Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day Two

On this, the second day of the 2013 Nurses’ Ball, we saw: secrets and skivvies revealed! Tangos danced! JESSIE’S GIRL!

Oh, and Richard Simmons came out of the closet. So there’s that.

Mac and Felicia are engaged

Plus: Mac and Felicia got engaged! After she asked him, which was a nice touch, given their history. And then they were both so adorably giddy about it and they smiled and kissed and danced like enormous, flailing dorks to Jessie’s Girl and it all made me so very happy.

Happy Mac

Happy Felicia

Look at those grins! Kristina Wagner is the cutest sometimes.

Of course, this means that Frisco’s very public proposal was turned down. And his response was to immediately flee town, despite the fact that his pregnant daughter — who he already abandoned for most of her life and who is in the middle of crisis that only he knows about — was literally begging him to stay. Because that’s just the way he rolls.

Frisco Jones: you are the WORST.

Maxie's broken heart


And just to be clear: I do not think this was in any way character assassination or spitting on the legacy of Frisco and Felicia as a super couple. They still love each other; that’s clear. But honestly, this is who Frisco is. Or rather, it’s who he has been for the better part of the last 20 years. He’s the guy who comes in with the good intentions and the flashy grand gestures. And he’s the guy who bails when it comes time to deal with the small gestures that actually make up the day to day. So no, I don’t think it’s out of character for the guy who never even made it home for his daughter or brother’s funerals to once again choose his own needs over the needs of his family. (P.S. Frisco, if you come home again with Georgie in tow, all will be forgiven.)

I’m glad he came back; I’m okay that he’s going. And, in the meantime, I’m in love with the fact that we still have all these other vets around.

Anna, Bobbie, Lucy

(Like, seriously — can you imagine your face five years ago if I’d told you one day we’d be watching Anna Devane, Bobbie Spencer, and Lucy Coe dancing to Rick Springfield at the Nurses’ Ball?)

Also: LUCY COE IS MY EVERYTHING, YOU GUYS. The obligatory underwear reveal came courtesy of Richard Simmons, whose scenes today gave me a lot less contact embarrassment that his first ones the other day — I don’t really know why, as they were just as ridiculous. But when he stopped mid-shriek to greet Bobbie while being bodily removed by the Magic Milo Fancy Dancers? I pretty much died. But in a good way!

ANYWAY! Compared to some past years, Lucy’s underwear was almost adorably chaste. But daaaaaamn, Lynn Herring:

Lucy in her underwear


I aspire to be Lynn Herring when I grow up. It’s never going to happen, but it’s good to have dreams, right?

Ms. Coe also killed it in what is hands down my favorite of her dresses thus far. The color and the detailing on the scalloped sequins! Love it.

Lucy's dress

However. She wore it to introduce Sabrina and Emma’s big number, which was both cute and acutely uncomfortable, because, well…

Emma and Sabrina


But the little actress playing Emma is clearly having a ball, and the sight of both Patrick and Anna wiping tears through their smiles as they watched her sing was worth the discomfort of  it all.

On the subject of Anna… seriously now: DUUUUUUUUUUKE!



ANNA: The last time I thought it was with Faison.
DUKE: Yeah, I know. But I am taking it back. He’s stolen enough from me! The tango is one of the most important things in my life. He cannot have it.

Taking the tango back, damn it! Holy crap, I love them so much. (Also? This just in: Finola Hughes’ legs are amazing.)

And oh, hey, speaking of Faison: YEAH. HE’S BRITT’S PAPA. Not the most surprising choice, but I was kind of rooting for a Cassadine cousin. Still. At least now we know why she’s so scared of him!

Her mother, on the other hand, continues to give me life:

Faison is Britt's daddy

DR. O: This show is appallingly inefficient. One rejected proposal, it all grinds to a halt?

Word, Doctor O. When you finally take over the world, this town will be getting rid of a lot of inefficiency, I’m sure.

So, yeah. All of that was pretty damn awesome. But: real talk. We all know the number one highlight of the day could only be…



Anton dipping Spinelli! Felix shaking it like a Polaroid picture! Michael making me feel like a pervy old lady! One armed push-ups! The underwear at the end. IT WAS ALL SO GOOD FOR ME, GUYS.

Strip tease

Michael strips2

Michael strips1

Magic Milo part 2

Lucy in her skivvies

Kudos, gentlemen. You are totally my heroes.

Only one day left! I’ll close with a reminder that ABC is partnering with amfAR in real life as well, and you can donate here.

Patrick and Emma at the ball

(Donations make Emma smile. You want to make Emma smile now, don’t you?)


18 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day Two

  1. “Awww, the Dastardly Doctor of Devious Accents Of Deceit is a Rick Springfield fan. Rock out, sistah.” Watching her glee at watching Rick Springfield was my favorite part of the episode. Well, that, and any moment of writhing motion from Michael’s bare torso. He makes me feel like a dirty old man.

  2. I have….doubts about the artistic choices in the Sabrina/Emma number. But Emma looked like she was having a blast performing it, and she IS the cutest little girl in the entire world.

    I get the feeling that Brooklyn Rae Silzer and Teresa Castillo are very close in real life–Silzer is just too young to actually act, and when she lights up around Castillo the way she did in their number, it feels real. And that can’t help but bleed over into the way I see Sabrina and Emma on screen, the same way Tony Geary’s real affection for/pride in young Jonathan Jackson bleeds over into the Luke/Lucky bond. (Sabrina and Patrick are another matter entirely. I feel invested in the Sabrina/Emma bond, but that doesn’t automatically translate into caring whether Sabrina and Patrick are together.)

    I’ve kind of been taking Felicia and Mac for granted, so I was surprised by how thrilled I was that not only did she pick him (good call, Felicia!), but SHE proposed to HIM! I know Felicia and Frisco were the supercouple, but I loved the little glimpses of the Felicia/Mac family unit I saw in the marathon. Felicia and Frisco might have the epic chemistry and the legendary romance, but Felicia and Mac work better as long-term partners. And that can be as satisfying to see on screen as a breathless romance.

    • I’m pretty invested in Emma and Sabrina’s relationship as well. I want to be invested in Sabrina and Patrick. But they’re really not helping themselves out when they keep emphasizing how relatively young she is in every way, compared to him.

      • I don’t think Patrick/Sabrina is unsalvageable–Castillo is great, and I think she could handle playing a feistier, sexier, more adult version of her character that would be more plausible with Patrick–but the writing for them seems to consistently hit the wrong notes at every turn. They’re emphasizing the wrong things about Sabrina to make this work.

        • Yup. Which is why is winced when her number with Emma started. They really need to start emphasizing the ways in which she is a grown up.

  3. Felicia proposing to mac was a nice touch..

    I guess that I don’t read too much into stuff like you guys….

    I didnt’ see Patrick as a pervert with the act…..looking at Sabrina……

    who knows…

    and for me frisco is only a sperm donour……and mac is maxie’s true father….


  4. I don’t think that anyone really thinks Patrick is a perv. I think, at the risk of speaking for tenillypo, that the point is that Sabrina is simply too young for Patrick, in every way. The actress is good; and I initially liked the character. But as written, she’s got the emotional maturity of a teenager, and I just can’t take her seriously as a romantic interest for Patrick, who has matured so much in the past two years. JT’s portrayal of Patrick’s grief has given the character considerable gravitas, which only makes it more jarring when they pair him up with someone who sounds like a 14-year-old a significant percentage of the time.

  5. However, to untangent myself, I think my favorite was how much fun they looked like they were having rocking out to Jessie’s Girl.

    Fifty Five? Seriously? I am in awe.

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