Well, I’ll be damned. He does know the meaning of the word!

Other than wanting to kick Morgan and Kiki in the head, I’ve found it hard to focus on General Hospital this past week. But before tomorrow’s big, soul destroying reveal of Roger Howarth’s mystery identity (just so you know, I’m already preemptively primal screaming about it right now) let’s take a moment to marvel at that rarest of animals: a Luke Spencer apology!

Admittedly, it started out kind of rocky:

Luke apologizes

LUKE: Tracy Angelica Quartermaine, you are the last person in the world I ever want to do wrong by. Don’t you get that by now?

Stupid Tracy! After years of being robbed, belittled, manipulated, cheated on, abandoned and then summarily divorced, how could you not understand by now that not hurting you is Luke’s number one priority? 

But then it got a little better. And by “a little,” I mean I totally sniffled. (Don’t judge me!)

LUKE: After some thinking about this, I realized what that sounded like, probably that I didn’t appreciate you, and nothing could be farther from the truth. You are not some rest stop between my adventures. Tracy, you’re my best friend. You are my partner in crime, Bonnie to my Clyde, the two of us going out in a blaze of glory, holding off that ambush together. I know that the way I live doesn’t leave a lot of room for caring about people. It’s a very short list. But you’re on the top of it. I don’t want to lose you. Can you forgive me?

And then Tracy accepted the apology while still refusing to back down from her new found determination to find the love and respect and devotion she deserves in a romantic partner, and I pretty much died. (And then maybe so did Luke? Or something? Is it Tony Geary’s vacation time again already?)

Meanwhile, his daughter finally got her amnesiac ass into therapy, just as my patience was really about to run out with all that Milo nonsense. And as luck would have it, the town actually has a competent, non-homicidal shrink in residence for the first time since… well, since the last time Kevin Collins was in town!

Kevin and Lulu

(Seriously, if there ever comes a time when the sight of Kevin on screen doesn’t make me squeal, you’ll know I’ve gone all cold and dead inside.)

It is a little strange to me that it took so long for someone in Lulu’s family to suggest that having been kidnapped, brainwashed, forced into a fake marriage, and frozen to death might have left some lasting mental trauma she might want to deal with. And even stranger still that no one seems to have questioned the fact that she did remember one crucial thing when she woke up — that Stavros was her husband — so hey, maybe have a professional look into that?

But whatever. At least we’re finally seeing some progress? Also: IT’S 2013 AND KEVIN COLLINS IS ON OUR TV SCREENS, Y’ALL! (Nope, still not over it.)


3 thoughts on “Well, I’ll be damned. He does know the meaning of the word!

    • Yeah, Joe Scully may have been all about her, but I’d rather see her alone than with an unrepentant rapist. Plus, he was kind of gross without his shirt on.

      I’m rooting for a hot younger man for her, personally!

  1. Other than Laura the only other person that I like with Luke is Tracy however Tracy needs to give him a swift kick in the rear. Luke needs to clean up his act as far as LULU she is getting on my nerves I am not impressed with GH right now

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