Gimme Some VD: “The Walking Dead”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Matt told Elena a story about a yellow crayon–er, I mean, Damon snapped Matt’s neck and Elena had an emotional breakthrough because of it. So now Elena has feelings again. Well, one feeling at least: HATE for Katherine.

We open on Elena breaking concrete bricks with Stefan trying to shake off some of her Katherine issues. Stefan admits that he thought Elena would have channeled her emotions into love or hope. (Barf.) Stefan also patronizes Elena that he doesn’t think she really wants to kill Katherine. *epic eyeroll* Elena agrees, but does it while doing pull ups like a super bad ass.

Elena pull ups

Rebekah is at the bar with Matt, asking him to explain this whole graduation thing. You’d think since she is obsessed with humans and lived among them for hundreds of years, she would at least be aware of the traditions, but WHATEVER. They commiserate about not having family who will be going. Uh, Rebekah. Your family won’t be going because they have waaaaay better things to do. Matt’s mom won’t be there because… she really has no reason. She sucks. Matt wins hands down here.

Meanwhile, Caroline is making Elena help her systematically prepare her graduation announcements, as is her wont.  Elena points out that she also doesn’t really have anyone to invite to graduation. I’d say that at this point she shouldn’t give a damn, but apparently the writers on this show do not agree with me. And neither does Caroline, who says that Elena might care eventually, once she’s done hating Katherine. But the mere mention of Katherine’s name makes Elena froth at the mouth. She starts pressuring Caroline about whether she’s seen her or not. Caroline is appropriately creeped out by Elena’s obsession.

Katherine and Bonnie

Bonnie is in the woods, communing with nature or ghosts or something. Katherine is standing around whining about being in the middle of the woods. Bonnie explains that this spot is directly between of all the mass murder locations, aka the “expression triangle,” and being there will help her drop the veil within the triangle so that she can speak to Quetsiah, find out how to put down Silas, and make Katherine invulnerable. Katherine doubts she’ll help them with all of that, so she tries to take off. Except Bonnie has linked them so that Katherine can’t leave and accidentally spill the beans to Silas.

Liz has called Stefan and Damon at the hospital, where Silas drained some patients because the blood banks are still dry. (Uh, what if someone needed a blood transfusion? Wouldn’t that be common in a town where vampires are drinking blood???) They posit that Silas is fueling up for something big. Damon explains Silas’ desire to die and drop the veil for Liz’s benefit, only  Silas’ plan continues to make less and less sense as it is delved into further. Like, if the veil only separates the human plane and the supernatural purgatory, then if Silas died, wouldn’t he just come back to the human world? This will clearly give me a brain aneurysm if I keep thinking about it.

Caroline calls Elena out

Later: Rebekah, Elena, and Caroline are all at the bar. Elena is trying to expunge her hate through darts. Rebekah tries to get her to calm down, but Elena explains that they aren’t friends. So Caroline confronts Elena about what she did when she shut off her emotions. Elena refuses to apologize and says she can’t feel guilty about it because then she would feel everything and possibly spin out of control again.

And… that’s when the lights go out. The group heads outside, where it appears the whole town is in a black out and things are generally amiss. Caroline says she will go see if she can find out what is happening from her Mom.

After dragging Katherine to the Lockwood basement thinger, Bonnie takes Katherine to the cabin where the people were blown up at the beginning of the season. Apparently, it’s finally time to get down to business and drop this damned veil.

Liz and the Salvatores

Liz and Stefan mark off the power outages on a map. Stefan apparently also knows what this expression triangle thing is and says that Bonnie must have created it. Oh, and someone saw Bonnie and Elena, i.e. Katherine, together. Stefan, with his super powers of deduction, realizes that Bonnie must be at the center of the expression triangle.

Stefan and Damon meet up with Elena to search the school for Bonnie. Elena suggests Stefan join Caroline inside while she and Damon search outside. But once Stefan leaves, it becomes clear she’s only interested in grilling Damon about Katherine’s whereabouts. Eventually, he admits that Katherine is with Bonnie and so she helps him look for her.

Inside, Stefan and Caroline are searching the creepy school. In the midst of the search, Stefan realizes that Bonnie is most likely underground. Fun!

Caroline and Stefan search

And so we scroll down to Bonnie and Katherine directly under Stefan and Caroline, preparing to drop the veil. Katherine gives Bonnie the tombstone to fuel the spell.

Damon tells Elena that she needs to stay back when he goes to Bonnie. She tries to convince him that everything will go back to normal once she kills Katherine, but Damon thinks Katherine will kill her if she tries to take her on. So Elena stakes him in the gut. Whoa. Way to go, hate-filled Elena!

After the light flickers, Bonnie says “the veil is down” in a gravely voice. And in case you weren’t sure, in the next scene we cut to Alaric offering Damon some help. Excuse me for a moment.



Ahem. Damon smartly questions whether Alaric is himself or Silas. And Alaric hilariously proves it is him by showing Damon their secret stash of booze in a locker. Heh.

Damon’s as overjoyed to have his boyfriend back as the audience. After they share a manly bro hug, Alaric explains that Bonnie has only dropped the veil within the expression triangle, and that the only ghosts who have come back are the ones who have reason to be there.

Damon and Alaric hug

Damon and Alaric hug2

Cut to Matt at the bar with Rebekah. Matt tells her she doesn’t need to be there. But Rebekah is taking this moment to hit on him for the umpteenth million time — only to be cock-blocked by the appearance of ghost!Kol. Ugh. Even dead, he is still THE WORST. Apparently, Kol is back for revenge. But since Jeremy is already dead, he’ll just have to settle for Elena instead. (Seriously, even Kol’s motivations are lame.) Matt’s not down with the Kill Elena Plan, so Kol chucks a broken bottle at his shoulder instead and takes off. What a big man, Kol. Picking on poor woobie Matt!

Katherine and Bonnie are still down in the creepy tunnels under the school. Katherine hears someone in the tunnels and freaks out, so Bonnie reluctantly agrees to let her go check it out. But no, it isn’t Silas — it’s Elena! Who stabs Katherine! And of course, it stabs Bonnie too, because they are linked. Katherine comments that Elena has a funny way of showing her gratitude for letting her out when the boys were torturing her. Fair point.

Elena vs Katherine

Elena doesn’t agree and is about to kill her when Stefan shows up and intervenes, having left Caroline with Bonnie.

Back at the bar, Rebekah is helping Matt tend to his wounds. He won’t let her use her blood for an easy fix so she goes out back to get him a first aid kit… and finds Caroline rocking and cutting her wrists. Uh, oh. Looks like the Caroline with Bonnie isn’t really Caroline.

And in fact, we see Silas is at that very moment revealing himself to Bonnie. Turns out he was only letting her believe she could keep him out of her head. He’s stronger than her. And he’s been working her all along. As he tells her this, he does a nice switch between creepy scarface, Caroline, and Stefan, a la Buffy’s’ First Evil. Not quite as striking to me as when they did it, but still a nice touch.

Stefan and Elena

Elena bitches at Stefan for stopping her from killing Katherine. Stefan points out the silly little detail that Bonnie and Katherine were linked and if she killed Katherine she would have killed Bonnie too. Elena doesn’t believe this and starts fishing for reasons why Stefan would save Katherine. Stefan thinks that Elena’s rage is making her nuts. Finally, he says that she basically needs to suck it up. There are no short cuts. She is a vampire and has to deal with losing people.

Man, where was this tough love six episodes ago? But of course that lasts all of ten seconds because then Stefan says that he will help her. Double. Epic. Eye-roll. Elena seems to agree because she spouts off about how he always wants to help and basically implies that she hates him too. It is pretty awesome. Then she slaps him in the face for good measure. Seriously, hate-filled Elena is definitely my favorite flavor of Elena thus far.

Hate-filled Elena

Back at the only bar in town: Rebekah tries to snap Caroline out of Silas’ trance, while Matt calls Damon to warn him about Caroline and the fun fact that Kol is back. After Damon gets off the phone, he and Alaric have one of their classic heart-to-hearts about Elena’s feeeeelings for Damon or, specifically, Damon’s lack of clarity about them. Damon angsts for a few moments, then heads for the tunnels, leaving Alaric his phone to call Stefan and fill him in.

Rebekah is having no luck with Caroline, even after reading her graduation invites and trying to rationalize with her. So she loses it and smacks her across the face. Caroline reels, calls Rebekah a bitch and snaps back int reality. Heh.

Rebekah slaps Caroline

Meanwhile, Silas is trying to get Bonnie back on the veil-dropping track. He explains again that he only wants to die and pass on. I guess I have to just assume that even though most dead supernatural beings would chose to go back to the land of the living, when the veil is dropped they could also go onto the human afterlife. That’s the only reasoning for this crap that keeps my head from exploding. Damon calls out from the tunnels, trying to find Bonnie. Silas hears him and turns into Alaric. Bonnie tries to fight back, but Alaric/Silas starts to psychically choke her.

Elena finds herself at Jeremy’s grave. She makes a comment about his lame epitaph. Heh. She starts to break down emotionally about missing him just in time for Kol to come on screen and suck some more.

Elena breaks down

Bonnie is still gasping for breath when suddenly Grams appears, trying to help her calm down. Bonnie worries that she is Silas, but Grams convinces her she isn’t by saying that Silas wouldn’t help her feel better. Uh, yes he would, if it was to screw with her. Anyway, it seems pretty clear that this is indeed Grams. And she has a message: Bonnie can fight Silas. She can use expression.

Silas comes upon Damon and tries to convince him that he’s Alaric, but Damon is instantly onto him. He immobilizes Silas by wrapping him up in chains. Bonnie joins them and goes all expression bad ass and essentially turns Silas to stone. Apparently he finally looks like his true self now, but they can’t see it because he is this stone-like blob. Bonnie makes a point of saying that they’ll never know… which means Silas will be back to cause havoc at some point soon.

Kol is an ass

At the cemetery: Kol is busy kicking the crap out of Elena. He makes some comment about how lonely he was and how it sucked to be invisible. Oh good God, you are an obnoxious prick. And again, it is super creepy that apparently the dead are just hanging out staring at the living, like all the time. Just when it seems like Kol is going to get the drop on Elena (yeah, right) Jeremy shows up!

Oh, little J! I actually did miss you! I would be okay with you coming back for good, if that is in the cards. Kol starts to yammer on again and Stefan thankfully shows up and expediently snaps his neck. Thank Christ that didn’t last long. Jeremy and Elena have a touching reunion while Stefan looks on. Poor Elena. Her recent awesomeness has helped me forget just how sucky her life has been. It’s nice that she gets to see Jeremy again.

Jeremy and Elena reunited1

Jeremy and Elena reunited2

After the reunion, the gang tries to figure out what to do with Silas now. Damon points out that if he gets a drop of blood, he will be free again. So Stefan suggests they drop his body in the ocean like they should have done with Klaus. Oh yeah, that would have been a better plan.

Elena joins them and apologizes for almost killing Bonnie. (Her bad!) But Bonnie knows what it is like to not be herself and forgives her instantly. She also says she will try to give her and Jeremy as much time as possible. Elena starts to try to apologize to everyone and their brother, but is reminded that she needs to go be with her own brother right now instead. She embraces Jeremy and I admit, it makes me tear up. Considering how this season has been, my heart could use some second chances here.

Elena and Jeremy hug

Stefan joins Caroline back at the only bar in town. He’s moping because he had hoped he would have seen someone today — just in time for Lexi to show up! Okay, she never was my favorite, but I am a total sucker for this. The fantasy of seeing loved ones after they’ve died is totally one of my Achilles’ heels. She thanks Caroline for taking care of Stefan and hints that maybe he should think about Caroline romantically. (Hold on there, Lex. She already has a long chemistry to-do list right now. Stefan will have to wait!)

Damon and Alaric have a final drink together, and Alaric references the promise Damon made at his graveside at the beginning of the season. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL MY HEART? Okay, show. Let Alaric be a regular on the show again and I will take back any bad thing I said about you this last season. Okay, maybe not take back, but I totally will stop bitching about it! PLEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!

Alaric goodbye

During my bought of bargaining, Alaric gives the cure vial to Damon, suggesting that maybe someone in their group could use it. Crap. I forgot about that. I still don’t really want Elena to be human again. Maybe it still won’t happen? A girl can wish.

Bonnie heads back to the caverns — but not just to put the veil back up. She’s going to bring Jeremy back to life. Grams reappears, warning her against it. But Bonnie’s determined — she’s strong, just like Grams said. Guess you’re rethinking that pep talk from earlier, huh, Grams? Bonnie’s veins get all black and it is clear this is going nowhere good. She does some chanting and collapses.

Matt is locking up the bar and leaving with Rebekah. As they walk out, she sees Alexander, the vampire hunter. The power comes on,  and they assume the veil must be up, so he’ll disappear. But no. He’s still there and so are the other two dead hunters from earlier this season. Ooops!

return of the five

Bonnie wakes up, clearly unsure of what just happened. Grams tells her that she’s sorry, but the spell was too much for her. Bonnie looks down to the ground and realizes that her body is laying there. She’s dead. DUN!

(Okay, seriously. Bonnie can’t actually be dead for good, so if Bonnie can come back to life so can Alaric, right? RIGHT? My sanity might be hinging a little too heavily on this result. I guess I should have some alcohol at the ready in case the finale doesn’t go my way.)

On the season finale: Hunters! Explosions! Graduation?


2 thoughts on “Gimme Some VD: “The Walking Dead”

  1. Let me help with the plot fun!

    So, I have two minds about this…

    Q made a special realm where all supernatural creatures go when they die. They aren’t allowed heaven/hell whatevers. Silas wants to properly die, so the veil everywhere has to be lifted. Then when he dies he’ll have a true death.

    Alaric insinuated that only supernaturals with actual interest in Mystic Falls would return when the veil dropped. Then again, on the show it was only dropped in the triangle. Maybe Aunt Jenna’s hanging wherever that ritual was done outside the limits? Bah.

    I want to know where Aunt Jenna is.

    Because the LAST Time we had ghosts everywhere in Mystic Falls and that storyline ended with Anna and Pearl together, I felt like all of THOSE ghosts had some sort of resolution and ascended some other place. And if THAT’s The case, then Aunt Jenna being so awesome as a person is already chilling with the other Gilberts in heaven.

    But if Q actually DID do the real for ALL SUPERNATURAL creatures who died.. then where is Aunt Jenna? Surely she’d be keeping watch over Elena, right? And/Or would be hanging with Alaric? But she’s not.

    I call shenanigans.

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