This just in: Morgan may be PC’s dumbest human.

I realize there’s been some pretty stiff competition in that category this week. I mean, he didn’t fall for the world’s most transparent lie and then shoot the wrong person in the chest, a la Shawn “Why is my boss standing in front of the target if he ordered this hit? Oh well, better shoot anyway” Butler.

But in the space of one episode, Morgan took part in the following conversations:

Morgan is stupid

KIKI: Guess what? Last night, I met my super rich relatives. They’re fighting each other for control of the family company, and my shares could be the deciding vote!
MICHEAL: Guess what? The cousin I just found out about showed up on the Quartermaine doorstep last night. Which is lucky, because her shares could by the deciding vote for control of the family company.
MORGAN: I in no way see a connection between these two events.

And then Alice came bring him to the Qs and he not only went with her without once bothering to even ask for the name of this mysterious rich and powerful family in his hometown, but also somehow didn’t even notice where they were going until he was literally inside the mansion.

I mean, REALLY? I would ask how anyone could possibly be that unaware and self-absorbed, but, well… you know. Look at his parents:

SONNY: You have gone too far, and I’ve had it. Now, you are the mother of my children. So is Olivia. It’s very simple. If she dies, you die!

Yup. That’s daddy threatening to have mommy killed! Because if there’s one thing Sonny absolutely cannot understand or forgive, it’s an innocent person accidentally getting hurt as the result of an impulsive decision made in anger. (Y’all, how did the skies not open and rain lightning on him during that speech? HOW?)

Of course, if he ends up using Shawn for the hit, it’s not like Carly has much to worry about. So there’s that.


And now, your One Life to Live moment of zen:

Todd saves Blair1

Todd saves Blair2

Todd saves Blair3

Todd saves Blair4

Oh, Todd. Oh, Blair. OH MY HEART.


16 thoughts on “This just in: Morgan may be PC’s dumbest human.

  1. they are really making morgan stupid, aren’t they….oh and Michael…like the two of them, gee couldn’t put two and two together…


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Todd and Blair screencaps. They are bliss!

    And agree with every word of your post!

  3. I really liked the actor who played Morgan as a 10-12 year old, can’t remember his name. He and Molly were buddies and he was about as smart as she was. I can see his personality changing a bit as a teenager, but this total dumbing down with the new actor makes absolutely no sense to me. Plus, I’m almost sure he’d met Alice before. Just ridiculous.

  4. hey i said that yesterday…lol


    he should have met alice before….I know…

    and you’re right liz..he did have some smarts…now that he’s matured….that shouldn’t go all out the window…

    which is why I think that they have morgan for, window dressing, and nothing but…..

  5. Dumb? Or too self centered to see anything outside of his immediate (super immediate) gratification? Because there’s some genetics that may be involved in the latter. Just a thought.

  6. I need some more Todd and Tea on OLTL….
    I hope the new writers actually write dani in some scenes with her mother. The writing on oltl has been a bit weak.

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