In which chemistry never dies.

Certain real world events plus a pair of (delightful!) (but time-consuming!) house guests have left it a little hard for me to pay attention to fictional people this past week. But things are slowly getting back to normal, and I would be remiss if I let the departure of one of my favorite characters of all time go without comment — even if she is still mostly a pale copy of her former glorious self.

But hey, at least we got this, right?

S&B goodbye kiss

SONNY: It’s not going to work out. Not like this.
BRENDA: How do you know?
SONNY: I do know. You know why? Because all we do is hurt each other. And right now we’re on the rebound, and that’s the worst place to start.
BRENDA: What are you talking about? We’ve been much worse places than this. [Ed note: TRUTH.]
SONNY: Probably, yeah.
BRENDA: Let’s make it easy this time.
SONNY: You know what, maybe someday we’ll have a shot. But in order for us to have that shot, we need time to heal.
BRENDA: Why do I always have to lose you?
SONNY: I guess it’s time to say goodbye
BRENDA: I’m not saying that. We never mean it. So until next time.

Oh, these two. These two! They just make me regress into a squealing teenager. Sorry. Can’t help it. I don’t care how bad the writing gets for them. I don’t care how weird Vanessa Marcil’s mannerisms or cheekbones become. I don’t care that I’ve spent the better part of the last ten years wishing someone would run Sonny over with a lawnmower.

Well, okay. I do care about all of those things. A great deal, in fact! But that’s beside the point.

S&B goodbye kiss2

S&B goodbye kiss3

Because when they’re all tortured and she starts walking away and he grabs her back like he just can’t stand to not be touching her right that instant and then he takes her face in his hands as he kisses her… WELL, IT’S GOOD FOR ME, PEOPLE. OKAY?

So long, Bren. And thanks for all the making Carly’s head explode.


6 thoughts on “In which chemistry never dies.

  1. This was a very peculiar visit from Brenda. She was not written well at all. Hers was the only return for the 50th that never felt real to me from the start. I kept thinking, this is not the Brenda I know. And poor Michael. It just sucks to be him more and more by the second.

  2. All through her visit, I was thinking … meh. Not feeling it. And I hated how she treated both Jax and Michael (poor kid, dumped by the incredibly annoying Starr and duped by Brenda, all in one night.) But that airport scene … and the kiss. Oh, my. A scene like that, seriously, is why I watch soaps.I just hate when they make me remember what Sonny was like they ruined him.

    It still didn’t make up for having to listen to Carly and Olivia approving of the idea that, naturally, Brenda deserved to be murdered. Olivia, who was involved with Johnny. The hyprocisy astounds. Can we keep Brenda and get rid of her instead?

  3. To each his own because I didn’t feel any chemistry. It was awkward and not in a good, soapy way. It was just weird and I don’t know if it was the writing or the acting or both. I’m glad she’s gone. Honestly, I’d rather Brenda stick around and Sonny leave, but I’m just grateful that I don’t have to watch them together anymore.

  4. I don’t know why these writers have such a terrible time writing for her. It’s not that difficult. This visit was lukewarm for me. I love, love, love when she returns but I hate, hate, hate that all her time was spent with Carly…really? I get it, Jax got DWS and things had to change…you’re writers for a reason write something compelling. Am I asking for too much? It could have been a much better s/l than Brenda and Jax engaged (yeah I’m supposed to believe that after she tells Sonny she waited for a year to hear from him), Carly overhears S&B talking about their failed relationship, tells Jax and he just can’t be with her anymore, huh? Why ruin their friendship in this way? They didn’t even need to come back engaged that was just stupid. Any-who, I would have loved it if she would have interacted with Patrick and Emma. They’ve made her this one dimensional character that only cares about Sonny when she has so much more in her than just Sonny and Brenda. I must confess…I’ve watched that kiss more than a dozen times. They just do it for me. Always have, always will.

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