Welcome home, friends.

Y’all, it is a good week to be a soap fan. After almost a decade of dire predictions of the death of our entire genre — helped along by a rapid decline in writing and the disappearance of six (six!) shows since 2003 — being a Daytime fan felt a bit like going to a wake every day. And not the fun kind with good music and lots of alcohol.

As primarily ABCD viewers, the two of us mourned the cancellations of Guiding Light and As the World Turns (the distant cousins you see once a year at family reunions) and Passions (everyone’s favorite crazy druncle) at a bit of a remove. And though we lost Port Charles, we still had, you know… actual Port Charles.

Losing All My Children and One Life to Live was different. They were our sisters, you know? Maybe we didn’t see either of them regularly or have a lot in common, but we found comfort in knowing they were always there, just a phone call (or a stop in line at the grocery store) away. And losing them hurt. A lot.

Vicki and Clint

Brooke and Adam


It’s a brave new world, people! Not only is our show good again, but the rest of band’s getting back together! And sure, format’s changed a little, but if that’s the price we have to pay for the dead to rise and live again? I’ll take it.

I watched both premieres out of solidarity, and I thought both were extremely solid. For those who worried that the move to the internet would mean a cheaper look and feel, we got some beautiful sets and strong production values. (Even real outdoor shots!) Both shows had a nice mixture of old and new — each opened with a nod to the past and checked in first with core veteran characters; each then established a number of SORASed youngsters to bring in the new guard.

And both shows introduced a mystery or two (along with the freedom to swear and be a bit more risque than Network tv would allow) and ended with the return of popular troublemaker.

Victor skulks

David Hayward

I probably won’t be keeping up with AMC regularly; there just aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s always been the sister with whom I have the least in common. But I do plan to check in with the good folks of Llanview more often.

After all, Blair and Téa are there, and sometimes they greet each other with kisses:

Blair and Tea kiss

And Dorian’s there, with her hats and her scandals:

Dorian scandal

Dani’s there… and she is clearly messed up enough to actually need her father (both of them!):

Drunk Dani

Oh, and Natalie’s there, and she’s probably not wearing clothes:

Nat's underwear


(Natalie also now has a a full on toddler and penchant for curling up to relax on the couch in her underwear and four inch heels. You know, as you do. SOAPS!)

Plus, Victor and Todd and David and Rama and Cutter and Bo and Nora and Jack’s stupid hipster old man hat! Okay, less that last part, but really, anything that gives me another reason to make fun of Jack is always welcome.

Hi, Llanview! Hi, Pine Valley! I’m glad you’re back!


5 thoughts on “Welcome home, friends.

  1. I’m with you on the OLTL love with the fondness for AMC. I’m glad for both of them, but I connect with OLTL so much more than the others. :) They were great to watch. And VICTOR! Whoo! (And I guess I didn’t watch OLTL enough because I missed the hotness that was Cutter before.)

    • I came back to watch the last six months of OLTL after a long absence and grew extremely fond of Cutter. He had a pairing with a back from the dead amnesiac (SOAPS!) that I liked much better than the actual pairing of hers we were supposed to be rooting for. I’m interested to see where this Natalie thing with him will go.

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