I forgot how much I love soap amnesia. (See what I did there?)

This week in Port Charles: a epidemic of shirtlessness swept through the town, fresh on the heels of a nasty bout of foot-in-mouth disease that, sadly, both AJ and Dante managed to contract.

Let’s start with AJ, because both Elizabeth and I had pretty much the same reaction to his rather spectacular bit of FAIL during their fight over Nikolas:


ELIZABETH: I guess ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you trust Nikolas or not, but do you trust me? What? You think I can’t control myself around him?
AJ: You did sleep with him behind Lucky’s back.

Yeah. Pretty sure there was a collective gasp of OH NO HE DIDN’T from the viewing audience at that point. I’m proud of Liz for letting him know how unacceptable that was in no uncertain terms, because good for you, girl. And also, every good soap couple needs some obstacles to overcome, so it’s nice to see that both of their pasts are now creating roadblocks. But man, that was painful.

Dante, at least, has more of an excuse than AJ for his descent into stupd. I mean, seeing as he was dealing with the stress of his wife’s kidnapping, followed by finding her a frozen, brainwashed Lulu-cicle who no longer remembered their life together and all. But daaaaaaaamn, son. Take it down a notch. (Or, you know… ten. Take it down about ten notches, Dante.)

Shirtless Dante


Dante is, in fact, so far down the rabbit hole of insanity over losing Lulu for a second time that he actually referred to Max and Milo as “discreet and effective” at their jobs. NO, REALLY. HE SAID THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE. So clearly, he could use some talking down from the ledge.

(Gee, if only there was another family in town who had any experience dealing with an amnesiac loved one who resented their overbearing attention and could possibly offer some guidance at this critical time?)

Also, can we talk about NuLu for a moment? Julie Marie Berman was always going to be a hard act to follow, but I think Emme Rylan is stepping in nicely so far. It remains to be seen whether or not she’ll spark with Dante in the same way, but the decision to give her amnesia and allow them to essentially reboot their entire relationship is a clever way for the actors to hopefully find their own rhythm together.

Nulu and Milo

Milo's apartment

In any case, I enjoyed seeing more of ER’s Lulu when she wasn’t in complete trauma freak out mode this week. There were some nice hints of a wry sense of humor in the scenes with Milo, and then some genuine humanity when worrying about having lost the Dante’s ring, even if she still hiding from the man himself.

(Milo, by the way, is either squatting in an IKEA catalog or Sonny has been paying him and Max an awful lot all these years to prevent exactly none of the horrible things that have ever happened to everyone he loves. I’m… just going to assume it’s the former? Frankly, that would require less of a suspension of disbelief.)


Meanwhile, after several days of moping and pep talks, Sabrina pulled on her extra big girl panties and worked up the courage to ask the man who is already her boyfriend out on a date.

… and then showed up at the restaurant several hours ahead of time along with her life coach/personal cheerleader to–actually, I have no idea what they were doing there. Just making sure the owner of the hotel understood the full importance of the evening? I’m surprised a national holiday wasn’t declared, honestly.

SABRINA: I can’t believe this is actually happening!

(Girl, you read my mind. Wait — you were talking about the way everyone in town is treating your dinner date like it’s a royal wedding, right? RIGHT?)

Sabrina's big day

“Our little girl, Felix. They grow up so fast!”

By the way, Felix’s over-investment in his bestie’s love life is quickly moving past sweet, through weird, and straight into actively sad territory. Can someone get this poor boy a romance of his own? Or at least a Netflix subscription? Because he clearly has WAY too much time on his hands at the moment. Not to mention a fetish for dressing Sabrina in only shades of pink that really needs to be stopped.

At this rate, I’m half-expecting a town parade when she finally gets to second base. Followed by Felix and Carly sitting her down with some charts and diagrams to explain what second base actually is. (And also, where babies come from.)


18 thoughts on “I forgot how much I love soap amnesia. (See what I did there?)

  1. I have to agree with you on this whole Sabrina storyline. I can’t believe there are people who are rooting for them. She acts like she is 12 years old. She did not look hot for their date at all. Tis is coming from someone who was a little bit like Sabrina when she met her husband, but come on already. Jt looks somewhat uncomfortable doing these scenes with her as well but maybe I am reading into it.

    I miss scrubs! I still watch old clips on YouTube to keep me going until KMc comes back.

  2. I din’t see anything wrong with what AJ said. It was the truth. Liz was a bit too defensive about that line and she hasn’t been innocent in her actions with Nikolas since his return.

    • AJ only knew about the Lucky affair because Elizabeth willingly shared it with him as soon as Nik arrived in town, along with the fact that it’s something she feels much regret and shame over. That he would throw that in her face along with flat out stating he doesn’t trust her, and all that AFTER inappropriately attempting to police who she’s allowed to be friends with behind her back? If you’d be okay with that kind of behavior from someone with whom you’d shared a single date and kiss, then that is your business, but my foot would be firmly planted in the ass of anyone who tried it with me.

  3. I’m a card carrying member of Niz being…gross. When Nik leaned in for that first hug with his head tucked under Liz’s chin, you could tell she was a little shocked, but went ahead to hug her old “friend”. What I hate most is the show ending Liz/Nik decades old “friend” only mode for some sleazy affair that ended with her character being raked over the coals, while Lucky’s multiple affairs with Sarah, Maxie and Sam never involved Liz yelling at him for acting like a farm animal.

    Also, RC/FV need to stop with the “3 daddies” from three different men crap that they throw at Liz, since no one on the show rakes Sonny, Alexis, Monica, and Carly over the coals for having multiple children with multiple women/men. Sonny has four baby Momma’s on the show in Olivia, Carly, Alexis and Sam!

    AJ needs a smack upside the head. I hate adult tattle tails which is exactly what Nik did when he ran his mouth off to Liz about AJ. Nik was trying to run off the competition and something tells me that he’s still into Liz, while she has repeatedly regretted the Niz affair.

    • IDK, the three daddies line is such an oft-repeated talking point from Liz haters online that her bringing it up herself in a context where we’re clearly supposed to see AJ in the wrong feels like a rather pointed rebuttal that it shouldn’t matter. I didn’t mind it.

  4. Patrick is way out of Sabrina’s league and the sooner she gets a clue the better for her. The man has way too much baggage for that girl and she requires too much reassurances from the town. I do wish that she had made an attempt to get to know Patrick before declaring she was madly in love with him. Even now, all she knows is that his wife died and he had a little girl and possibly another baby on the way. And I do get that they’re trying to mature her by combing her hair, applying makeup and dressing her in Emma’s hand me downs but life experiences is still lacking.

    Unless Patrick wants to raise another daughter, they need to move these two characters out of each others orbit.

  5. The way Niz (and Elizabeth as part of Niz) was originally written by Guza et al was gross. However, Tyler and Becky together, not gross. I think they actually have great chemistry. If written correctly, without the cheating/disloyalty angle and the sexism, it could be pretty good, I think. Everything depends on the writing.

    On the other hand, I’m very fond of AJ. Yeah, he was pretty jerky this week, but in general I’ve loved the relationship he’s developing with Michael and the way he often voices the thoughts of many viewers.

    So if TC is staying and this is a developing triange with a non-sexist approach and a fiesty Elizabeth being fought over by two hot men, I say bring it on!

    • I don’t know if you watched OLTL, so I won’t hold my breath hoping RC is going to write Liz/AJ/Nik in a true triangle with equal rooting for all three characters. It will probably end up being trashy and cray cray with an emphasis on Liz probably ending up like OLTL’s Marty Saybrooke once the story is over.

  6. One last item on AJ/Liz/Nik. Liz was happily getting to know Ewen, when RC decided on a triangle with Jason as the third party. We (Liason fans) were happy to see Jason/Liz and then then Ewen was turned crazy and JaSam reconciled with Liz messing with Sam’s paternity test. Now we have Liz getting to know AJ and RC throws Nik in as the third party, so my radar is going off like crazy.

  7. I have always loved Nik and Liz, so I’m kind of thrilled by the writing for them so far this go round. The writing under Guza started great and then went south as soon as JJ returned as Lucky. But even when Liz and Nik were the skankiest skanks who ever skanked, I loved the chemistry between Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher, and I kept hoping they’d get a real shot. So the idea that they COULD get a real shot now is just thrilling to me.

    I was warming to Liz and AJ, but now that Nik’s back he is a big ole ‘meh’ to me as a love interest. I think he’s just too immature.

    I thought AJ was completely out of line the other day, and I thought it was in line with the ‘immature’ thing. And I loved Liz’s reaction. I also loved Nik’s reaction, and the thirty seconds they had together at the end of that episode. They’re just off the charts for me, chemistry-wise.

  8. As a curly-headed girl, I despise the fact that make-overs always include a damned flat iron. It’s insulting and one-dimensional and feeds a stereo-type of beauty, when there are many different kinds of beauty. Curly hair can be beautiful and quite stunning, actually. Sorry, just had to get that out. Felix can go shove his head in a toilet for perpetuating that stereotype.

    • I hear that. As a glasses-wearing girl, I resent the fact that they had to get rid of Sabrina’s entirely rather than just getting her more a modern, grown up frame.

      Honestly, I liked Sabrina a lot more before her make over. Ever since the ball, her presence on screen has become like nails on a chalkboard. It’s… unfortunate.

      • LOL. I tried contacts a few times, but eyeglasses can be stylish and very attractive. Sabrina went from not knowing how to dress and comb her hair, to acting like she’s on the cover of Glamour magazine. Very annoying.

        • Yeah but more like Miss mag or whatever teen mag is out there. She has not matured at all. Today was just as bad! I just cant with these two together. Even if Robin were dead. It makes me what to root for Britt, who I do not like either. This baby cant be Patrick’s b.c he cant have Faison’s grandchild!!

          I too wear glasses and once in a while contacts, this whole part of the storyline is stupid already. I felt some of the stuff she wore before was not that bad. Having this big makeover should not have gotten Patrick all googly eyed over her. If they want us to like her then they should have developed this friendship/relationship more.

  9. I absolutely gasped and said to the tv, ‘oh AJ, no. Bad move, dude.’
    Liking NuLu so far. And LOL at the idea that Milo is squatting in an IKEA catalog. Makes total sense.

  10. Whats a soap without some angst? Liz has two guys wanting her. Sabrina had her turn,. As for Milo. who could stand dating that guy. Sure he’s hot, but just looks that gets old very fast. .Imagine trying to have a conversation with him? Love nululu. She can act, when they stop making her dumb,I didn’t watch when they did this to Lucky, but how did they get him to return? She has a mother, let her go there No pressure, I understand Dante is trying to show her how much he loves her, but he is trying to hard. . Oh well angst=soaps.here we go again. AJ, aj, aj, I want to shake you. Carley with the golden hoo haa. No way. If she is pregnant I totally give up been there , done that.. Pretty soon carley with be the mother, and sonny the father of all the show in breeding anyone?

    • Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky “died” in a fire. Only the audience knew he was alive — similar to what they’re doing with Robin now. The characters all mourned for a year, then the recast Lucky showed up, brainwashed to be kind of a ragemonkey douchebag who no longer loved Liz. It wasn’t the actor’s fault, but he just didn’t make a good Lucky and the story was pretty terrible.

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