You had me at Mad Scientist.

Hey, remember when Britt was The Worst in a way that wasn’t awesome? Seems like so long ago now that I kind of love her and her fabulous, sneering evil face to death. It doesn’t hurt that the SOAPS! back story they’ve given her allows her to now make completely accurate speeches like this:

Britt tells all

BRITT: Oh, I have a mother. The mother of all mothers.
FELIX: What’s so bad about her?
BRITT: Well, for starters, she’s kind of a mad scientist. She holds people against their will and performs experimental procedures on them.
FELIX: You serious?
BRITT: I am! And I haven’t even begun to talk about my father.
FELIX: Let me guess: he’s an ax-murderer.
BRITT: He has people for that.

It’s not just that she told the complete truth and it was all soapily bonkers and wonderful. It’s the pure, scenery-chewing delight Kelly Thiebaud threw into her performance in those scenes. All right, Dr. Westbourne. You can stay.

(And is it too much to hope that when all is said and done, she and Felix can become besties for real? Because two of them join forces to snark the hell out of the general population would be a lot more fun for me than watching him manage Sabrina’s social calendar.)

Meanwhile, across town, this happened:

SONNY: Michael wouldn’t have been anywhere near Carter if it wasn’t for the cover up. I conspired with Carly to take the blame off Michael. We let our emotions get in the way, we took the legal system into our hands, and we lived to regret it.

I know — I know  — that this was mainly just meant to be some heavy-handed foreshadowing of Carly again taking the law into her own hands and making a mess of everything by the end of the episode, but still. It felt really satisfying to hear him say it.

(Please insert your own rant about the utter stupidity of Carly’s plaaaaaaaan to have Franco shot two feet away from her in her hotel, at a dinner which she invited him to, and about Shawn’s raging incompetence as a hitman. Because I’m honestly too facepalmingly flabbergasted by his insistence on taking him out in public instead of, you know, when Franco’s alone at wherever it is he’s staying or driving away from the Quartermaine estate or basically ANYWHERE that’s not the middle of a crowded restaurant that’s owned by the person who’s sure to be the main suspect in any ensuing murder investigation, and I can’t be bothered to treat any of this seriously.)

(But SERIOUSLY, whatever happened to killing someone real quiet like and just dumping the body in the Pine Barrens with no one the wiser, huh? I mean, I never thought I’d miss Jason Morgan’s delicate murder touch, but damn. Then again, Jason did shoot Franco multiple times AND set his body on fire and still somehow managed to not take an actual pulse or give him a final head shot, just to be sure. So… nevermind.)


10 thoughts on “You had me at Mad Scientist.

  1. still don’t care…you’d think that with certifiable parents like she has…she’d have a better demeaner…

    she’s exactly like them…I don’t buy her sob story, and I never will.

    her grandmother was a good person..(Faison’s)……so……she doesn’t have all bad genes…..

    nope, want me to feel sorry for her, then start acting like a real person….and not some s…t….


    • As I recall, Faison’s mother helped him kidnap Robin, so that he and Anna and Robin could be a family. Faison later killed her because Robert found them. Not good genes anywhere. But Britt and Felix were really fun to watch yesterday.

    • I don’t think she’s a good person; I just find her malevolence fun and entertaining. She’s the daughter of a supervillain and a mad scientist! Of course she’s a terrible person!

      • I find her an absolute delight, and a breath of fresh, soapy air. And I never thought of that, tenillypo, but a Britt/Felix friendship must happen now. That would be so, so much fun.

  2. So, this beautiful, glorious moment of Sonny acknowledging his responsibility in Michael being imprisoned is being RUINED by the suspicion that it’s supposed to relieve some of the Franco responsibility for having him raped. Because of course if Sonny & Co hadn’t initiated the cover-up Michael wouldn’t have been in prison and Carter wouldn’t have been able to get to him and blah blah Francoredemptioncakes

    However, quite a bit of that nonsense is offset by the delightful Dr. Westbourne who has totally won me over with her fantastical genetic brand of crazy. I now want her to be chem-tested with Nik and for them to have the world’s most gorgeous, diabolical baby so that I can watch when they decide to tell him ALLL about his grandparents

    • YES YES YES YES YES! I want her chem-tested with Nik so badly. Enough with the princess good girl romances for him, already! Bring on a bad girl with her own megalomanically evil family baggage!

  3. I never would of thought of them together but Nik and Britt so perfect. Especially if her baby is lulu and Dante’s baby. And I would want to see Laura’s reaction to her.

  4. i’m convinced the overuse of the MetroCourt is due to lack of a scenery budget… i mean the sheer stupidity of AJ setting up another date with Elizabeth AT the MC after the first messup and knowing that his ex-Carly owns the place and all that fun stuff… i mean… sure someone was ALMOST killed there… so why not try to bring on the romance in a place that should really be investigated for some bad Juju/Karma is just NOT a sound decision…

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