kick him to the curb. Or in other, more sensitive places.

Aiden is an ass

Also, as satisfying as it was to watch him snap Mr. Initiative’s neck? Kind of seems like he’s no longer playing the calm, logical, long-game like an attentive graduate of revenge school should. Where’s sensei when you need him?

5. Victoria’s baby was taken away by nuns! And tried to find her once already! I’m intrigued. But who was the guy in the mask at the party? Just some rando hired by Ems? Or a new player entirely?


6 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Masquerade”

  1. Hallalujah Padma is dead! I guess she did come in handy since her death allowed us to have the best Ems and Nolan moment ever. <333

    Nolan's jacket at the ball? Amazinginsanity. I love that he can pull himself together for Ems and Jack.

    But whoa is Nolan going to be charged with Padma's murder? And Emily pretending she is pregnant, what is she hoping to accomplish? Maybe find some record of Victoria's baby.

    • I’m assuming the point of the party ruse was to rattle Victoria enough that she would lead them to whoever she gave the baby to; now Ems is just using the fake pregnancy as an in to continue following the trail.

      Nolan’s jacket was great. I still think his gold suit the other week is my favorite, though.

  2. I can understand Aiden’s disgust with Emily. He had every right to after she slept with Daniel. That’s taking it a bit too far. You would think she could try to hurt Victoria in a different way instead of always using her fake romance with Daniel. I think it’s just sick and he should be the one kicking Emily to the curb. She is a revenge whore!

    • Aiden and Emily don’t have a normal relationship, and he’s known about her past relationship with Daniel and future plans to rekindle it for some time. Considering his only alternative suggestion was shooting Daniel in the head, I can’t say as I’m really feeling him as the reasonable party here.

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