Quartermaine powers activate!

If it’s possible for anything good to come out of this whole Franco debacle, seeing the remaining Q’s band together against a mutual enemy in their midst might just fit the bill.

Not that we’ve exactly gotten to that point yet — but hopefully this lovely pair of moments between Tracy, Monica, and AJ will help pave the way?

Tracy and Monica comfort

Quartermaines stick together

TRACY: I just want to say I’m sorry. I have two sons of my own, and although I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through, if anybody hurt Ned or Dillon like that… it’s unimaginable. I’m sorry for Michael and I’m really sorry for you. And despite everything, we are family, and if there’s anything I can do, just ask.
AJ: [visibly touched] Thank you. Thank you for what you said about Michael. I really appreciate that.
TRACY: Bottom line, AJ, is we are both parents.
AJ: You’re right, we are. And we’re family.

Okay, if that didn’t move you even a little bit? Your heart might be a little dead inside. JUST SAYING.

Of course, all that new-found family solidarity kind of flew out the window in the face of Kiki’s sudden appearance. But with Franco’s* shares redistributing the balance of power and possibly rendering Kiki’s immaterial, a Tracy/AJ team up to keep him from taking control has to be coming, right? RIGHT?

(*There may come a time when I’m not struck by a flash of indignant disbelief every time I have to type that name in the present tense, but today is not that day.)

Meanwhile, Danny may or may not have Leukemia or some other disease that no doubt only good old Uncle Franco will be able to cure. But hey, it turns out there’s a tiny bright side to that too:

SIZZLE and Danny

ELIZABETH: And when it gets too tough, you can always lean on me.

Oh, my sweet, sweet SIZZLE. Please feel free to lean all over each other any time you like.


17 thoughts on “Quartermaine powers activate!

  1. I love the scene between Tracy and AJ. I love them both even if I’m on Team AJ. Must be a sign of good writing and good acting when you like two enemies. I hope they team up against Franco.
    Didn’t like the Sam Liz scenes. The fact that Sam never apologized to Liz for showing up drunk at her house, watching Jake get kidnapped, paying thugs to scare Cam & Liz in the park. I’m not asking for some dramatic scene, a simple “I’m sorry” will do. Until then, I will never like any of their scenes.

    • I think it’s easy to sympathize with both Tracy and AJ when you realize that both of them are basically struggling with the same urge to finally win Edward’s approval and prove themselves worthy of his love. Which is just really sad, when you think about it.

      Re: Sam and Liz, I’m pretty sure Sam has apologized? She’s definitely admitted she was wrong and expressed regret. Both years ago and as recently as when Liz was apologizing for switching Danny’s test results a few months ago.

  2. Ok so the Michael & Kiki bath towel scene was odd if they are really cousins. Really want it to mean that this is just a scam for Q money.

    • Yeah, I mean obviously they’re going to put Michael and Kiki together. So I really have no idea where this is going with the whole Franco thing.

  3. I guess Iam hoping that Franco is really dead and that he never had a child. I mean he was sick so can you trust his version of reality? Im wondering if this could be a scam between kiki’s parents without her knowing. Sort of a twist on oltl David Vickers as Lord heir

  4. Sam has apologized . She and Liz forgave each other for all the stupid they each have done. And they have both saved each other’s lives. They moved on years ago.

    • I don’t think so. Liz confronted Sam three years ago at Kelly’s on how Jason was able to forgive the crap that she did to Jake and take her back. Sam rattled off some nonsense about gaining self respect, of course she did not bother to tell Liz the old “self respect” routine required dropping from the sky in her undies just as Jason walked into view or showing up at the PH in her peepshow outfit. Last year while at Jake’s, Liz brought up Sam’s dirty deeds to Jason, and then again when she admitted 24 hours later why she messed with Sam’s maternity test. Liz may have forgiven Sam, but let’s be real, no mother would ever forget someone wanting to hurt your child and Liz obviously has NOT forgotten about Sam’s crimes.

      • There are so many strange, appalling, interesting and fun things to talk about regarding this show, that I am puzzled as to why people cannot just put the whole Sam vs. Liz thing to rest. Both were written in a misogynistic manner by previous regime. I am not a huge fan of Sam as a character (I find her a bit boring), however: Many, many people on this show have committed some very bad deeds; Alexis, just to name one, ran over Kristina’s boyfriend and committed a few other murders that I recall. I don’t see her or anyone else raked over the coals as much as Sam is. It seems to me that the show has made it quite clear that Liz and Sam’s past has been worked through and put to rest.

      • I mean, I think you’re all right? Neither Sam nor Liz has forgotten, obviously, but I think they’ve definitely both moved past it for the most part at this point. And although I agree that in real life, there’s no way in hell harm to someone’s child gets forgiven, as commenter Liz mentions: terrible, unforgivable things get forgiven all the time on soaps, often with even less of a redemption arc than they gave Sam.

        (Although I have noticed that fandom as a whole — and not just soap fandom — is waaaaaay more eager to make excuses for character transgressions when the person in question is a hot dude they would like themselves or another character to bone. CURIOUS, DON’T YOU THINK.) (In case it’s not obvious, I would like Sam and Liz to bone. Ipso facto, I’m over it. I’m not arguing everyone else should be where I’m at. But, you know… that is where I’m at.)

    • Yes I remember the ‘please forgive me cuz I want to continue sleeping with Lucky and your kids are a part of his life’. The funniest part is ‘Lucky is a dedicated father’… She did something similar while Liz was in the hospital. ‘I screwed up badly and I’m gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life but Lucky and I are together now and you’re just gonna have to accept that I’ll spend time with your kids’… So lame. Sorry but I just can’t appreciate those two in scenes together.

  5. The AJ/Tracy scenes always drip with Quartermaine goodness. No family fights more fiercely, and often hysterically, than the Qs but they never forget that they are family. Sean Kanan has been killing his scenes in the aftermath of Michael’s rape reveal. Poor AJ is ripped apart, I think he needs some TLC from Nurse Webber, stat.

  6. also.. they don’t need Uncle Franco… just change Aiden back to a Cassadine… put some new angst between Liz/Nik… AJ will have to deal with a new connection between the two…

    and then both Carly and Sam will owe Liz BIG TIME

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