Your heart is true. You’re a pal and a confidant.

I’ve said it before, but one of the nicest things about Ron Carlivati’s tenure is the certainty that even if something really isn’t working for me, it’s only a matter of time before a better thing will appear. We may never know what the plan was before all the backstage drama with Prospect Park, but I think it’s safe to say the rushed rewrites has resulted in a mixed bag. At best. It’s just… it’s been a rough month or so.

But we may be seeing the start of a course correction? Vets are popping up all other the place again, there’s a couple mass umbrella stories a-brewin’, and SAM’S FREAKING DAD. Plus yesterday we got an episode showcasing one of my very favorite things in the soap world:

Scotty, Lucy and Tracy

LUCY: Okay, you wanna know a secret?
SCOTT: [suspicious] No.
LUCY: Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway! I wouldn’t mind if Kevin was sitting here, having a piece of pie with me. But the truth is, I would not change one single moment of this evening.
LUCY: No, because I loved the way you handled Tracy! Do you know you did more for me and for Deception than Kevin’s done yet at all.
SCOTT: Well, I’m glad I could be at your service.
LUCY: Thank you, Captain. Scott Baldwin, you are a very, very good friend. And! A negotiator extraordinaire.

FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, GUYS. Like, seriously. It must be literal magic. Because the amount of annoyance I feel for Scotty when he’s involved in pretty much any other story than being Lucy’s BFF is astronomical. But two seconds of he and Lucy working together to fleece Tracy? I’m all aboard the Scott Baldwin love train. (Also, please let that reference to their children mean we’re actually going to see Serena and/or Christina soon? PLEASE?)

And that’s not all! Remember when Tracy and Connie briefly became besties and it was kind of the most awesome thing ever? And then never really interacted after that? Seeing them scheming and having each other’s backs again actually gives me a reason to care that Connie is leaving the show soon. (Forget Sonny! Why can’t she just stay and become Tracy’s full time partner in crime? Is that too much to ask?)

Tracy and Connie BFFs 4-EVA

Alexis and Kevin

Add a pinch of Alexis and Kevin doing their calm, pragmatic, intellectual friendship thing, and I was such a happy camper yesterday, you have no idea. Soap friends! I’ll never get over the joy of having them be a part of this show again after such a long drought.

Meanwhile, over in Switzerland, we got a long overdue update on Robert’s condition, a really lovely and respectful scene between Holly and Luke, and OH YEAH… a massive drama bomb:



I’m so glad I was unspoiled for that, because the shriek I let out when his face came on screen was truly epic. Shit’s about to get real, you guys.


And now, your One Life to Live moment of zen:

Cutter and Nat1

Cutter and Nat2

Nat and Cutter are the cutest, yes? I mean, so cute that even that hideous shirt he’s wearing couldn’t dim my enjoyment of their cuddle/make out session on the couch. (And–and him wanting to tell her about Clint in person because knew she’d be upset? And talking about how being with her let him just be himself? JUST GET MARRIED AND HAVE FAT BABIES, YOU TWO.)

Meanwhile, this happened:

Todd and Blair goodbye

Todd and Blair goodbye2

…and it pretty much killed me. So, thanks for that, show.


23 thoughts on “Your heart is true. You’re a pal and a confidant.

  1. I was so excited when I saw Holly with Luke and then Sean’s face came up yeah!!!! So hopefully Roberts’s recovery will be around the corner and if one could hope maybe they will bring Frisco back and fix that problem because what they did to him was so wrong, wrong I miss all these characters. These people missing from GH today is what is part of the problem with GH . The writers also need to really fix the relationship between Frisco and Felicia I am so upset what they did to them.

  2. I really like Natalie and Cutter. The one problem is there is so little of it! AND ALL OF CUTTER’S CLOTHES EVER. But at this point it seems to be his thing so I am dealing, heh

    • I’m choosing to view Cutter’s fashion choices as a charming personality quirk. (He does it deliberately! Because otherwise he’s be JUST TOO ATTRACTIVE, you see. And that’s not fair to the ladies.)

    • I’ve been and not been a scotty fan..he can be a bit of a jerk at times..that’s the scotty that I don’t like…

      I loved the one that was married to dom…I love the scotty that was married to lucy….but, I don’t like how scotty treats laura, like she doesn’t have a brain in her head, kind of…….

      luke is always going to be first with her…and sorry to say, but he needs to respect that, yeah it’s a stupid thing to say, I do know that, but……if he does, then, and only then, will he get her true love… least that’s how I see it…


      • Why should Scotty accept that Luke will always come first? Luke is the ex-husband and while Laura will always care about him, the fact that she divorced him should mean he is no longer afforded to privilege of being first in her life.

        I, honestly, don’t understand how Scotty could have remarried Laura, knowing that Luke is the one she really wants to be with–the way she treated him when they first got back to town was appalling and very Brenda-like of her. She may not have played Scotty and Luke against each other, but she sure as hell tested the waters with Luke to see if there was a chance they could get back together again. That woman needs some serious psychological counseling because still being so devoted to the man that raped her is not healthy.

        • Luke flat out shot down any chance to be with Laura back in 2009 right before she left town, and he did it again a few months ago. i will never understand why Laura would want to be with a man that she knows raped her as a teen, drunkenly killed a child, steals from Tracy every chance he gets, sleeps with whores, and is just an all around slimeball.

          • THANK YOU! I don’t get what people find so appealing about Luke and I think someone should have talked Gloria Monty out of making Luke and Laure a Supercouple back in the 70’s. What message did that send? Rape a girl and she’ll love you forever? It is just so sickening. The sad thing is that this wasn’t a one time thing. Have you read a romance novel from the 70s or 80s? A lot of them involved heroes that raped the heroine, who then immediately fell in love with him.

    • It’s not a team thing for me. Luke is terrible, sure. I wouldn’t wish him on any self-respecting woman. But that doesn’t change the fact that Scotty is an overbearing, insecure, possessive, jealous asshole who treats Laura more like a prize in his eternal dick-measuring contest with Luke than as a woman he actually loves for herself. He’s trying to recreate this fantasy of the glory days when they were teenagers and always seems completely uninterested in building a real relationship with the adult woman she is now.

      No one forced him to stalk her to Paris (and ground their entire current relationship in a lie about that, btw). No one forced him to wait around while she sorted out her feelings for another man. No one forced him to rush and browbeat her into marrying him even while knowing she was having those conflicting feelings. He chose to put up with that and to tie himself to her because he wanted to win. It’s been years of this dynamic with them, and that’s not even touching on all the other gross, disrespectful stuff. Like him going to court to take control of her comatose body away from her children — against her express wishes — or the way he continually whips out HER rape as a weapon whenever he feels like it. He gets zero sympathy for me at this point when it comes to Laura.

      • Everything that you just pointed out in your post was done simply to destroy Scotty so that Luke could have the girl. Luke deliberately raped another man’s wife, period. Scotty and Laura were a young married couple, when along came Bobbie to tear them apart, followed by icky rapist, Luke Spencer.

        • Again. I’m not defending Luke or saying he’s a better choice. I’m just saying, for whatever reason — and I’m much more inclined to blame Guza’s lack of imagination when it comes to vets than some 30+year late campaign to absolve Luke of the rape — Scotty’s been written like a boorish ass for the better part of a decade now.

          I loved him with Lucy. Loved him with Dominique. Cannot stand him when he gets around Laura. Luke being a rapist doesn’t change that. I think she should ditch both of them.

          • I’ve always loved Scotty, even when I’m not supposed to, but I do agree it would be nice if Laura had a Kelly Taylor “I choose me moment”. I could say that for a lot of them really.

            Of course, loving Scotty, hating Scotty, loving Luke, wanting Luke to be impaled by a honey covered javelin while bears approach – none of this changes the fact that friendship on soaps is coming back, and it’s about damned time.

        • no…not really…

          when scottie was on PC…..and he was with lucy and dom…he was a great guy…

          but when he came back to GH..he wasn’t…..

          laura wasn’t on when I began watching…in 82…….he was still a jerk….pretty much back then…

          when he got with dom..he changed…..

          but then after dom….after lucy…he went back to being a jerk…..and once again…laura was nowhere in sight….



          yeah…I love mac and Felicia….I used to love her and frisco…but, he’s a first class jerk…sorry just like scotty…

          there has to be a time when you say enough is enough, and really move on from one another’s lives…

          frisco and Felicia share children…so they were always be part of one another’s lives….lucy and scotty share children…….

          but scotty and laura do not share children…..

          that kind of idea……

          • I will always love Frisco and Felicia however I agree that the writers have made him a jerk just like Scotty however in Scottys case most of his life he has been a jerk. I guess deep down I am starting to like Mac and Felicia. Frisco and Felicia will always be connected because of their kids and maybe because of that they could become friends again. However, I really blame the writers just like they ruined Tony I loved and still do love Tony and the relationship he always had with Felicia.

      • I have always been a Luke and Laura fan just like I am Frisco and Felicia fan always. However, for now Luke and Laura are not together I would like them to be happy and Im ok Luke being with Tracy but Laura remarrying Scotty, really even her mother wasn’t really happy. All the other people that there on the show why, why did she remarry Scott. The only time that I like Scotty is when he is with Lucy, I love them together. Scotty doesn’t realize, for many reasons that he will always be second fiddle. I think down the line Luke and Laura may reunite who knows. Just like with Mac and Felicia they may be remarrying but He will always be second fiddle to Frisco.

  3. approach – none of this changes the fact that friendship on soaps is coming back, and it’s about damned time\

    now that comment, I will definitely give you


    i’m so hoping that they won’t go there…we already had the gross out with sam and her step-father…do we need her bio dad…..too….

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