I feel so conflicted right now.

This show is giving me whiplash lately. The stuff that’s bad?  So, so very bad. Wretched. Awful. Nigh unwatchable. I mean, Monica letting Franco stay in the Quartermaine mansion out of “respect” for Alan? Every single second Sonny and Shawn are on screen together? Morgan? Just terrible.

But the stuff that’s good? The question of Sam’s dad finally about to be answered? Laura and Lucy in business together? Liz and AJ? Really quite entertaining. And then, of course, there was this:

Georgie returns

GEORGIE: Oh, Maxie I’m not telling you what to do. Only you can figure that out.
MAXIE: No! You’re so much better at figuring things out than I am!
GEORGIE: I’m sorry that I can’t be there to hold you when you do decide.
MAXIE: I miss you, Georgie.
GEORGIE: I know. I miss you too.
MAXIE: It’s not fair. Why can’t you be here? I need you.
GEORGIE: You have me, Maxie. I’m always with you — maybe not right next to you, but… I’m always in your heart.

In the show in my head, Frisco is still off secretly following leads that will prove Georgie’s death was faked. You know, for reasons. (Hell, maybe Jerry Jacks has her! That’s kind of his thing these days, anyway.)

But while we wait for that, I’ll take ghostly visitations with her sister and Lulu referencing those awful years when she was the worst with sincere regret. And then we all had a good sniffle and shook our fists at the terrible injustice and shortsightedness that led to Georgie’s utterly stupid death. And it was all quite satisfying.

On the less awesome side of the spectrum, Lulu was also a part of this conversation. And far be it for me to complain about Dante returning to one of his periodic cycles of actually having principles and caring that his father is a career criminal, but um…

LULU: She is also the mother of his child.
DANTE: Then stop lying for him! I’m sorry, I just… No, I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I don’t know how my father has this line up of women standing there, ready to defend him. Even at their own expense!

Really, Dante? It’s just completely incomprehensible to you that anyone hurt by Sonny might make excuses for him? REALLY? Not that I can fault him for his shoddy memory — it’s clearly genetic. Witness Olivia, literally standing in the same room where Sonny shot their son point blank in the chest, giving a speech about how anyone who hurts her child deserves death. And then…

grossness forever


I just… I can’t even, you guys. It’s not like I don’t understand blocking out as much of 2010 as possible. Believe me, I understand. But these are events these particular characters really ought to remember, you know?

(Hey, remember those few months when Sonny-related writing didn’t give me constance rage aneurysms? That was fun, huh? I guess we’re done with that now.)


Elsewhere this week: the heavens have shined upon us all, for lo, Michael Easton has finally CUT HIS DAMN HAIR ALREADY. I’d like to say I’m not so shallow that hating his stupid ponytail with every fiber of my being was keeping me from enjoying Silas. Thankfully, his personality has also been consistently terrible, so I haven’t had to tell that particular lie.

(But seriously, the hair was not helping.)

But with the haircut and his decision to relocate to Port Charles, the rehab has clearly begun. This, in turn, will make it much easier for him to continue to stalk and bully Sam over her son’s care, which is how you can tell a doctor is doing his job, I’m sure. (Side note: I’m so excited for GH to finally have two competent doctors, as literally everyone else on staff other than Silas and Patrick is apparently useless.)


To the writers’ credit, the last couple days have seen a great deal of softening to Silas’ previous sociopathy. He might even have had an empathetic feel or two in Sam’s direction as he learned about the death of Danny’s namesake and the way she spent most of last year believing her baby was dead.

Granted, that’s pretty much the bare minimum you’d expect from any human being with a shred of compassion. But hey, it’s a start! I’m sure we’ll soon be learning all about his tragic, manpain past with Ava, and that will somehow justify all his cruel and weirdly robotic behavior thus far. So whatever.

Silas sticking around also means he won’t be ripping Rafe away from Molly’s tender bosom, where he can continue to be the most preternaturally understanding and selfless teenage boy that never existed anywhere EVER.

Rafe and Molly


I want to give a crap about these two. I do! But it’s really hard when Rafe is less a real person than a walking, talking teen girl fantasy of the perfect boy who loves you unconditionally and only desires your happiness, even when you’re kind of being massively unfair to him by continually making out with him and using him as your sounding board for romantic troubles, though you both know he’s in love with you

Clearly, this is why angels shouldn’t have children. Even by adoption.


In happier news, have your One Life to Life moment of zen:

Todd and Blair angst



14 thoughts on “I feel so conflicted right now.

  1. Can we just bring Georgie back, please? PLEASE? I promise I won’t groan, they brought AJ back surely we can find a way to bring back Georgie. Dante, just get back to hating Sonny and STAY THAT WAY, oh and remember you also protected him.
    Any Sonny pairing is bad, except for 90s S/B but Sonny was also a good character. I don’t get it, what about Sonny is so irresistible?

  2. I think two grown women fighting over the town thug is crappy as can be. I still can’t get into Dante and Lulu right now.

  3. Random folks coming back from the dead. Sigh. Let’s just bring back Georgie, Alan, Emily and Jake and there would be no need for Franco “not Q” to be in Monica’s house! Here’s my theory. Helena nabbed a pregnant Emily and replaced her with a “doppelganger” who died during the B&W Ball; Jake’s death was faked a la Lucky’s death from 1999 because Liz took a paternity test that showed Aiden was really Lucky’s son and not Nik’s. So we have a son for a son. Alan was given a drug that made everyone think he “died” by Helena’s need for revenge on the Q family. Frisco and his WSB team saved Georgie’s life by the same substance that was used to save OLTL’s Victor Lord Jr. (when we all saw Victor bleed to DEATH) in 2011. See how easy it is to bring people back from the dead? It’s one of the staples on a soap opera and RC has done it several times when it fits his decision to rewrite a story that he wrote in the first place! OLTL’s Gigi “died” but no it was really Stacy with plastic surgery to look like Gigi!

    Sonny ruins everything. Olivia and Connie should have been gone a long time ago.

  4. In regards to Maxie and Georgie never thought about that Frisco finds out Georgie is not dead and Felicia and him reunite. Love it, love it. Georgie will return to help Maxie. I miss the real Jones Family including Tony. They could show Frisco talking to him like at his grave site or dreams. Maybe they could rebuild starting as friends.

  5. My new fantasy is that Georgie is being held captive with Robin for…reasons.

    Did you see the new ABC GH promo? ALL ABOUT SONNY. BARF. This show does not get me right now at all.

    But, on better news, Michael Easton is starting to seem sexier and more caring and if they can bring back his chemistry with Kelly Monaco for the third time I will thank the soap gods that there is one romance I’m actually interested in. I am pro Liz and AJ, but they aren’t doing it for me on the butterlies front.

    Also, did I catch another AJ’s fat reference? I think Tracy called him “Whopper, Jr.” Or is that just me reading into it because someone else had interpreted other lines that way?

  6. To be fair, it’s a little more comprehensible that a son lie for his father for the first time than for Sonny have the same bunch of women lie for him over and over after he treats them like shit over and over. But, I mean, it’s not a high bar. It’s only comprehensible compared to Liv/Kate/Carly lying for him

    I’d rather see Olivia dead than in Solivia :(

    LL looked great though, yay

    • True, but when that son is lying about his father literally trying to murder him, I find it a little less believable.

      • I thought it was implied that Dante didn’t understand why a continual pattern kept happening, not a one-time incident (even if Dante’s one-time incident only really made sense if you went by the logic he used by at the time, which, yeah, was really ugh so Guza). I didn’t think the unbelievability of that incident precludes Dante from commenting on a habitual pattern. *kanye shrugs*

  7. I’m kinda starting to get a soft spot for Morgan. I like the way he doesn’t react to Franco, and it was icky the way he got mad at Michael for telling Kiki about the rape first, but that’s because he was sensing the genuine romantic feelings going on between them. The actor is decent. Hopefully they can start writing him with a little more depth

  8. I dunno. Maybe we can let Rafe be an unbelievably perfect teenage boy. It kinda makes up for the rapists and professional killers wandering port Charles with plenty of lady friends.

  9. I had shut the show off for years thanks to the sainting of Sonny, so georgie is a character I don’t care about. .For or against. Rafe to me is fine.If they are not going to give Molly any female friends , Rafe is fine. TJ is ok also. There should be teens .Its summer time and teens are on soaps. Giza ruined this show with all his killing off legacy characters, his demonizing all but the mob, and just all around ripping off every movie he had seen or read about..Frankenron are on their way to rewriting the cancellation of OLTL with turning GH into OL> The characters ,especially RH have taken over the show. .Now FauzxFranco not Todd is Jason. ? what next is he Alan?? wonder who will turn out to be the father of Britt’s baby, franco, or Sonny. They eat every other story. I find myself complaining more than before and have now been pushed to DVR and watch only what doesn’t anger me. Not much left. I also am sick of the insults to and about AJ .Mostly by the characters who have no room to talk.What happened did tptb make Ron keep Aj and allow him to win once in a while / The more I see of the show, and the way Ron treats people on twitter I am wondering if he had no choice in AJ’s return?SK is not fat far from it.Ron is a very sad man when someone says he is wrong. Tracy shounds like an idiot the way she talks about evil AJ he shot my brother. he had a reason to shoot Alan , he was on his way to tell jason the sainted borg where AJ was , when AJ took his son, his own son.Not Borgs. he was trying to escape.She tried to kill her own father for money .She did keep his pills from him, and she laundered dirty mob money through ELQ. She should shut her mouth.

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