So long, and thanks for all the smoldering.

Despite the fact that it was a transparent set up for the apparently inevitable Sonny/Olivia revisit we’re about to get — and I’m stabbing myself in the eyes in advance, believe me —  I can’t complain about Johnny’s actual last scenes being with Olivia.

Or about the two of them actually acting like people who once loved each other for pretty much the first time in over a year:

Jolivia goodbye1

OLIVIA: What is your problem?
JOHNNY: [finally losing his cool] I don’t want to see you get hurt!
OLIVIA: [quietly] I’m fine… Thank you. I should go.
JOHNNY: Let me know what happens with Morgan, huh?
OLIVIA: I will. Hey, um… I’m sorry for accusing you of setting Sonny up.
JOHNNY: We both know it’s not outside the realm of possibility.
OLIVIA: You’re a good person deep down. I know that.
JOHNNY: Thanks for believing that.
OLIVIA: Hey, if you need anything in here, I want to hear about it, okay? Who knows, maybe I’ll even come back for a visit.
JOHNNY: I’d like that.
OLIVIA: [teary] You take care of yourself, okay? I don’t need any more bad news.


So, yeah. I’ve decided to just take that last scene and hold it close to my heart where I’m going to be valiantly repressing all the rest of their conversation, in which Johnny repeatedly demonstrated just how well he still knows Liv… by calling her out on her blatant Sonny fixation. (To be henceforth known as simply The Grossness.)

Especially since the man in question spent most of the episode embroiled in the straight up Guza-iest Guza-fest of macho, mob good/intellectuals bad posturing that we’ve seen since… well, since Guza, really. I mean, for God’s sake, there was even an EVIL DEAN involved. (Because clearly any school official who would object to a mob goon waving a gun around a student’s dorm room has to be evil, right?)

Jolivia goodbye2

But, no. I’m not going to dwell on any of that. I’m just going to sit right here in my Jolivia happy place and remember this smile as she walked out the door.

Bye, John. This version of you can come back any time.


14 thoughts on “So long, and thanks for all the smoldering.

  1. This seriously makes me rethink my plans to start watching. No Johnny, no Jolivia? I don’t know about that. But, you are right on. The Grossness indeed.

    • I know, the thought of Olivia and you know who, make me nauseas..(sp)….and then some.

      she was great with steve, she was great with johnny, but that other guy….I wish that they’d so get rid of him………


  2. Sonny needs a long, long, long break on the love train (Carly, Kate, Carly, Kate, Claudia, Brenda, Kate, Connie/Kate, and now he’s giving Olivia the eye) all within the last six years. Oh, and please let Sonny get a vasectomy!

    • who sonny, mr macho…clearly you jest….but would that be a first on a soap…….i’d love that story…but we all know that they’re so not going to go and do it…….not with st sonny……the sperinator…

      he clearly needs one…but….

  3. Well, obviously Sonny knows that all us intellectuals who work at universities are a bunch of idiots who don’t understand young people and are only in it for the money (ha!). No young person in PC ever actually graduates from a real school — they go away to college for a little while, then return to take classes at PCU, only to either drop out or miraculously transfer into med school six months later (Emily) or enroll in the middle of a semester and then randomly drop out (Starr). I think Robin’s the only one who actually finished up college and grad school elsewhere. Profs don’t exist in Port Charles, you know — after all, the only professor Felix and Sabrina apparently had during nursing school was Epiphany!

    All I could think while watching Shawn waving that gun around was “What the hell is Alexis thinking?” Does she just pretend she doesn’t know what he does for Sonny? Blech.

  4. It was silly they never went back to Jolivia. Plus I never got my awkward Jolivia/Lante double date. :shakes fist:

    The one comfort I take from the Grossness is when Johnny said “I don’t want to see you get hurt”, there was implication from the show that a relationship with Sonny is not a good thing and gets women hurt.

  5. Does this mean there will be no more flashbacks with Johnny and his minions in the wrong place at the right time? Cuz i want that..

    “You see while Luke, Laura, Lulu, and Dante were leaving.. me and my guys were standing near the lab when we saw Stavros rise from the dead like the comic book villian he was and yell ‘I’m aliiive! And I’m coming for youu, Lulu! My Iceeee Princesssss!’

  6. I like Sonny and Olivia better as old friends/co-parents and don’t want them involved romantically. Then again, it creeps me out whenever Sonny is romantically involved with anyone. I will miss Johnny though. You’re right, this version can come back anytime.

  7. Wait, so they sent Johnny to prison? And effing Sonny still roams free?! WHYYYYY!?! Okay but I just watched the show for the first time in forever and they have brought back so many gems – it’s really looking like my show is getting healed, omg you guys….

    • Johnny had… a really rough year. Like, he killed Anthony and tried to frame Luke and Tracy for it and kept quit about Sam’s baby being alive for… reasons. Oh, and he totally slept with Kate while knowing she wasn’t in her right mind! And then married her and basically refused to give her treatment for her mental illness. Which was so much fun to watch! So I’m kind of okay with him leaving for a while.

      (But, no. The real reason he’s in prison is the actor wanted to leave.)

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