Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day Three

On the final day of the Nurses’ Ball, I spent most of it curled up in a little ball of contact embarrassment, because I have a really low second-hand humiliation threshold.

But Liz’s hair was still pretty, Lucy wore my second favorite of all her dresses, and Epiphany and Doctor Obrecht — whose first name is Lisa, I just learned while Googling, and that seems too weirdly common (and American) name for her, so let’s never use it again — pretty much saved the day.

Lucy's white dress

But let’s start of with the CHEAT OF THE CENTURY that is not actually showing us Elizabeth and AJ’s big number. I mean, really, guys. We knew it was coming — it was one of the only numbers we knew about ahead of time! And this is how you’re gonna play it? Not cool, Carlivati.

(I am somewhat amused to imagine the reason might be that Sean Kanan and Rebecca Herbst are just both tone-deaf bad dancers… in which case: I would STILL have watched the hell out of them being awkward and terrible together, damn it!) (Especially if that meant there might have been less time for Molly’s musical stylings or Olivia’s unnecessary potshots at Frisco.)

ANYWAY. That disappointment aside, they did throw us a bone — and a kiss — afterward, so it’s hard to stay that mad.

AJ and Liz kiss2

AJ and Liz kiss

AJ and Liz kiss3

I don’t know what my favorite part of this was — Elizabeth’s speech about how the old AJ died and this new AJ was rising from the ashes, no longer bogged down by those mistakes or disappointments? The fact that having someone believe in and trust him was clearly the biggest turn on of all for him? Her adorable, joyful smile? The way he curled his hand into hair and just kind of pulled her in? THEY’RE SO PRETTY TOGETHER AND IT WAS ALL SO GOOD FOR ME, GUYS.

I would be shaking my fist at Felix, Tracy, and Monica for interrupting, but how could I be irritated with anything that led to this?

Pip and the Revelations

Best thing ever or BEST THING EVER?

Epiphany and the Revelations, you guys! Loved it, loved every bit of it — from Monica effortlessly goading Tracy up on stage to Epiphany’s quite frankly perfect voice. And the costumes and the song choice and everyone getting up and dancing… which, in turn, led to this:

Michael's dorky dancing


Special extra kudos to Chad Duell for not only giving it his all in yesterday’s striptease, but fully committing to both today’s dorktastic dance moves and pouring his heart into a one-sided break up with an off-screen girlfriend whose name he’s no longer even allowed to say.

I also have to hand some pretty big kudos over to little Brooklyn Rae Silzer for Emma’s little faaaaaaaaace in shots like these:

Emma's scared face

Sabrina sings

No one can accuse that child of not committing 150% to every emotion she’s supposed to be feeling, that’s for sure!

(No one who saw my face when Sabrina started singing could have accused me of hiding my emotions either, although I’m pretty sure it resembled more the rictus of horror in that top photo than the glee in the bottom one.)

Which brings us to Britt. Britt, Britt, Britt… first of all: love the hair, girl. You are working those waves like nobody’s business! Would that I could say the same for your mysterious plan. And I say “mysterious” only because I have to assume there will be something more to it than just hijacking a memorial of the dead wife of a man who already hates you to publicly announce he knocked you up, in the hopes that would somehow make him love you.

Britt's got a bun in the oven

I mean, obviously there is more to Dr. O’s master plan, because she is both fabulous and in possession of information about Robin that her daughter isn’t. But what, exactly, is Britt’s angle in all this? She can’t possibly have thought that pulling that stunt would endear her to Patrick in any way, right? No one could be that dumb. (Although apparently we’re now to believe that Patrick was dumb enough to have unprotected sex with her, so maybe there’s just a dumbness epidemic sweeping Port Charles.)

But anyway: forget all those qualms for a moment! Because the MVP of this episode — and of my heart — was downing wine, talking to a picture of her criminally insane baby daddy, and dancing like nobody’s business throughout the show.

(Do you remember when I said Lucy Coe was my spirit animal? Well, that’s still true, obviously, because: Lucy Coe! But, oh, how Dr. Obrecht is certainly giving her a run for her money right now.)

Doctor O is awesome

Doctor O's moves

I seriously think if I could spend a day hanging out with any of the characters on this show right now, I would choose Dr. Awesome Obrecht. We’d sit around wearing fierce hats, drinking wine, and judging everyone in town. I’d commiserate about how hard it is loving super-criminals who expect you to help them with their elaborate schemes to wear life-like masks in order to get it on with another woman. And then maybe we’d throw on some disco and get our groove on. It would be amazeballs.

(And at the end of the day, she’d probably try to kill me because I knew too much. But still — worth it! Love you forever, Doctor O!)

So that’s it for the latest — but maybe not last? — Nurses’ Ball! Overall, I thought it was a ton of fun and a giant success, and if there were a few parts that made me squirm, well… that was kind of always a Nurses’ Ball tradition, too. Thanks, Ron! Thanks, Frank! Thanks, show!

Now can we finally find out what’s been happening SOMEWHERE IN THE ATLANTIC, please?


15 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2013: Day Three

  1. I’m sorry, but I hate that the writers are trying to make Patrick out to be a thoughtless horndog who would have unprotected sex. This is a guy who, even before he and Robin got together, was all for staying safe and protected…and after he and Robin got together, she ingrained into him even more about keeping safe and protected, especially after his HIV scare, and seeing what all she went through on a daily basis with her HIV, and keeping safe for the sake of his daughter, and now they want us to believe he just threw all that away for a romp in the shower? That is just bullshit right there. And even shittier (pardon my language) was the timing (there’s never a good time for that sort of thing, but right in the middle of honoring Robin was the absolute WORST time of all), and also that line Britt threw him about being glad she only got pregnant and hadn’t caught a disease, because he knew all about that sort of thing. What a slander in the name of Robin, and what a very low blow for Scrubs fans.

    And Britt’s line about “getting down to the business of raising ‘it’.” Lady, are you having a baby, or raising a 4-H project? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Dr. O and Brittch did a little turkey basting with Lante’s eggs, and the kid (if there really is one, b/c for just 3 mos, she was looking bigger than Robin did when Robin was about to give birth to Emma) is Lante’s.

    How in the hell did Brittch think this would make Patrick and Emma love her? All the hate Patrick and Emma feel for her she brought on herself, and no amount of anything she says will change that.

    I’m not angry at any of the actors, not one bit. I’m just infuriated that TPTB thought this character assassination of Patrick Drake was needed.

    And yes, I must admit, Dr. O being an RS fangurl and dancing was a hoot! I can imagine her rushing the stage and trying to smother RS with kisses. LOL It still doesn’t change the fact that she’s keeping the very much alive Robin away from the people who love her and miss her. I so want Anna to bump into her and realize who she really is and what is going on.

    Oh, mercy, I’ve typed a mini-novel. Get me infuriated, and away I go.

    Great articles, as always!

    • SO much agreed about having Patrick not practice safe sex. And in middle of an event supposedly dedicated to raising HIV/AIDS awareness, no less?! I refuse to believe that Patrick, who was freakin’ MARRIED TO A WOMAN WITH HIV, would not have been careful about this kind of thing. I just don’t believe it.

      And it’s just not *necessary*, either. Condoms aren’t 100% effective. Condoms can be faulty or malfunction. Lulu and Elizabeth both got pregnant in spite of using condoms. In fact, isn’t that how Emma was conceived as well? (Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that.) All you need to do is throw in ONE LINE of Patrick saying “But we used protection” and Britt saying “Well, that isn’t a guarantee of anything”, or something like that. Nothing too unbelievable there, especially in soap-dom.

      I am honestly baffled about why Britt thinks this would make Patrick love her, but as she herself points out, she wasn’t exactly surrounded by love growing up. Awesome Dr. Obrecht may be (I really do adore her – in a love-to-hate way, obviously), but let’s not forget that she threatened to kill her own daughter. And god even knows what kind of father Cesar Faison was (if he was involved in Britt’s life at all). Britt is clearly very messed-up, and that makes sense to me. Girl could use some therapy.

      I would have liked to see the Ball be more about ROBIN, in general. Patrick thanking the audience was nice, but wouldn’t it have been even better if he’d talked more about Robin herself?

      Peeved about missing Liz and AJ’s number (if you look at past Nurse’s Ball clips – ’98, for example – you’ll see that Becky Herbst, at least, is very much capable of pulling off the singing/dancing), but I loved their conversation and the kiss! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love how happy they both seem. <3

    • Thanks for saying it all on the subject of Patrick and unprotected sex. So angry at at the writers over this!

      I’m enjoying Dr O, but not looking forward to the playing out of this storyline at all. Dislike both Britt and Sabrina and want them both to go away.

      Loved, loved, loved Duke and Anna in the dressing room taking care of Emma. Also loved the way Anna told Britt to stay away from Emma. Yeah, Britt, you’d better remember who Emma’s grandma is — I so can’t wait for Anna to kick some butt there.

  2. I think the Nurses’s Ball was a triumph! “Bigger” than ever? Yeah, not so much, Lucy, but just as wonderful and kooky and, yes, in places squirmy as ever! Let us now dance with Dr. Obrecht with joyful celebration!

  3. All the ****ery with Sabrina/Patrick/Britt(a) aside, I would’ve epically loved this final day of the Nurses Ball for the AJ/Liz kiss and Pip & the Revelations alone.

    HOW IN THE WORLD DO WE NOT SEE AJ AND ELIZABETH DO THEIR NUMBER BUT OLIVIA AND MAX GET TO DO THEIRS?!?! Not to mention we had to sit through Call Me Maybe with Sabrina and Emma, which is the point that Sabrina well and truly made my skin crawl. Why does this show revel in giving time to characters I could give two flips about, and yet I have to fight and scrimp and scrape for my lovely AJ and Liz pairing, with the 40 seconds of gold they get per episode?!! GAH!! I hate this show sometimes!

    I love Britt(a) and Patrick, yet watching them I have to sit through endless Sabrinaness, and I cannot anymore. She makes me queasy.

    Still though, the Quiz kiss made the show for me. Now, off to go rewatch it a gazillion more times.

    • You have no way of knowing this about me, but Pixie Stix are like my number one deadly candy crack weakness. This is therefore the most perfect expression of joy ever.

  4. Team Dr. O and Britta!

    Becky Herbst attended quite a few of the DWTS shows when KeMo was participating, I find it hard to believe that Maks couldn’t have given her and SK a few pointers for their dance number.

    It would have been nice if two of the shows legacy families (Hardy/Webber & Quartermaine) were actually seen in a dancing numbe!

  5. Becky used to be an ice skater, so she has that background, plus we’ve seen her participate in the NB before, actually she did a very cute number with her future husband at the time and amber tamblyn. LOVED Quiz flirting and kissing!!

    why didn’t did speak up and say that no they don’t know for sure that britt is pregnant, she lived through maxie wearing the pilow. but haven’t we seen britt somewhat recently, like the day nik was shot, was she showing? i mean how long ago was that, a couple of days in pc time?

    so over sabrina and why was SHE singing at the end of the ball, and that number really showed how few people were at the NB.

    Loved Piph,monica, and tracey. were the people that went up on stage related to cast and crew?

    LOVED felix seeing THE KISS and were monica and tracey hiding their eyes so as not to see or hiding their faces?

  6. It was the BEST THING EVER. My five yr old neice and I danced around like Dr. O. I rewound and ff two times looking for AJ & Liz’s number. When Sabrina started singing I honestly found myself with eyes closed hands over ears for a min. Then remembered oh fictional characters and they all think this is a lovely moment.

  7. I feel so cheated over not getting to see the AJ/Liz number! I had some difficulty watching the past couple of episodes, so for a brief period, I was convinced I’d accidentally skipped over it or something, but nope.

    I seem to be alone in this, but for some reason, Sabrina’s “spontaneous” song at the end, complete with musical backup, didn’t bug me at all. Ever since I found out about her musical background, I’d been looking forward to hearing Teresa Castillo sing at the NB, and that final song was a much better demonstration of it than Call Me Maybe. And I’m kind of a sucker for big, emotional final numbers where the entire cast sings along or gets up and hugs and stuff, anyway. I got misty.

    WTF on Patrick, the widower of an HIV-positive woman, not using condoms during a fling. Similarly, wtf on Patrick, a medical professional, and Britt, also a medical professional, not using condoms during a fling. Even more wtf over Britt, an OB-GYN, just happening to not be on the pill (I know that there are sometimes good reasons why women who aren’t interested in getting pregnant aren’t on the pill, but unless they come out and say that’s why she wasn’t on birth control–a fact she didn’t bother to mention to her sexual partner when he didn’t suggest a condom–I call shenanigans). Why does television always have to pick the stupidest, most inane and destructive narrative paths, when there are smarter ones, just as plausible?

  8. Elizabeth has danced and sang at other nurses balls before. With her husband and with Lucky and half the show. They could have had AJ and Liz do the number. .This is the first nurses ball I haven’t rewatched again and again. What a disappointment. SK did karate doesn’t that mean he can move without tripping over his own feet.? I was happy they returned to the nurses ball. The show has been so good for a while .right now I am bored!

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