Oh, Duke Lavery. How are you so dreamy?

Is it the cheerful good humor with which you submit to playing dress up? The way your rouged cheeks crinkle when you pose for pictures? The seriousness of your tango even when dancing with a four year old?

Duke in drag

Duke and Emma tango

DUKE: You know, she’s just like Robin when she was little. She’s so bright, she’s so open, and she’s so smart.
ANNA: Yeah, I think that a lot. There’s always a little bit of Robin’s soul alive, with Emma.

Maybe it’s just the way you always know exactly the right thing to say. (Yeah, that’s probably it.)

It’s a good thing Duke’s so awesome, too. Because otherwise I might be forced to write something more extensive here about the activities of Emma’s daddy while all this was going down. And really, I think my gag reflex already got enough of a work out watching those scenes the first time through.

(I don’t know that words can adequately express the level of my squirming discomfort while watching a nearly forty year old man feel compelled to ask his blushing girlfriend if this was her first time? Just picture me curled into a fetal ball on the couch, hand over my eyes, whispering “no, no, no, no,” and you’ll get the gist.)


And I do realize this is a popular pairing in some corners, so to each their own and all. But, seriously. The Disney princess fairytale tweeness of it all has just gotten to be waaaaaaay too much for me. So much so that I couldn’t actually even enjoy the hotness of two people as attractive as Jason Thompson and Teresa Castillo getting it on. Which is sad. May the maturing of Sabrina Santiago continue now post haste!


In other news: Nikolas showed up at the hospital to lend some family support (yay!) to Alexis and Sam. He also modeled his new haircut (also yay!) and an outfit that I can only charitably guess is the result of him having seen commercials for Star Trek and wrongly assumed he was watching advertisements for a cutting edge new fashion trend:

Nik's new look

Nik's Star Trek uniform


He also revealed his new plan to basically use the recording of AJ’s Carly confession to blackmail him into being a good boyfriend to Elizabeth. Which… okay? I suppose that’s noble and all?

But considering AJ was at the hospital to begin with because he was bringing Liz food and coffee for an impromptu (and adorable!) work break, I think he’s got the good boyfriend angle pretty much covered all on his own at the moment:

AJ and Elizabeth


Also no, I am not oblivious to the irony of a man who knocked up a married woman while his own wife was dealing with the trauma of having been raped by his doppelganger — or a man who had a protracted affair with his brother’s ex-wife/current fiancé — passing self-righteous judgement on anyone else’s fidelity issues. Especially when the person in question wasn’t even really cheating, per se.

(Insert obligatory Ross Geller memorial “They were on a break!” here.)


10 thoughts on “Oh, Duke Lavery. How are you so dreamy?

  1. Note to self, when I am back from the West Coast and trying to catch up, I will be sure to FF Patrick and Sabrina’s scenes. I just can’t take what you are describing. But I do look foward to Duke, AJ and Nik’s sweater! Heh.

  2. Weren’t those scenes with Duke and Emma just the best?! I could not keep the smile off my face.

    You know, a lot of people seem to hate Sabrina on her own merits. I don’t. I just think Patrick is completely the wrong choice for her in terms of pairing. She’s probably meant to be, I don’t know, 23 or so, but she comes across as even younger than that much of the time. The bottom line is that it doesn’t feel like she and Patrick are in the same place in life. At all.

    • Wait, I just realized she said she’s 27 in That Scene. I must have been suffering too hard from secondhand embarrassment to pick up on it the first time.

      … Yeeaaah, she does not come across as 27. She feels like a quite young character, early 20’s and a bit young for her age, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but she needs to be given storylines and relationships which fit that.

      • I assume those scenes were meant to rather pointedly address all the criticism that Sabrina acts like a 13 year old virgin. And although they made me wince, if it signals a change in direction from now on, I’ll accept it. I mean, at least they’ve noticed and acknowledged the point?

  3. Among the many things I just DO. NOT. GET. about Sabrina – IMDB shows me that the actress is gorgeous. So how the hell do the GH monkeys get her to look so…disturbing? What crack are they smoking? Because all I get from her on the show is squinty, frosted eyeshadow eyes that make her look so absurd. The Britch is so much prettier in all her evil, twisted parentage glory. Why do the GH makeup people hate Theresa Castillo? Because they know the Sabrina the Disney Sparkly Princess character is as stupid as we do? Is that it? Do they make Britt look prettier because they are secretly as in love with her mother Dr. O as I am?

  4. Sabrina is 27! The writers want us to believe that this character

    – That freaked out by seeing Patrick shirtless.

    – Cried when she saw him having sex with Britt

    – Said things like “I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you”

    Is an almost 30 year old woman? That’s even more implausible than Ice Lulu!

    I think the writers saw the complaints about Sabrina being too young for Patrick and took it literally.

    I hate that Patrick is being dumbed down for this. He’s cardboard cutout Prince made to fill Sabrina’s fairytale romance. Robin, Lisa and even Leyla, were all women who gave as good as they got. They weren’t afraid to call Pat’s bullshit out. If Sabrina ever met the real Patrick she’d run off like this:


    27 year old woman, right there.

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