A few thoughts on this, the most Franco of storylines.

Friends, this week has brought us a new high (or low? let’s be honest, it’s probably a low) on the post-modern deconstruction scale: Roger Howarth imitating James Franco pretending to be Steve Burton. (Somewhere, I can only assume James Franco is rolling around on a pile of dildo art and laughing maniacally as his master plan comes to fruition.)

Franco as Jason


I’ve reached a point with the Franco story where I can really only laugh. Because the alternative is to spend every episode shaking my fists at the heavens while screaming, “WHY? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME, SOAP GODS?” And honestly, I think the neighbors were getting really tired of that.

So, sure. Give him a big ol’ tumor that will magically erase all responsibility for all that pesky rape and murder. Frankly, that’s the kind of reset button I’ve been desperately wanting them to give Jerry Jacks for years. (For the record, I would also have accepted brainwashing or demon possession in Jerry’s case.)

Granted, Jerry Jacks as evil-doer was in itself a horrendously nonsensical retcon that is just aching for a fix-it, and Sebastion Roche’s chemistry with Nancy Lee Grahn is so electric that I could basically justify anything to make him a viable romantic option for her…

Franco and Danny

…whereas Franco was dead and gone and there was literally no reason to foist this redemption arc off on Roger Howarth in order to keep him around– but no. I’m trying to move past my Franco rage here.

The point is: for reasons beyond my comprehension, we’re apparently stuck with this godawful character until the end of time. And if he’s going to be redeemed, then I’d much rather it be like this than by simply donating some bone marrow to his nephew and calling it bygones.

(Plus, Roger Howarth imitating James Franco pretending to be Steve Burton really does crack me up.) (I reserve the right to amend that judgment if it goes on for too long, though.)

Alexis ashamed

Meanwhile, we finally got the answer to the question that none of these characters had ever bothered to ask before: just who is Sam’s father, anyway? And the answer is… Alexis doesn’t actually know. Huh.

Which works, I guess? But seems kind of anti-climactic if that’s really all there is to it. Especially after years of speculation about some Gothic incest rape scandal involving Stavros and/or Stefan, and that conversation she had with Anna not long ago where it was implied she knew enough about him to know he was a dangerous guy.

But Nancy Lee Grahn acted the hell out of those scenes, and seriously, it’s about freaking time Sam at least asked the question. So I’m ready to roll with it, whichever way it goes. (Although, really. ‘J’ for Jerome, right? RIGHT?)

In other news, speaking of Alexis and baby-daddies… this happened:

Sonny is the worst

DANTE: You could’ve just not got involved with her in the first place. Moved onto somebody else or someone new. But you can’t do that, because you can’t be alone.
SONNY: [petulantly] I’ve been alone plenty.
DANTE: No, you haven’t, Sonny. No, you haven’t. There’s always some woman. Either you’re with her or she’s chasing you, you’re chasing her… this time it was my mother.

I will never stop loving the sucked lemon pouty face Maurice Bernard pulled during this completely accurate dressing down. Well played, sir. Well played.


24 thoughts on “A few thoughts on this, the most Franco of storylines.

  1. Jason should have had the brain tumor storyline since the character had like 50 head injuries and would have explained all of his WTF actions in taking back the woman that tried to get rid of Jake.

  2. Jason had a tumor storyline. And fragments of dashboard in the brain. Jason’s brain was practically a character by itself. None of which makes this current mess any good, by the way. But Jason’s brain was not neglected.

    • Fragments that, if I”m not mistaken, lodged into his brain via his nose. Which just made that so much better. And if it’s not true, I’m still choosing to believe that. However, eve if nothing ever went up his nose causing brain damage on the brain damage, it wouldn’t make the sight of Roger Howarth doing James Franco doing Steve Burton any less giggle inducing.

  3. There were a few moments when I felt like Howarth was successfully channeling Steve Burton, but alas, the whole thing fell flat for me, so I can’t even laugh at this. And it was creepy and upsetting to see Sam assaulted by the same dude who violated her.

    There’s a part of me that thinks Dante should have left enough alone–why yell at Sonny for dumping Olivia when no son in his right mind would want his mother to be with Sonny in the first place?* Just call it a win, Dante!–but once I got over that part, I enjoyed all Dante’s righteous truth-telling. Sonny is the worst.

    *Then again, I still have no idea why either Dante or Olivia even TALK to Sonny. Olivia’s initial thing with Sonny when he was married to Claudia was understandable, but her characterization–and Dante’s with regards to Sonny–ceased to make any kind of sense the second Dante woke up after surgery and neither of them showed the slightest interest in sending Sonny to jail for his almost-successful murder attempt.

  4. can’t stand roger, never could……

    would have loved for them to have given this story to jerry…the first jerry was pretty much a decent guy….so why they made him cruel and everything once Sebastian took over the role is beyond me…….

    franco…..like the blogger said should have stayed buried…..and i’m not watching him in any way shape or form….they can explain away his behaviour via a brain tumour….but sorry this one’s not buying it…

    just like she didn’t buy that ryan’s brother what was his name johnathan on amc was a creep…but oh, wait, he had a brain tumour….so that made it ok to beat up women, and all that, of course right….


  5. Can Franco please go away? How can he be alive? Why did the writers feel the need to redeem him? Can’t someone just be evil? It’s like Guza trying to redeem Claudia after Michael’s shooting.A brain tumour does not excuse the horrible things Franco did anymore than an abusive childhood/bi-polar excuses Sonny for his choices.
    It’s really distracting to watch the former OLTL casts that were on GH now come back as new characters like they never were on before, I can’t help but see McBain, Starr, and Todd.

  6. The only part of the whole Franco/Sam scene that got me the least bit interested was when Sam pointed the gun at him and I thought, briefly, that she might be allowed to rescue herself for once. But. alas, no …. Also, it was an odd juxtaposition to see KM’s long, pink nails grasping the gun. They stood out so prominently.

    While I don’t think KM is a bad actress, I did think scene between her and NLG highlighted the difference in their acting abilities. NLG is just so good.

  7. I was so hoping Sam would shoot, even though I knew we couldn’t possibly be so lucky.

    I don’t have a problem with the show wanting to keep Howarth, Easton and Alderson on contract. (I mean, the only one I really like as an actor is Howarth, but they all have followings, they’re all valued players in the soap world.) And the need to recast them was not a decision that the writers could control. I just will never understand why they CHOSE to resuscitate Franco and saddle themselves with this huge logistical redemption problem, while writing Silas as one of the single most unlikable characters I have ever seen on any soap, ever. He’s not as horrible lately, but he’s also trapped in endless scenes with another new character arguing over their Mysterious, Painful Past, which interests me not in the slightest. Finally, I don’t understand why they thought it would be a good idea to have this “they’re cousins! they’re not!” stuff with Michael and Kiki. Again, if they’d introduced her as his cousin and realized they had serious chemistry on their hands and retconned it so that wasn’t a problem, fine; but this was clearly the plan all along. Which in addition to feeling like an annoying “gotcha” plotline, also means that they’re going to have to come up with some tortured, convoluted explanation as to why Ava allowed Franco to believe Kiki was his daughter when she was frightened of his psychosis and kept her from him for Kiki’s entire life. Silas clearly had no clue that Ava was pregnant. So the whole thing is just a mass of illogic, and a lot of good actors are trapped in it. By writers that we know can do better.

  8. Why is Olivia fighting with her cousin over a guy who has NEVER chosen her? Why is it Kate’s job to give Sonny up instead of Sonny’s job to CHOOSE to be with her?

    I have very little interest in Sonny’s partner du jour but everything about this storyline makes the women involve look….worse than women in Sonny’s storylines usually look

    • I don’t get why Kate would want to go near Sonny with a ten foot pole, SHE WAS SHOT TWICE BECAUSE OF HIM!!

  9. Didn’t we already do the “brain tumor caused all the evil-doings thing” with the character of Manny years ago on GH. Anyone else remember what I’m talking about?

  10. RH’s spiky Jason hair is so funny. A hoot among hoots. His James Franco impression on the bridge in the hoodie is pretty good. Unfortunately I hate Franco by James Franco. How did this weird sweeps week stunt from years ago become a lead plot?

  11. ITA with you about this whole Franco story and your question.

    Also,YES they did do this story with Manny Ruiz, it involved Scrubs so I remembered it and so should Patrick, Carly, Sam etc….Sloppy writing. I guess I’m just happy Patrick was in scenes without Sabrina!!! Yeah!!! :)

  12. Ava’s relationship (off screen) obviously turned sour with Silas and she chose not to tell him about her pregnancy. She probably didn’t tell Franco the truth because the man probably would have killed her and the baby.

    Carly will finally be able to sleep with Jason again….eerrr, make that Jason’s twin brother, FrancoJasonTodd!

  13. I haven’t seen today’s episode yet so maybe this point is already settled, but based on yesterday’s interaction between Carly and Roger Howarth as Franco as Jason on the bridge, I’m beginning to think that Howarth is going to turn out to be Jason after all, back from the dead with new and improved brain damage. I’m not sure how it would work exactly, except that Jason and Franco would now be identical twins instead of fraternal, and it’s going to leave some gaping plot holes in past events, but no more so than the fact that no one seems to notice that Kiki looks exactly like Michael’s former girlfriend Starr and that John McBain never existed.

    I’m not spoiled at all; I’m just speculating. I might be completely wrong, but I’m trying to make Franco still be dead, so I’m going with this.

    • LOL…no more so than KiKi looks exactly like Starr and John McBain never existed. Silas Clay makes THREE characters who look exactly alike. Even by soap standards, that’s redic. I came into GH during an apparently dark period of 2005-ish when I needed some soapy distraction and a good looking male cast was enough. But Ive fast forwarded thru at least half of the show for years until the new writers came on. Then it was GOOD soapy distraction. Now I’m concerned that the whole OLTL/GH character squabble has RUINED ALL. I don’t like the weird gay sexual harasser Brad either. Two gay characters would be great but one of them isn’t exactly representing the community well. And Franco wakes up as Franco in the hospital and he has flat Franco hair instead of spiky Jason hair? His hair product was given the memo that he’s NOT really Jason and it just laid down again? I got good writing for a while and now I’ve got issues with this hair that spontaneously stands up and lays down.

  14. No, they’ve made it pretty clear that he’s Franco and he has a brain tumor and that’s why he was a psycho killer in the first place. Unfortunately. Not that I want RH as a recast Jason, but this is terrible.

  15. It boggles my mind how from time to time these writers get things so right, but the rest of the time this show is so, SO wrong.

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