Where’s Felix when you need him?

Oh, Liz. Oh, girl. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. (Except for maybe your choice to wear that sweater, because damn, it looked good.)

Seriously, though, that was a short lived period of me not hating Nik’s guts and enjoying the Liz/Nik revisit, huh? This Nik — the entitled, condescending, pushy Nik? — is pretty much my least favorite parts of the character condensed into one super potent package of assiness.

Nik and Liz redux

ELIZABETH: My reaction had more to do with me than AJ. I feel bad about our affair. Nikolas, I still feel incredibly guilty.
NIKOLAS: Whatever feelings you have about our past, it doesn’t excuse AJ. He’s acting like a jealous idiot who’s trying to claim you like you’re his property!

Um, Nikolas? I’ve got this pot on the phone? He says he’d like to call your kettle black.

The good news (and I may be proven wrong on this, and if I am, I will seriously cry, because WHY!?!) is that everything about those scenes still seemed to be pointing at Elizabeth and AJ as the couple to root for. I hope that’s not wishful thinking on my part. And not only because if it is, I’ll have to face the fact that these writers also think that badgering and refusing to take no for an answer or give even the tiniest crap about his brother’s feelings is romantic behavior on Nikolas’ part.

But when you have Elizabeth looking like she literally wants to vomit every time he touches her, and you have her consumed with thoughts about another man the entire time, and you have him flashing back with fondness to the same sex scenes that Elizabeth was remembering less than a month ago while she talked about how filled with self-hatred they both were at the time? I don’t know. I have hope.

The nice thing about bringing Nikolas in as a spoiler for AJ and Liz is that with their history, he presents just enough of a believable rival to give the triangle some real bite. But just as AJ’s number one demon is his fear that he’ll always be just a loser alcoholic who sabotages everything good in his life, Elizabeth’s weakness is her guilt over the mistakes she’s made in the past with Nikolas. What we’ve seen this week has been both of them indulging the temptation to fall back on those same old, self-destructive patterns — and hopefully what we’ll see moving forward is them helping each other to move in a healthier direction.

Oh, and speaking of AJ’s demons…

AJ and Carly are caught

Monica's excited

He and Carly? Should feel free to have hate sex ANY TIME THEY WANT. Because not only was that hot as hell, but their instant, mutually disgusted regret afterward was just so entertaining. And the fact that they did it in AJ’s meticulously preserved high school bedroom, which allowed Monica to interrupt the shame-fest with the most adorably enthusiastic and embarrassing mom reaction possible? Just a bonus.

(Laura Wright’s facial expressions of amusement, disbelief, disdain, and just the right amount of hurt while listening to Monica disparaging AJ’s previous bed partners to heap praises on Elizabeth? Pitch perfect, by the way. I really can’t get enough of the writers engaging with AJ and Carly’s complicated past. )


Elsewhere! We got what seem to be Brandon Barash’s last scenes this week. After a year of some super douchery that all but destroyed my previous love for the character, it was nice they let Johnny go out on a noble note.

Goodbye Johnny

(Also, apparently, he and Kelly Sullivan do have some actual chemistry when she’s not playing mentally ill and he’s not raping her? WHO KNEW?)

Farewell, Johnny! We’ll always have those years when you were the only man on this show I didn’t want to murder in the face. (And Jolivia. We’ll always have Jolivia.)


And now, because we can, because it is back, baby… here’s your One Life to Live moment of zen:

Vicki and Todd1

Vicki and Todd2



33 thoughts on “Where’s Felix when you need him?

  1. LOL. While you and I are usually on the exact same page with Liz, I just cant this time. I don’t want Liz anywhere near AJ after he actually had sex with Carly. Not just a kiss, not an almost but he pulled back, but actual sex and he was saying how it was amazing. HIm stalking Liz while wishing she was Carly isn’t my idea of a good love interest for her. He ruined it for me. Why GH thinks every male has to go through Carlys vagina before anyone else is beyond me. Its a shame because Liz and AJ really had me pulled in.
    But Monica giving the two thumbs up was funny, while at the same time disturbing that she was cheerleading AJ and Liz sexytimes.

    • Well, I obviously see it more as he slept with Carly, wishing she was Liz. In any case, if this was a random new character falling in bed with Carly, I might agree, but she’s his ex-wife and the mother of his child, and this is pretty par for the course with them. And it’s not like Liz is exactly staying chaste herself.

      • right..how many times did carly fall into bed with sonny……..carly is manless….at the moment…..she’s never been this long without a man…so any man will do….and this time around AJ fit the bill…..

        so, yes, I like AJ and liz….it’s liz and nick that I can’t get into this time around….and with the spoilers of him following them to the hotel that they’ll be staying at….how is he not the creep on this part….

        and then taking her phone…why………

  2. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who 1) still wants Elizabeth w/ AJ, 2) still thinks they are the story, and 3) felt like Nik pushed it too far yesterday talking down about AJ (even if he is currently screwing up). If we are delusional, well at least I’ll have company!

    • I agree k…….and today, did nick listen to his mom…no, he’s going to keep on pushing her…so now look who’s the one that’s being all possive, and I loved that luara even told him that…..


  3. If you don’t quit reading my mind and then blogging about it I’m going to be very cross, LOL. I agree with everything here. A.J. has been one of my faves since they started letting him be funny and he and Carly have completely believable love/hate chemistry. I’m loving seeing Elizabeth is showing some personal growth after serving as Port Charles’ official baby mama for far too long. I miss the gentle Nicholas of the late 90s/early 00s though. If entitled Nicholas is going to be around, I’d just rather they didn’t have Nicholas around at all. The thing is that having Laura around is the perfect time to get Nic back to his roots as she has always brought out a sweetness in him. They’re paths need to cross soon. Overall, well done and the execution was perfect. We need to get a screencap up of Monica’s face when she opened the front door to discover Elizabeth there. Priceless.

    • you know I was really disappointed that sean was coming back as AJ…I always wanted bw to come back…but this time around chris, like you said, he’s funny, and everything, and he was never like this before…..so i’m actually liking sean in the role, this time around, when before, I couldn’t stand him at all….


      this nick, is nothing like the old nick, you are so right….

  4. Well I have to disagree sadly. I almost always agree with you so it pains me. I was really loving AJ & Liz but I am totally disgusted after this last week. First reverting to the obnoxious fratboy with Michael over him bagging a supermodel and now this rutfest wtih Carly of all people and sadly I saw him wanting Carly; I didn’t see him sleeping with her and pretending she was Liz or wishing it (honestly that would have kind of creeped me out too though lol) I also think its going to happen again if the anvils dropping all over today mean anything. AJ is lying to Liz while she is being honest with him and that just doesn’t scream HEA to me. I was also disturbed at how easily he lied to her; I didn’t even see any real guilt over it.

    I also disagree about Nik. I actually love this Nik, I don’t need him to be perfect; I like that he is a little ruthless; a little more of a real Cassadine (without going all out evil of course). I was disappointed in Laura today. It didn’t bother me or surprise me that she didn’t think Nik going after Liz was a bad Idea. I think almost any mother would think that but I hated, hated, hated that she seemed to be dismissing Niks feelings because Lucky’s are obviously so much more important to her. Nik is right Lucky left, he left Liz he abandoned his children and seemingly doesn’t even keep in touch, he doesn’t get a vote now. Nik and Liz don’t owe him eternal guilt over the afair. I am so tired of Liz’s guilt over Lucky and the fact that every character tip toes around the fact that he abandoned his children.

    • That’s it — get off the blog! No dissenting opinions allowed! ;)

      (I loved Laura today, obviously. I don’t think she was dismissing his feelings so much as trying to make him see that doing this could damage his relationship with Lucky again, which wouldn’t be good for either of them. But then, I also don’t really believe he’s in love with Liz. I never have. He just doesn’t like seeing her with someone else.)

      • I totally agree with your post. How many times has Nik gone after women involved with other men? Emily, Courtney, Liz, and Rebbeca when she was starting something with Lucky.

    • I agree about the need to drop the eternal guilt. I think Liz has felt enough guilt to last a lifetime. And is there any man on this show who hasn’t been acting pushy and possessive lately? (Well, there’s Mac. The exception that proves the rule.) Even Dante. Even little Rafe, pushing himself on Molly, lol. So I don’t think Nik is that much worse than anyone else.

      But I did like Carly and AJ, especially the funny aftermath. I haven’t laughed out loud like that at GH for quite while. Sean Kanan is awesome.

  5. All I wanted was for Liz to have a fun romance and to be swept off of her feet. Carly has bedded Johnny, Todd and AJ in the twelve months, while Liz has been kissed twice in three years! WTF?

    Here’s hoping Jax comes back to town and he decides to romance Liz which would make Carly’s head explode.

    AJ & Carly scenes were funny. I did like the look on Carly’s face when AJ kept yakking about Liz!

    Monica needs to butt out of her forty year old son’s sex life! Ewwww. It was creepy and funny all at the same time. However, Monica’s hatred for Carly tells me that those fans pushing for the next Alan and Monica via AJ & Carly will probably end up getting their wish, versus a Hardy/Webber and Quartermaine relationship.

    • Since I hated Carly’s relationships with both Todd and Johnny, I’m not particularly jealous of her romantic interactions. I’m happy to see Liz at the center of a triangle with two guys who are nuts about her and who both have strong fanbases, even if I can’t personally stand one of them. At least both her relationships make sense, either from a historical standpoint, as with Nik, or because the writers have actually taken the time to build a connection the right way, as with AJ.

      As for which way the wind it blowing, I really don’t know, despite my hopes. The fact that TC’s show might get picked up is a factor, I’m sure. I also don’t think they’d have spent this long working to build the AJ/Liz relationship just to chuck it at the first opportunity. Monica and Carly snarking is nothing new — Monica’s pretty much that last person in town who has ALWAYS stayed firm in her Carly hate. It would be weird not to mine that now that they have the chance. And FV talking the couple up doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than he’s trying to engage that fanbase. A good triangle needs to viable options, after all. I guess we’ll just have to see.

  6. Actually Brandon Barash’s last scenes are today, with Olivia no less! I don’t know if my Jolivia loving heart is going to be able to take it, even if Johnny has been FUBARed in the last year!

    Oh, and go CarnAj!!

  7. You have a very different take on this than I do. I loved Nik and Liz this week, and I think they’re the root for now. I didn’t think Liz looked sick so much as just thrown. For better or worse, I think she loves Nik; she’s just virtually paralyzed by guilt for what they did.And I love that their own past behavior is Nik’s biggest roadblock. I think that’s extraordinarily soapy, and good use of a poorly done past plot.

    AJ lost me the minute he slept with Carly. Admittedly, I’ve had a ridiculous soft spot for Liz and Nik (in spite of the hatchet job of that affair) for years, so my biases may also be in play. But for AJ to have Elizabeth come and confess all to him – while he was no doubt still drenched in Carly’s er, perfume – while Nik fighting with his mother and elucidating all of AJ’s shortcomings – did not, to my mind, bode well for Quiz’s future.

    But we’ll have to see how it plays out.

    • Hah, well, I’m sure both our biases are in play. I personally, do not now and in fact never have believed that Liz and Nik were actually in love with each other; her speech the other day about self-loathing was literally the first time their affair had ever made sense to me. And Nik in romance mode has honestly never failed to irritate me, no matter who he was with. So that’s where I’m starting from.

      But as I said in another comment above, a good triangle should have two sides that both have the capacity to get people excited about them for different reasons. It’s really not fun if the deck is so completely stacked against one option that there’s really no question who the winner should be. So I think it’s a positive sign, in a way, that opinions seem pretty equally split on this one.

    • IA I have always had a soft spot for Nik & Liz. I was a huge Liason fan but always thought Nik and Liz would be a great couple too. I think TC and BH have smoking chemistry together and love them as friends or romantic partners. I also never minded that Nik tends to go after what he wants romantically. Its what helps make him a good soap character. I think when they make him too goody goody and soft its not in character even for a ‘good’ Cassadine.

      Yeah this past week at least Nik/Liz was def the root for couple in this triangle IMO; that could change cause Ron can write some long story arcs that take a lot of twists and turns but I am seeing more Carly and AJ sex in the future and I see Liz very drawn to Nik still.

      Gotta say as a Liz fan; I am loving seeing so much of her!

  8. I am hoping that Laura is the voice of the writers. Nik is the one who looks on Liz as a prize to be won. AJ really does value her for her own sake. And god, if I have to see Nik and Liz have zombie robot sex again, I think MY head will explode.

  9. I love absolutely everything that you said in your post :) I am completely and totally in love with AJ and Liz together. They have been the first couple I have shipped since Liason and JoLu. Its been a while for me and I am bugged by the fact that in the past, especially when it comes to Elizabeth pairing, the writers always seem to drop the ball. I put my faith in FV/RC this time and I am hoping against hope that they do not let me down. I was a fan of Liz/Nik the first time around before the writing got completely screwed up with the return of Jonathan Jackson. So far this time I am not such a fan. Already we have had Nik practically admit to his mother that he is interested in starting things up with Elizabeth because she is with AJ. And now we have these spoilers about the stuff in NYC ( I won’t say in case there are some spoiler frees reading this ) and its looking more and more like this is a game to Nik and he is out to prove that he can win. I don’t like that. Yes, AJ has done some major hole digging and he had the perfect opportunity to be honest with Liz and choose not to be and I am angry about that. However, I don’t believe that he cheated. They were broken up. And I also believe that LIz is not going to have the reaction people think she will when it comes out. She has been there and done that. ( Hello Zander cica 2002 while she was kinda sorta just a little bit trying to get things on track with Jason, then she did have sex with Jason while with Lucky and then of course the Nik stuff ). I dont think she will be happy but I don’t think that she will be a hypocrite either. But Nikolas is bordering on bad behavior with not taking no for an answer. I keep hearing all over the internet how Elizabeth said she loved Nik while he was in the hospital. Am I the only one who believes that she was referring to loving him as a friend??! I also keep seeing that she is running from her feelings from Nik and thats why she wants a do over with AJ….um no. I am not seeing her conflicted at all. Yet, anyway. I fully expect her to be torn. But the stuff about FV/RC pimping certain couples over others….I don’t see it that way. I see them pimping twists and turns. Right now, I truly believe that Liz/AJ are the story and that Nik and Carly are providing angst. WIll that change?! Maybe, probably. But right now , IMO AJ and Liz are the root for couple and I couldn’t be happier about that fact.

  10. Liz loves Nik as a friend. She has tortured her self for the last three years on sleeping with Nik while engaged to Lucky. However, I have never seen Lucky that torn or feeling guilt written after he had an affair with Sarah behind Liz’s back.

  11. Ok I realise I’m (checks date) TWO YEARS late to the game here, but I saw a clip on YouTube of Alan and Monica and my god it reminded me of the Carly/AJ sex scenes. Or maybe the other way around, since they obviously happened first (late 70s? I’m guessing based on the volume of Monica’s hair). There was bickering which escalated to arguing which escalated to nudity and “If you ever tell anyone about this I’ll kill you” and it was glorious and makes me want to go and find out all the Monica/Alan and possibly watch it all on YT if it exists there. I adore the idea of Carly/AJ being Monica/Alan redux and considering how much Monica dislikes Carly I’m not wondering how much of it was because Carly reminds her of herself, yada yada, though it also makes me want to throw rotten food at the writers for stuffing it up by killing off AJ again and subjecting me to Carly/Sonny (bleugh).

    I have no knowledge or history to back any of this up mind you, I’ve only watched intermittently since the mid-late 90’s so I could be just pulling this out of my rear based on one short clip.

    • Hah! No, you’re definitely not alone. I know plenty of people who thought Carly and AJ would become the next Monica and Alan when they were married during the 90s. And instead he became this scapegoat/villain. Such a waste. They had another perfect chance to do that story right with Sean Kanan and messed it up again, more’s the pity.

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