The agony and the ecstasy and the WTF.

Oh, Lordy. What a day. Okay, first things first, because this really cannot be emphasized enough: ELIZABETH WEBBER FINALLY GOT SOME, Y’ALL.

Even if it was still mostly off screen, it definitely happened, and involved both pre-game speeches about how awesome she is and post-game cuddling. I am a fan of both these things!

Liz and AJ in bed

AJ: You make me want to be a better man, Elizabeth. And it’s not because you insist on it, but it’s because I know that you deserve it.

Of course, because this is Elizabeth and AJ, everything promptly went straight to hell soon after. But still: you go, girl. (And according to Tracy, you go really loudly, so, you know… double high five.)

Now, Liz has always been a stand-by-your-man kind of girl, be it defending Jason against Nikolas, Lucky against Jason, Ric against Jason, Jason against Ric… well, you get the idea. Right or wrong, if she’s with him, she’s with him. So it’s perfectly in character for her to go to bat for AJ. (Although even she looked a little hilariously shocked for a split second after she laid that slap on Tracy. Heh).

But she also managed to get some nice truth-telling in:

Liz and Tracy

TRACY: AJ and I are no more alike than a fish and a bicycle.
ELIZABETH: Well, you’re both trying to proves yourself through your father’s company. Imagine what you could do if you just stopped all this fighting. Imagine how great ELQ could be. You and AJ are both strong people, but you could be even stronger together! Just give him a chance. Please, Tracy. Make peace with AJ before your prediction comes true and he really self-destructs.

(Side note: the summer of pretty party dresses continues! I think the yellow is still my favorite overall, but that shade of red/pink is really flattering on her.)

Anyway, that speech was all really lovely and insightful and pretty much everything I’ve been screaming at my tv for months now while this tedious AJ/Tracy stand-off has continued. And normally I’d be completely thrilled by it, and by getting to see Jane Elliott and Rebecca Herbst playing off each other.

But then, this also happened:

AJ chokes Connie

I’m not sure what I resent more, really: the fact that all my happy Liz/AJ feels are now tainted by this lovely visual (hey, remember the last time we saw Connie getting choked? GOOD TIMES)? Or the fact that tomorrow I’m going to have to be on effing Sonny’s side, even though he spent most of the day being that dude. You know, the one who runs to the ex he knows has feelings for him to complain about his girlfriend the second they have a fight.

Because hey, who cares about the position he’s putting Olivia in by forcing her to play relationship counselor when she’s in love (GAG) with him? Or about how cruel it is to passive aggressively try to badger her into saying she’d be the better woman for him than the cousin she also loves? None of that matters when Sonny’s wounded ego is on the line and in need of some stroking! (And yes, by “ego,” I mean “penis.”)

And let’s not even get into the fact that his idea of a supreme compliment for a woman is “you’d do whatever I told you to do, right? Even if it meant sacrificing your dreams and career just so I could continue to avoid facing the truth about what a shitty father I am? That’s hot.”

God, I hate him.

And yet! Now I’m going to have to cheer him on, because for some reason, the writers felt compelled to take AJ across the line from merely angry and unhinged to STRAIGHT UP ASSAULTING A WOMAN for reasons of contrivance and bullshit, and I just–why? Ugh.


In other news, you might remember that Silas has not exactly been my favorite character thus far. But now that his hair is no longer an unholy pony abomination and he’s started exhibiting some basic human emotions, my hate has receded a bit. And then he threw this delightful bit of snark at drama llama Ava and I kind of loved him for that brief moment?

SILAS: In the meantime, I’m going to go to Kiki. I think Kiki — and may I just say, I wish I had been in on that naming process — will be very interested in what I have to say.

You have your moments, Silas Clay. Not many of them, but you do have them.


21 thoughts on “The agony and the ecstasy and the WTF.

  1. I don’t get what they’re doing with AJ. The writers have spent the last year building him up, trying to repair all the crap Guza did to that character, and now they have him choking Connie?! what? in what universe does that make sense?

    Silas’s line was the best. He said basically what everyone has been thinking since Kiki showed up on our screens.

  2. Loved the “naming process” line. That was a moment of hilarity. She has GOT to have another name. Maybe when she finally gets together w Michael they’ll have this “What’s your real name, Baby?” moment and she’ll say “Frances” (or Katherine or anything but KiKi) and Michael will call her Frances/Katherine/Amy/ANYTHING BUT KIKI and the rest of PC will follow his lead. Also, does Kiki have a mental problem? Bc why would a 21 year old girl act like just bc a guy proposed, she has no choice but to say yes? Are we on a prairie in 1840 and she can’t own property outside of marriage and her very survival depends on marrying somebody, ANYbody? Can Michael please just be happy for a minute?? He’s had a pretty awful life. Morgan’s mad bc he…was NOT shot in the head or raped in prison? He really thinks he needs a prize in the form of a live human girl bc he was NOT prison raped bc of Sonny? And Sonny tries to GIVE him a live human girl as a prize? No. Just no.

  3. AJ’s choking Connie is an example of the needs of plot taking precedence over consistent characterization. Don’t want to be spoilerish, so I won’t say more, but let’s just say that scene was needed for future purposes. I usually enjoy Ron’s writing, but in this case I think the same effect could have been achieved some other way, without the assault on a rape victim, especially when the attacker is himself involved with a woman who has been raped. I’m very interested in what Elizabeth’s reaction will be to this.

    • I think I’ve read the same spoilers, and yeah… I see where they’re going, but there were other ways to get there that wouldn’t have been so character-destroying and contrived. Honestly, issues of consent and violence against women just seems to be one of those areas where this writing team has a bit of a blind spot. They don’t seem to know where the line is. It’s a recurring problem.

  4. OK…. I HATE E-lizard-beth and have for years. She’s probably pregnant with her 2nd of 3 baby daddy’s brother’s demon spawn. But I am in awe of how Tracy allowed that little smug self righteous heifer to pimp slap her in her own living room. couldn’t be me…..

    • As far as I was concerned, Liz made a ton of sense to Tracy and I think actually made her see reason for a brief moment. Liz has never been self-righteous -if anything, she walks around with a cloak of guilt for things other people blithely forget. She is fighting for a man she cares about. Tracy needs another visit from Alan, who forgave AJ a long time ago.

      I loved the way Liz would not let Tracy’s snipe about her and Jason’s mutual decision regarding Jake to derail her righteous anger towards Tracy for the way she lives to humiliate AJ.

    • if you are going to bring up 3 kids by 3 daddys then don’t forget carly and alexis, skanky sam is going to be there soon. and maybe Liz should have brought up tracy trying to kill her own father by refusing him his heart meds. and Liz is sad for caring for aj,per tracy,b/c he’s a loser and a drunk, but she keeps going back to the child killing cheating rapist, and luke’s misdeeds have been recent.

      what i really want to happen is that someone finds out what tracy and luke did to Alan’s will, b/c then Liz would have shares through Jake, and maybe tracy would go to jail for fraud and larceny and finally luke could go to jail even though he didn’t for running over a child.

      • Just had to step out of my lurker’s shadowy corner for this. Why are people still refering to Sam as a skank? Since she got back with Jason, she’s only been with Jason and aside from Dante and Lulu, that’s the most monogamous relationship this show has had in the past few years. Even when she had the chance to sleep with John McBain, she didn’t, which shows at least some character growth on her part. And really, the girl hasn’t had any since before Danny was born and that’s a long time for anybody, let alone an adult soap opera character.

        Going back to my shadowy corner. Love this site!!

        • Yeah, let’s keep the misogyny to a minimum, you don’t do any favours by name calling. Sam had Lila and Danny almost ten years apart and has stayed faithful to Jason for the most part. Even Carly was married to the father of two of her three children. As for Liz, she’s the anti-smug, she’s probably one of the most principled women on the show.; If the only people who called others out are those who hadn’t made big mistakes, then the only one with any room to talk would be Robin!

  5. What you said about Sonny and Olivia here reminded me about that episode in 2009 when Sonny kept trying to pressure Olivia to admit she was sleeping with Johnny and Dante called him out on pressuring her (

    “DANTE: Look, I was reading the actual lines. You’re married to someone else. I mean, call me old fashioned, but it’s not really playing fair to hit on another lady. Especially when she already told you “no”.”

    Never change, Sonny. Oh wait, you don’t. WHY DOES OLIVIA WANT TO BE WITH HIM poor confused Olivia sigh.

    • Oh, man. I legit had a dream last night that Johnny had come back to the show for Olivia and it made me so happy. Those were good times.

  6. I fear this may be the beginning of the end of AJ. I hope this doesn’t mean a major relapse, and self-destruction. We have had enough violence against women to last a lifetime from Guza. Not cool, writers!

  7. I think this is not the end of AJ. I think this might just be the start of something truly positive for him…eventually. I wish we hadn’t had to see the choke scene, because that is the AJ who lashes out, not the one who works it out. I just don’t think AJ is going to be the real bad guy here.

    • I hope you’re right. He seemed to be doing so much better. These writers seem to like AJ so why are they doing this?

  8. I have a huge issue with the choking… Liz is a rape survivor… so to have her romantically involved with someone who is assaulting a woman…. it turns my stomach… I had such hope for AJ/LIZ at the beginning… but the story they’re giving AJ is horrible…

  9. RC is going to have to work overtime redeeming AJ after what he wrote him doing…choking Connie was way over the line and I adore Aj…I’m also a huge Liz fan and love her with AJ, but she needs to get her man back in therapy ASAP. If he goes to see Kevin, that story could be epic. I know why the writers had AJ choke Connie (plot point for what’s coming) , but it was too heavy handed and could have been achieved by AJ simply grabbing her arm. Same on the gh writers

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