Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day One

If I ever had the slighted worry that the 2013 Nurses’ Ball might not live up to its illustrious predecessors, those doubts have been laid to rest. Because Mr. Marbles aside, day one was pretty damn fabulous. (I mean, really. If you’re expecting much snark from me, then prepare to be disappointed, because that was 36 minutes of pure joy in a can.)

Acrobat nurses! Tributes to past RNs! Duke in a kilt! Alexis’ boobs! Brenda/Carly food fight!

welcome to the nurses ball

(Also, everything about the red carpet announcer — from his casual background knowledge of every single character to his delightful dead-pan descriptions of Felicia the Aztec princess, Olivia the “prognosticator,” and AJ the “back from the dead ELQ CEO” — was so beautiful to me.)

Speaking of which, can we talk about how adorable AJ and Elizabeth were? Because girlfriend was working even more fantastic hair than usual, and the two of them grinning at each other in delight nearly did me in:

AJ and Liz at the ball1

AJ and Liz at the ball2


I’d like to say everyone looked as amazing — and most of them did. (Laura Wright? Totally KILLING IT with that hair. I want to marry that hair.) And Lucy’s traditional parade of dresses got off to a solid start and peaked with the green/white boa number that was such pure Lucy, I can’t even deal with it.

But I’m sure you all also saw the slow moving fabric blob crawling its way up Brenda’s neck and therefore understand that some unfortunate fashion things were happening on the red carpet. (Not that Sonny cares. That’s true love, right there.)

Carly and Sonny on the red carpet

Brenda's terrible dress

(What–WHY–she is a tiny woman! Why are you burying her in ill-fitting extra yards of fabric? That dress looks like it’s plotting to EAT her FACE. Ugh.)

Of course, the big fashion transformation of the night was Sabrina finally becoming a swan, and the less said about some of the unfortunate dialog (“I’ve been ready since the day I meet you”? REALLY NOT HELPING ME BELIEVE THIS WOMAN IS AN ADULT, WRITERS) in those scenes, the better. Also, I miss the glasses already and sorry, Felix, but pink glitter eye shadow does not belong on anyone older than fourteen.

But it was still a pretty kiss, so here we go:

Patrick and Sabrina

Forget the fashion, though — the acts! So ridiculous! And so wonderful! Ellie is the cutest, for real. And nice to hear Bradford Anderson get to show off his cover band singing skills.

Blinded with Science

Sam’s instant transformation from shy beginner to showboating expert may have been my very favorite of all the typically last-minute and yet still perfectly choreographed numbers. So silly! And yet so awesome! Plus Kelly Monaco and her partner both looked like they were just having so much fun:

Sam and Maks dance1

Sam and Maks dance2

Sam and Maks dance3

Then there was Frisco. Do I even need to say anything at all about this? Oh wait, I think I do–

Alllllllll IIIIIIIII Neeeeeeed


Did you just finally get that song out of your head too? Well, too bad. Now it’s back. (You’re welcome.)

But my absolute favorite part of day one has to be a tossup: on the one hand, somewhat ironically, we have the deleted scenes ABC put up, both lovely character moments that really deserved a place in the actual episode:

And on the other hand, we have the lovely tribute to Jesse Brewer and Amy Vining. After that Frank Valentini interview a few months ago where Amy’s name came up, I was hoping we’d get a small mention. But this went way beyond that, and served as a dual overdue memorial for Shell Kepler, who’s loss in real life was never really properly acknowledged by the show:

Jesse and Amy

LUCY: And because tonight is the Nurses’ Ball, there are some amazing RNs from our past that I’d like to acknowledge that continue to inspire us today. The kind, and very generous, Jesse Brewer, who lives on at General Hospital and in our hearts always. And the very sweet — but very sassy often — Miss Amy Vining, who we miss, and we will never, ever forget.

Thanks, Frank! Thanks, Ron! Thanks, interviewer who first brought it up!

And because I’m now getting a little verklempt again, let’s close with some sassy Miss Vining at Nurses’ Balls past:

One day down! And we’ve still got Anna and Duke’s dance and Liz and AJ’s number to come — I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT, YOU GUYS.


13 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day One

  1. Agreed! I couldn’t stop smiling and by the end I wanted to jump up and cheer. The balancing act done by the writing this week has been impressibe – balancing characters new and old, nodding to storylines past while still moving current storylines further along. Amazing. When it was over I was massively disappointed, I wanted it to keep going. Can’t wait for more this week.

  2. Those deleted scenes were cut for a reason. We NEEDED to see Sabrina’s transformations, I mean this is HER night. SHE made all of this possible. The Nurses Ball wouldn’t happen if Nurse Santiago didn’t step up.

    Didn’t she look like such a princess? Emma even pointed it out. SEE, this is why she would make such a wonderful NEW mommy to Emma. They LOVE each other! They skype with Noah. They have had so much fun the 3 times Sabrina babysat her. Patrick was such a fool to be DISTRACTED by grief to notice all of Sabrina’s wonderful qualities. It’s a good thing, Elizabeth, Emma, Felix and Epiphany pointed them out. Sabrina was there for him after Robin’s death. (Elizabeth, Epiphany, Lulu, Anna, Mac and Maxie, who?) Obviously, he HAD to chose the ball that honors his ‘dead’ wife to profess his feelings for the St. Santiago. Because that’s not tacky AT ALL.

    Why should we see Sonny and Brenda talking about their friend?

    Or Lucy and Bobbie interacting?

    Or Bobbie and Felicia mentioning BJ/Maxie’s heart transplant?

    We NEEDED to see Sabrina dump Milo! And her gushing like a middle schooler about Patrick kissing her. That was much more important.


    I didn’t mind Sabrina at first, but the NONSTOP propping the last couple of weeks has made any good will towards the character disappear.

    • Yeah, I’m fond of Sabrina but it’s gotten to be a little too much for even me, and seriously, she NEEDS to stop talking about how she’s been in love with him since the moment she laid eyes on him. Girl, that tingly feeling you’re thinking of? LUST. NOT LOVE. And that’s fine! But… own it.

  3. I’ve been really annoyed at Frisco the whole time he’s been back (well, except when he took care of Britt for Maxi — that was awesome); he’s really been portrayed as a selfish jerk. I kept wondering when/if they’d move the sympathy meter back toward him at all. But that song — OMG, I went weak in the knees and started singing along. So romantic. Yes, Mac is the better choice, but thanks, writers, for acknowledging that Frisco really was the love of her life.

    That look Duke gave Anna … swoon. So looking forward to their dance.

    I keep reading on other boards that people see no chemistry between Liz and AJ. Seriously? I’m with you, tennillypo. They are amazing. Can’t wait for that story to move along.

  4. Oh i can not wait for AJ and Liz’s act. Laura Wrights hair is insane. Speaking of hair who knew Deirdra Hall does Jane Eliott’s hair? There is a great interview in tv guide with Eliot, Shriner, and Geary. They are really cute together.

  5. I’m loving all the recaps of the camp-sanity that was Nurses Ball, day 1. AJ and Liz adorableness? Yes! SpinEllie’s “She Blinded With Science”? Squee! Sam looking amazeballs with Maks and the insta-dance routine “fill-in”. Ha! I loved it! And this is the first time in ages that I’ve truly enjoyed Sonny/Carly and Brenda. LOVED THEM!! I could stare at gifs of Sonny’s reactions to Carly and Brenda on the red carpet, and Brenda and Carly’s food fight all day long, they were that much win!

    But the climatic serenading of Felicia by Frisco? Okay, so I sort of hate Frisco a lot because he abandoned his family and I am totally Team Mac all the way (though his puppet routine was totally WTF?!) Yet, I cannot, CANNOT get All I Need out of my head. That was amazing. AMAZING!!

    The good thing is that I haven’t seen a whole lot of negativity about AJ and Liz anywhere else; I’ve seen a lot more positivity about them on other boards. I don’t know how people can say they don’t have any chemistry, because for me, it leaps off the screen any time they are on.

  6. We will have to agree to disagree cause that was not a pretty kiss. More like awkward cause no matter how you dress up Sabrina, she still acts like a school girl and that is just wrong on so many levels when the guy she is kissing is pushing 40. Yuck.

  7. I’m an outsider opinion bc I’m relatively new to the GH but the version of Robin that has been on screen the last 5 or so years I’ve been watching isn’t very interesting. I don’t miss her, I didn’t like Patrick as a character until she “died”. Having not known Robin from earlier stories, I found her and Patrick tiresome. To me at least Robin’s death has given Patrick something to do other than be a reformed womanizer/reluctant but then joyous husband/father. I also dont have a long history w Elizabeth or AJ and their chemistry jumps off the screen. I love that pairing. I know I don’t represent the long term fans but I just don’t find Patrick/Sabrina annoying. Maybe the new writers would do a better job of writing for Robin. The way she had been written since I’ve been watching was just “yeah, I know…robin’s perfect”. The writing for her had been very one dimensional to me.

    • Honestly, Elizabeth and AJ don’t really have a history other than what you’ve seen. When SK was in the role originally, I don’t know if he and Elizabeth ever interacted at all. I mean, the characters clearly knew of each other, because she was his little sister’s best friend. But they were just moving in completely different circles. I can’t really remember BW’s AJ and Elizabeth sharing any significant scenes either. They just happen to be in a perfect place now for their stories to intersect.

      Re: Robin, it’s kind of impossible to divorce my fondness for her from having literally watched KMc grow up in the role, and from all the excellent stories she was involved with in the 90s. I agree she’s often been ill-served in the last 5 years (blog wars, anyone? Putting Emma in a tree? UGH). But I want to clarify that my problems with Sabrina and Patrick as a couple have nothing to do with my feelings about Robin — I want him to move on; it’s the soapy thing to do. I just wish they’d stop emphasizing Sabrina’s immaturity. It doesn’t work for me at all in a romantic context.

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