Well, I for one, feel much better now.

Good news, everyone! Turns out Shawn and Carly are totes innocent after all! (You know… if by ‘innocent’ you mean ‘still colluded to murder a man and only didn’t hit the wrong person or get caught by dint of their and the PCPD’s collective massive incompetence.’)

Anyway, that’s certainly a relief. And now the hunt can be on for the real monster whose only crime is being marginally less of a bad murder planner/shot than the two of them. I can’t wait! It sounds so enthralling!

Carly and Shawn

Okay, so fine. The only good thing about this news is that it moves us away from the portion of the story where Sonny repeatedly threatens to kill a woman he once married four times, and pushes us toward the part of the story where he will no doubt soon be threatening to kill another woman instead.

(Because no one recklessly endangers the people Sonny loves except Sonny, damn it!)

But wait, there’s also some actual good news. Fantastic news, even. Earth-shattering news! News that totally made my day:

Lucy takes Deception

LUCY: Doc and I are here in Port Charles to stay.

Right? Aren’t our lives just a little better now for having had that confirmed? Everybody do the dance of joy! (And if I might be dancing giddily over certain other recent events right now, well, it’s all good.)

Of course, Lucy being Lucy, she’s already got a purpose and a plan — and a semi-reluctant partner in the form of Laura — to take back Deception. Which honestly works for me on so many levels: keeping Scotty and Lucy in each other’s orbits, giving Lucy a straight woman to play off of (much like Felicia has often done for her in the past), and giving Laura something to do that doesn’t involve being the object of a pissing contest between Luke and Scotty.

Also, it gives Genie Francis a reason to make faces like this:

Laura's WTF face

For the record? This is also what my face
looked liked during Carly and Shawn’s
“we’re super innocent now!” conversation.

Meanwhile, Laura’s first born inadvertently spilled the beans about AJ and Carly’s night of shame, which means Elizabeth’s fabulous bitchface and Eyebrows of Doom got to come out and give her boyfriend a good spanking. I’d like to say he took it like a man, except, well…

Liz and AJ fight

AJ: I can’t believe that Nikolas played that for you.
ELIZABETH: It isn’t Nikolas’ fault that you had hate sex with Carly and then lied about it!
AJ: It’s his fault that you know about it!

Oh, AJ, honey… no. Don’t you know you should always lead with a good grovel? And with the WE WERE ON A BREAK explanation! Good Lord. It’s like you’ve never had a single functional adult relationship that you didn’t spectacularly eff up– oh, wait.

So, yeah. Boyfriend did not exactly cover himself with glory. But things also didn’t end on a totally terrible note, and I’m not out of hope just yet. It’s a relief to have this secret finally out of the way, for better or for worse. But mostly I loved how Elizabeth and Carly’s fragile, post-Jake truce has changed the dynamic of their relationship. A few years ago? That fight would have been totally vicious. But now it was more hurt disappointment than anything on Liz’s end, with Carly not even lashing back at all when called out. And she gave some good advice! Wonders never cease!

(Could have lived without the slut shaming, though, Liz. You, of all people, ought to know better.)


14 thoughts on “Well, I for one, feel much better now.

  1. So, you don’t like the Shawn/Carly/Franco storyline? lmao. This may be the most ridiculous plot twist since the whole Lucy was insane for the entire time she was on Port Charles thing a few months back.

    As for AJ and Liz, I have to side with AJ (and Ross–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEn9YvJ3Gfg). They were on a break. :)

    • Agreed. ;) and they ripped off that story line all the way down to phone call lol. They were ALL on a break…Ross n Rachel n Liz n AJ. Now that I know how entertaining NON mobcentric storylines are, *I* may end up on a friendship break w GH if they veer back into mobtastic ick.

      So is where we’re going is that Maxie’s baby is Maxie’s and Brit’s baby is Dante and LuLu’s? Then LuLu gets her baby (eventually) Maxie gets her baby (eventually) and Brit ends up w no baby and no friends and is so alone and hated that Patrick ends up feeling sorry for her and we get to hear more about her crazy parents until WE all feel sorry for her and they can write out Sabrina who is hated by everyone but me?

      • i love Sabrina….and I don’t wish for britch to stay…sorry, I dont’ buy it, the I had hateful parents….she’s just as hateful as they are, she made her choice…so to go crying, no one loves me, sorry, don’t buy it for a minute…..

        if you’re parents are mean, you have to choose, to be just like them, or the opposite…she chose to be just like them…and I will never, but never feel sorry for her.


      • I’ve been saying that Britt’s baby is Dante and Lulu’s from the day she showed up the Nurses’ Ball with that big pregnancy belly (that baby must have been in a tube or something because damn was she showing all of a sudden when she hadn’t been a week prior).

    • The Shawn/Carly/Franco storyline is pretty much a perfect storm of everything I’d hoped to never see on this show again. Fortunately there’s starting to be other things to enjoy.

  2. Good lord it was good to see Lucy actually bringing in a surprising new storyline that I wasn’t expecting and am also EXCITED to see play out. Because I love the woman but she did bring us Rafe.

    Anyway, Deception revival sounds amazing! As long as there isn’t a battle for The Face of Deception between Molly and Taylor. Can Maxie work there? Please? I mean what the hey is going on with Crimson these days? We had a total of 5 minutes where Connie wanted to start it up again and hired/fired Maxie before Connie was throw into this boring mob mess. And seriously, Maxie needs something to do because I want to see her a lot more.

    AJ was all kinds of idiot when he was caught, I have to say I was really disappointed. I love the guy, idiot and all, but I expected a better explanation/apology for this mess. I’m perfectly fine with him screwing up all the time, I just want to see why he does it and how crappy he feels after and how much he likes Elizabeth. Oh well, I’m still totally rooting for them! I need AJ to invite Elizabeth and the boys to spend time at the lake for July 4th, totes adorable!

  3. Wasn’t a fan of the “slut” namecalling either, but then, I also wasn’t a fan of them blaming Liz for them having sex. How does Liz being pissed off at AJ make it her fault his penis accidently slipped into Carlys vagina? Does this mean that any time they have a fight he has free rein to go screw someone else? UGH..I hated that whole conversation with the three of them.

    • Well, I don’t think he’s justified having sex with another woman every time they fight, but to be fair, this wasn’t just a regular fight. They basically broke up. And while I think Liz was plenty justified to be pissed at him at the time, I agree with Carly that she also overreacted just a little bit, which escalated what should have just been a disagreement into a full blown break up.

  4. Sure, slut shaming is uncool, but if it brought us Carly’s fabulous reactions, which made my day? I’ll give this one a pass.

  5. I’m really irritated that Quiz has only had ONE freaking date in three months! What the heck? RC is horrible at writing the small scenes like AJ romancing Liz. Yes, AJ brought Liz dinner and a drink one day in the ER, but he left without a kiss or a hug.

  6. What I get a kick out of is, If carley and Shawn are not at fault who is? certainly not Sonny he never does his dirty work. Unless you count shooting carley in the head while she was delivering Morgan, maybe that’s why he is such a stupid little shit,the bullet is still there.or the bullet in the traitors chest ya know his son???I wouldn’t have done it if I knew he was my son? just an undercover cop??? This is so stupid and it gets worse Shawn the inept likes to kill, its his calling? .Lucy and Laura working together. OK at first it was deception, now its a gym. Why so RC can watch the guys all shirtless??GMAB.If it means more Lucy and Laura with Scott as their lawyer great. Maybe it can be in the Q building so they can interact.

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