Somebody call the WHAAAAAMBULANCE…

… because I’m about to break Morgan’s other arm.

I’m sorry, you guys. I really don’t mean to keep harping on this. But Morgan? IS SUCH A TURD. I mean, jeez, when even Carly seems to recognize her child is a massive ass, you know it’s got to be pretty bad:

Morgan and Carly

CARLY: Are you really making judgments about how and when your brother chose to tell you or anyone that he was raped?
MORGAN: Mom, he told my girlfriend before he told me– [Ed. note: whaaa whaaa whaaaaaa]
CARLY: Because maybe he thought you were too young to handle it. And not that he asked me but I might agree with the way that you’re reacting. This is you brother, Morgan! Michael had to deal with a horrible violation. If you can’t summon up any compassion, maybe you can find some respect with how he dealt with it and he moved on with his life.
MORGAN: Look, I get it. Okay? I do. Yes, what happened to Michael, it was terrible. But him and Kiki? Before he knew they were cousins? I think he liked her. And maybe he was using that as a way for them to get closer.

Way to keep things in perspective, kid.

(Also, his conviction that Michael told Kiki in an attempt to hit that is deeply hilarious. Morgan, honey? There’s a reason “hey baby, lemme buy you a drink and tell you a story about prison rape” isn’t a pick up line you hear very often in bars.)

I want to be clear that I think the actor is fine. It’s just the writing for this kid has been 100% unsympathetic since the moment he was SORASed, and I dearly need them to give me a reason — any reason! — why I shouldn’t be rooting for his violent death. I know they can do it! Because I am actually enjoying Taylor, even though she’s basically the girl version of Morgan:

Taylor and Felix

Let’s see — ungrateful snot of an entitled younger sibling who’s smugging it up all over the place while exhibiting zero concern for the ways she’s making her brother’s life a living hell? Check. And given it’s been heavily implied Taylor is currently blackmailing Felix with the threat of outing him to their parents, the fact that she’s still more likeable than Morgan is really saying something.

But Taylor’s at least shown some ability to think of about someone other than herself while bonding with Britt, and her recognition of Felix’s gesture in wanting to defend her honor with TJ was a good start to showing a softer side. If we can just get some back story that gives her a bit more depth, I’ll be ready to hop on board the Brenda Barrett Rebellious Teenage Bad Girls With Hearts of Gold train straight to redemption lane.

Fortunately, we know rehabilitation in these cases is definitely possible. Remember those years that Lulu was the snottiest little snot to ever snot? And look how that turned out:

Tracy and Lulu

LULU: I do not say this enough, but you raised me when my own mother couldn’t. You’re just as much of a parent to me as she was.
TRACY: You are the daughter I always wanted, and I am so happy that you’re having a daughter of your own.

Oh, don’t mind me. I just have something in my eye. LIKE A THOUSAND TEARS.


8 thoughts on “Somebody call the WHAAAAAMBULANCE…

  1. I love it SO MUCH whenever Tracy becomes human and sweet. And I love it because it’s rare. Tracy is as tough as nails and I like her that way. But I love that she’s a die-hard romantic and that the few people she lets into her heart, she fights for and just fully loves them.

    So yay. And I like NuLulu so much.

    • I’m liking her a lot, too. It’s always tough with recasts, but she’s settling in nicely. The Lulu+Tracy relationship is one of the only good things Guza did. Glad to see it getting recognized still.

  2. Shall I call whine-one-one? Yeah, Morgan, you were twelve before being sorased, that is a bit young to learn something like
    Lulu and Tracy are my favourite mother/daughter combination.OK, stepmother/stepdaughter, whatever. I love how they’ve grown from the stepmonster and nuisance/bratty teen to the bond they have now, and to hear Lulu tell Tracy she is her mom as much as Laura is always music to my ears. Tracy DID raise Lulu, and stuck with her even when Lulu was a royal brat (and though I’m a Lulu fan I can admit that she’s had times where she was awful, and Tracy was always willing to dole out tough love when Lulu needed it.

    • There were truly several years where I flat out hated Lulu. My affection for her now is proof that soap brats can be rehabilitated.

      • I hear you on Lulu! She can be either wonderful or horrible, she was a brat when she first came in, and after the abortion when she went on and on and ON, and when she was with Johnny and when Luke went AWOL after hitting Jake and she was all Needy McNeedersons. Good thing the horrid factor seems to be at a minimal since the new writers. Then again, Guza tested my love for all of my favs!

  3. ITA. Morgan needs a good smack up side his ignorant head. They are making me hate this character. If that’s the plan…hey! It’s working!!

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