I guess this is why fast forward buttons were invented.

I just powered my way through three episodes in which: 1) Shawn had an epiphany that the mob is actually his life’s passion (because “protecting people” is really the motto of organized crime), 2) Sonny spoke at length and without irony about Milo’s valuable contributions as a bodyguard, and 3) Carly apologized profusely for making him threaten to murder her.

I’m not gonna lie. It was a little rough going there for a while.

BUT NO MATTER. I’m still smiling! Because just look at what we also got:

AJ and Liz make up kiss

Liz and AJ 4th of July

Y’all, I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing Elizabeth happy and smiling. Or of that soft, adoring expression AJ gets when she tells him she believes in him. I WILL SAIL THIS SHIP UNTIL I DIE.

Oh, and Nik got a hair cut and a meet cute with Britt, and I am A-OKAY with both of those things. So sure, I may now know way more about Morgan’s sex life than I ever wanted to, and Olivia may be about to take a ride on the Sonny express (sorry, I know… it’s the grossest), and Franco may still exist. But life is still pretty good.

Happy (belated) 4th, everyone! I hope you spent it making out hotly with someone you love. Or, you know… setting baby dolls on fire. Whatever floats your boat.


19 thoughts on “I guess this is why fast forward buttons were invented.

    • I don’t think the writers turned on them at all. I think they instead gave them an obstacle and let them overcome said obstacle. No more secrets. Both are being a lot more accepting and they’re having fun.And Liz is loving the man he is with her kids. Liz is more honest with AJ than she has been for a long time. I think the writers made people see them as a viable couple. I’m riding the train-sailing the ship-flying the plane until Lucky (played by JJ) comes back. So, you know…forever!!

  1. I love love love quiz…Fridays show was so well written for these two..great adult conversation with lots of flirtatious looks from both and then end with her kissing him and their smiles and them smuggling…sigh and swoon….hope gh realizes the gold mine they have with these two..best pairing in forever

  2. I haven’t seen Liz smile this much in a long long time, and AJ just lights up around her. The past few days have been great. I’m happy the Quiz train is back on track…for now. This is a soap after all. I will never accept Niz because of what that relationship did to the Liz character. It practically destroyed her. I don’t want to see my girl go through that again.

  3. Makes me wish I were in a place with cable but I’ll try to watch it when I’m home. I want her and her kids happy it makes me smile really big. She makes all her pairings look good, well nothing can help Lucky. Becky is an excellent actress.

  4. I really enjoyed Britt burning the doll!
    Nice to see Felicia and Mac too.
    AJ & Liz were super cute.
    Spencer said uncle AJ!!! I wonder if we’ll get a scene with Spencer and his real uncle, Sonny…

  5. I am team AJ/LIZ. They both need someone, and they compliment each other. Liz has the small children who AJ was never given before. He never got to show Michael he did love him and tried to be his father. Aiden was so cute and AJ was great with him. . I don’t want to see Liz go back to her kids uncle .The last time they did that, they made her character an idiot. I enjoyed this, didn’t even squirm at Nic and Britt,they each deserved someone. I am sure when he finds out who her parents are he can relate.
    The grilled doll, I did not find funny only because they had a small child in the scene, and what child wants their baby cooked??? not funny unless they had had Emma leave the scene.Small kids love their dolls,and that was gross.

    • I was of two minds about the doll grilling. The whole scene was hysterical and well written, lots of great lines. And yet Emma’s mother was (supposedly) killed in a fire/explosion. Uncomfortable for any kid, but particularly so for this kid. I can’t quite figure out what the writers meant to say or how we were supposed to take it.

      • I guess I’m just monster, because I thought the doll grilling was hysterical, full stop. (I mean, yes, with a real child I might find it more disturbing, but whatever. It was an accident and I sincerely doubt Emma understands that her mother was killed in a fire or what that means.)

        I don’t think the writers meant anything by it other than yet another example of Britt messing up with Emma, causing her to feel even more like and outcast and leading her straight into Nik’s understanding arms. (I HOPE!)

  6. I forgot, Shawn is now Jason. I remember when carley told little Michael Jason was like a soldier, fireman , policeman protecting his family. They of course wouldn’t need protection if they were in a different bidness ! .I gaged then, just as I did when Shawn said the same thing.TJ now needs a bodyguard. What kind of idiot trys to spread this. Sonny is only protecting his family.He loves them, watch out for bombs and bullets when Sonny loves you! Plus the new one I like to kill. Jason had brain damage ,Whats Shawns excuse??? GMAB.

  7. I sort of doubt Shawn will be around very long.

    Quiz and Aiden were so cute!

    Finally! I hope Nik moves on with Britta (and I like Britta!) so that he will finally stop trying to run Liz’s life!

    Order up! Broiled flaming doll with a missing left leg!

    • I assume Shawn is just going to become Jason 2.0 from now on. Because they obviously couldn’t let Sonny do his own dirty work. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY TALK.

      (I’m really hoping breaking him and Alexis up is a good sign for Sam’s father to show up and give her a new romance, though.)

      • The last time Sonny did his own dirty work was in ’95. Then St. Jasus was born. He’s been an idiot ever since. Silly me! I was hoping Sonny would regain his intelligence after Jason died.

  8. I adore AJ and Liz. It’s very believable that a teenage rape victim would have a mess of an adult romantic life for a while. But she’s dealt w that by way of her thing w Nic (she mentioned her history w sex at that time) and it’s time to let her be happy and healthy and she looks good w AJ AND I love the middle finger that sends Jason’s way. I don’t mind that Franco’s alive bc at least w former-Todd maybe they can do something w him and be done w his sweeps week crazy story lines past. I like that actor so I’ll suspend disbelief soap style. I actually take offense on behalf of combat vets that Shawn is being written as a born hitman /former soldier. Most vets don’t join the mob upon separation from the military. I just think its disrespectful to portray their only vet as someone more like Timothy McVey than the thousands who have come home and quietly done their best to be normal again.

  9. as soon as i saw the meet cute between Britt & Nik I was like I can get on board with this ship. Truth be told I prefer Britt over Sabrina any day but whatever. Im still completely on board the AJ & Liz ship. Love, love love them.

    I have nothing to say about Sonny & his merry band of mobsters other than “Run Milo, Run!”

  10. You have no idea just how many times I rolled my eyes last week over all the crap with Shawn and Sonny. As for Morgan, I try not to pay attention when he’s on–unless Michael is there with him, hopefully yelling at him.

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