I’m in shock, I think. In more ways than one.

Holy crap! The stars have aligned! All those continuous sacrifices to the soap gods have finally paid off! Kimberly McCullough is coming back! For real this time — with a contract and everything! (I think the subject of the email my erstwhile co-blogger sent me speaks rather eloquently to both of our reactions: “EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

I’m sure there was no way to keep news like this under wraps, but I kind of wish they could have. Because that moment when she comes on screen again and it’s clear it’s not just a drive-by visit would have been amazing. On the other hand: ROBIN, ROBIN, OMG ROBIN! So, there’s that. (Is it wrong that I kind of can’t wait to see the look on Sabrina’s face? OH WELL.)

And really, we could all probably use some good news after sitting through this:

Liz is concerned

ELIZABETH: What did you just say?
AJ: Come on. Come on, you told me the whole reason this place is called the Floating Rib is because of you.
ELIZABETH: Don’t. Don’t say these things.
AJ: Yeah, yeah, Luke couldn’t stand to see the name of the kid he killed flashing in neon. Ex father-in-law had a few too many and mowed little Jake down.
ELIZABETH: Stop. Please stop.
AJ: We-we both know the truth, don’t we? You know what you tell me late at night? And none of this would have happened if you were watching your son.


excuse me

Most. Deserved. Slap. Ever. (And Liz’s parting line? Perfection! This was a really good day for my girl, I have to say. Even if it wasn’t a pleasant one. Team Liz forever!)

Okay, but here’s the thing: that was clearly terrible to watch. It was well acted, though, and you know what? It was in character. This is what AJ does. This is what alcoholics do. They lash out at the people who love them most. The people who know them best, who they know best. And they use that love and that knowledge to drive away those who have the best shot at getting between them and their next drink.

I hate watching AJ spiral out of control because I’ve been rooting for him all this time. And I hate watching him hurt Liz because not only doesn’t she deserve it, but that was pretty much the most brutal, painful breach of trust possible. But I can accept it because it’s an action that makes emotional sense to me. What doesn’t make sense?

AVA: For what it’s worth, I’m very sorry.
AJ: Sorry? Sorry doesn’t help for me! Don’t you get it? After all this time, I thought I could finally make things different. You know? That I was finally going to get a chance to prove myself! To be the father that Carly never let me be. And I was doing it, too. I was working side by side with Michael, we were getting closer, and that was all because of ELQ. And then now it just went to hell because of Connie Falconeri. She destroyed my life!

No, really. He really said that, with a straight face, to the ACTUAL WOMAN responsible for the problems he’s having. The one who was, in fact, colluding with Tracy, and who not only lied about Kiki in the first place, but also supplied the deciding shares. But who cares about that, right? (I just–I can’t– WHY? Why is this being done so badly?)

Ava and AJ

If Connie had forged that birth certificate because she maliciously had it out for AJ, that would be one thing. If she and he had ever spoken two words before — if they had any sort of relationship where he might reasonably consider this some sort of personal betrayal? Sure. Maybe then I could buy this ludicrous fixation. But no. And in any other story where the writers weren’t desperately dropping anvils to facilitate an upcoming actor exit, Connie would be a non-entity in this story.

(And that’s not even getting into some of the other logic holes — like why hasn’t AJ even tried to talk Franco into taking his proxy back and voting in AJ’s favor for the pure pleasure of screwing Ava over? It’s not like he doesn’t have motive now!)

Meanwhile, the other woman ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE — you know, the one who literally has it out for him and considers herself his arch-nemesis? — had some words of wisdom for AJ’s favorite scapegoat:

TRACY: Are you telling me that Sonny dumped you because you wrote this article?
CONNIE: Not quite. Not yet, at least.
TRACY:  Why don’t you just tell, you should just tell him that you made a very practical business decision. And if he’s still complaining, tell him that at least no one buried in the Pine Barrens.
CONNIE: I don’t see Sonny being swayed by that argument.
TRACY:  You shouldn’t be trying to sway Sonny! Sonny should be groveling at your feet!

Amen, Trace. (Have I mentioned I love their friendship? Oh, I have? I REALLY LOVE IT, YOU GUYS.)

Words can honestly not express how uninterested I am in watching any women, much less two who should really know better by now, tear themselves to pieces fighting over the prime specimen that is Sonny Corinthos. LADIES, FOR SERIOUS. THREE MEMBERS OF YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY, INCLUDING BOTH OF YOU, HAVE BEEN SHOT A COLLECTIVE FOUR TIMES BECAUSE OF THIS DOUCHE. Like, how is this even an issue? For God’s sake, just go buy some ice cream and a vibrator and move on with your lives!

Speaking of which, I will not deny that Luke and Sonny’s friendship still fills me with nostalgic 90s feels, but really…

Luke and Sonny

LUKE: Keep an eye on Lulu and the baby. Just watch out for my family, will you?
SONNY: You have my word I will protect Lulu and our grandchild with my life. As long as I run this town, no harm will be done.

…how does nobody laugh him out of the room when he says stuff like that?


45 thoughts on “I’m in shock, I think. In more ways than one.

  1. And the douchery that is Morgan with that “glad MY dad’s not a drunk.” Yeah, your dad is GREAT, Morgan. This kid with his Michael-gets-EVERYTHING whiny bs. Yeah Michael gets shot and raped and a crane falls on his girlfriend. Will somebody PLEASE just shoot Morgan so he’ll shut up about how he’s left out of all the great stuff Michael gets? Also Drunk AJ is baaaaad. Which is unfortunate bc I like Sober AJ.

    • When everyone you love are like ‘give you girlfriend so your brother can be happy’ you deserve to whine a little. I will not root for Michael/Kiki in this story. It’s not working Rc.

      • Seriously. Morgan’s a total jackass for that comment, but you know what? He’s saying it to a kid who’s basically been the center of the terrible trio’s life (hence being the center of so much of this show’s plotlines) for so long and that is so obvious by how Morgan’s parents react to Michael not getting what he wants. It’s a mean ass comment but Michael being willing to throw his brother over for a girl he barely knows while Morgan’s made to be a douche and while everyone basically cheers Michael on – that’s not cool with me. In fact, that makes me blatantly against Michael/Kiki and Michael for that matter. The latter I’ve resented since 1999 when the terrible duo became the terrible trio and everything became about fucking Michael. Bleh. Just have him interact with AJ and don’t prop him and he’s fine, but otherwise….

    • Michael gets all that tragedy so he can be a poor woobie that the show can continue to prop and focus on. That shit doesn’t work with me and I see right through it. Morgan’s a douche, but his comments come from a place of anger and resentment that I completely get – If I’ve resented Michael, the fictional character, since 1999, his neglected brother’s resentment must be sky-high.

        • I know! I really, really felt for young AJ and even when AJ’s being a total douche now, I get where that self-loathing comes from. I like Morgan a bit, but I could love him with a better actor and better writing, but what else is knew? Sidenote: Mean!Michael in AJ’s hallucination was fascinating, and it made me think a bit of DG’s slightly batshit crazy, screwup Michael.

      • That’s the way I feel about Michael, but at least he’s a GH character. What I’m really annoyed is the Kiki/KA part of it. She’s a terrible actress who should not have been given one chance on this show let alone two, and I just want Morgan to move on from her.

    • And the douchery that is Morgan with that “glad MY dad’s not a drunk.” Yeah, your dad is GREAT, Morgan. This kid with his Michael-gets-EVERYTHING whiny bs. Yeah Michael gets shot and raped and a crane falls on his girlfriend. Will somebody PLEASE just shoot Morgan so he’ll shut up about how he’s left out of all the great stuff Michael gets? Also Drunk AJ is baaaaad. Which is unfortunate bc I like Sober AJ.

      that’s what someone should have said to him…..stop and think for a minute morgan, has Michael really gotten everything……..


    • the thing is, Morgan was totally sincere. He DOES feel bad for Michael on that count. He just said it like a total airhead, because, well, he is an airhead.

  2. havent’ seen today’s show, maybe I don’t want to either..

    and you know what, kids take off…

    yesterday, I was in the library, opened the bathroom door, and there was a little girl sitting there….she just took off…her nanny didn’t know where she was, she didnt’ tell her that she had to go to the bathroom…

    so to say that this is liz’s fault……I liked AJ, well up until now….


    • I don’t think we’re supposed to believe AJ actually believes Liz was at fault for Jake. He was pretty clearly just saying the most hurtful thing he could think so she would go away and let him self-destruct in peace.

  3. Aj has officially become sonny…..in that statement…

    and yeah, liz, go and slap sonny’s number two son….and real fast…..


  4. I always love reading your thoughts regarding Elizabeth’s storyline. I am having a really hard time letting go of AJ’s behavior, though. Jake comment aside, the sheer amount of times she has had to remind him “you have me”, when he complains of having nothing, has left me wanting more for her.
    I know this type of behavior is very much in character for AJ, but the blind rage makes me think he has some undiagnosed psychological ailment. While it could make for a compelling story, I want more for Elizabeth than this masochistic cheerleader for damaged souls thing she’s got going on.

    • There is rich history behind AJ’s self-destructive behavior. He’s been beaten down his entire life – first, by his family, then by Carly/Sonny/Jason. I can recall countless scenes, going back to the the early to mid ’90s, of AJ being compared unfavorably to his “golden child” brother. In a scene a few months back, Elizabeth said “the Quartermaines build themselves up by tearing AJ down”. That wasn’t a baseless defense, or merely cheerleading. It was a statement of fact that played out on screen time and time again, and continues to this day via Tracy.

      My hope for this storyline is now that AJ has hit rock-bottom, having Liz, Michael and Monica stand by him will prove to him that he’s worthy of love, despite Tracy’s repulsive remark to the contrary. AJ is one character who deserves a break.

    • I don’t think anyone should let go of AJ’s behavior, least of all Liz. If they end up working through this, it should only be because he has a serious Come to Jesus moment and makes a real effort at dealing with his issues.

      • I don’t think anyone should let go of AJ’s behavior, least of all AJ. But AJ has never had this level of support before and I’m glad, as an AJ fan, that he does. That doesn’t absolve him from dealing with his issues going forward, it actually removes one excuse not to.

  5. I enjoyed that slap also so well deserved, just as the slap she gave Jason when he callously asked for Jake’s kidney for uber bi**h Carly’s spawn and the slap she gave Tracey. Until this current stuff I actually kinda liked Tracey but can’t stand Connie/Kate. The scenes between JE, BH have been great finally she got to show she is as good as we have been saying. While I hated (seriously WTF) what AJ said SK played the part of a drunk all to well but BH won that scene by her quiet fury and I also want better for her–not AJ and not Nic–been there and done that. ITA agree about the whole Sonny thing–they should have offed him right along with Jason.
    I can’t stand any of the former OLTL actors not even RoHo–GH PTB screwed up that return Franco should have stayed dead or they should have kept Sam’s baby as his and let them struggled over that. RoHo would overwhelm KeMo but who doesn’t even KA is a better actress.
    So funny you mentioned that all the Falconeris had been shot by Sonny or someone in his family–I was thinking that same thing yesterday–Kate was shot twice the woman must be scarred to hell and back. The strong woman thing doesn’t apply to women and Sonny RUN Olivia RUN, RUN and Mac and Sonny as friends I don’t think so.

  6. ” As long as I run this town, no harm will be done..” I loved that line, because the portents of doom surround it. There is a new crime family in town and Sonny has no idea what is coming at him. He doesn’t even know there really is a threat.

  7. Luke asking Sonny, who shot his own son in the chest, to watch over Luke’s daughter and granddaughter was a WTF? moment. Then I remembered Luke ran his own grandson over.

    • Hee! That’s what I thought of too. They can sit in the corner making their promises while everyone else does the actual work of protecting and keeping their families safe.

  8. Robin is back? THANK YOU!!!! Now we can end this Britt/Sabrina/Patrick mess, and have Patrick with Robin and Emma!
    Maxie’s labour is almost identical to Robin: First the wrapped umbilical cord then crashing. Maxie JUST TELL LANTE THE TRUTH!! I don’t care about Spixie, I’m more concerned that Dante and Lulu will have their hearts ripped out and this will destroy the friendship between Lulu and Maxie!
    WTF have they done to AJ? I feel so let down! I was really looking forward to him winning and they built him and had him and Liz had so much potential and now they’ve knocked him down, for what? All because of Kiki not being Franco’s daughter? Franco shouldn’t even be a Quartermaine! Thanks for nothing, writers!

  9. It makes total sense for AJ. It does not, at this point, make sense for Elizabeth to enable him. And that’s what she’s doing. She’s got two small children at home who deserve a mother with self esteem and who need to be protected from AJ’s rage and self-loathing. Because AJ’s now gone after Elizabeth verbally three times, and she never, EVER deserved it. There’s nothing to stop him from doing it again, and if he’s in their lives, he’ll go after the boys too. How long before he calls Cam a bastard? Aiden a mistake? Because he WILL start in on them, too.

    I’m a Niz fan, not gonna lie. But setting that aside – if she can’t bring herself to give Nik a chance because of the way they got together – Elizabeth Webber needs to break up with AJ Quartermaine to protect herself and her children.

    • Liz is not enabling AJ just because she’s not running away when he’s in trouble. She supported Lucky through his addiction, and after he attacked her verbally. Why does AJ deserve less?

      And didn’t Nik accuse Liz of not caring about her baby and trying to harm him because she forgot an ultrasound appointment when she was pregnant with Aiden? Yes, he did. I remember it because that was the point where I started hating a character I previously loved. Nik said horrible things to, and about, Liz-over and over.

      • I already said this isn’t about Nik – and it isn’t. I’m not here to rehash the Niz affair; although I will point out that when Nik said that stuff to Elizabeth, at least she had done and said things to him that hurt him, badly, during that affair and in its aftermath. Liz was no wilting flower when it came to Nik, either. But what has Liz done to AJ, other than be supportive?

        And if you hold the things Nik said THREE YEARS ago against him, why aren’t you holding the things AJ is saying NOW against him? Liz has done NOTHING to AJ, and he has now verbally abused her on multiple occasions, all to make himself feel better.

        Liz and Nik may be a no-go. that’s fine.

        But the idea that AJ is somehow “good” for Elizabeth is, at this point, laughable to me. And I’m not sure Elizabeth is all that good for him, either, since all he seems to do is drink, screw Carly, or call Liz a whore when things aren’t perfect.

      • Oh, and you’re not seriously saying that Liz owes AJ the same kind of love and commitment she owed Lucky, are you?

        Because Liz and Lucky were married and had years of history, love and affection between them before they were derailed by his addiction issues (and that is what did them in, no matter how long it actually took to complete the process).

        AJ and Liz have about three months of dating – at most. And a good chunk of that was marred by his lies about Carly.

        • I think when you love someone, the length of time you’ve been with them is irrelevant to the level of commitment. It’s not a sliding scale, and you’re marginalizing a relationship that Liz herself has stated, over and over, is important to her. And you’re right, this isn’t about Nik, it’s about Liz. I was pointing out that she has forgiven hurtful comments before. Comments that were made stone cold sober.

          As for my “defense” of AJ, see Tenillypo’s latest response. She explained it far better than I could. If you’re at all familiar with the effects of addiction, you understand what’s driving AJ, especially given his history. That’s not to say what he’s doing is right or acceptable. But Liz did stand up for herself, so I disagree that she is “enabling” him. She was supporting someone she cares deeply about. There’s a difference between being supportive and enabling and, again, Tenillypo is correct – what happens from here is key.

    • I don’t think I’d agree that her behavior yesterday was enabling? I mean, she was concerned he might fall off the wagon so she sought him out and attempted to talk him down. When that didn’t work and he became abusive in response, she did not stand for it in the slightest. She stood up for herself, made sure he couldn’t hurt himself or others by driving drunk, and then she got herself out of that situation. That is the Liz I love best: compassionate but also not a doormat. That’s the same Liz I would hope to see moving forward.

      Whether or not their relationship continues after this, I hope we get to see a LOT of groveling from him and also maybe some therapy? Because AJ, for serious: you got some issues there, boy.

      • Ha! He does indeed have issues, and therapy would not be amiss. I’d also suggest it for Elizabeth at this point. Because she’s got some as well!

  10. I normally agree with your opinions but I have to say I just shake my head on this Quiz stuff. There just is no excuse for AJ at this point. What he said to Liz amounted to verbal abuse which IMO can be just as painful as physical abuse. I don’t want her with a man who verbally abuses her (and this isn’t the first time just the worst) anymore than I would want a man who beats her up physically.

    My problem with AJ is how little it takes for him to strike out or meltdown. He sees Nik and Liz hug and basically calls her a slut who can’t be trusted; Nik answers her phone and he starts to drink and would have had Carly not been there and sleeps with Carly…now he loses his job at ELQ….and it’s a job…he didn’t lose his son, he didn’t lose his money (he’s still rich) he didn’t lose his Mother or his extremely supportive beautiful girlfriend…he had a setback iin his desire to run ELQ and he verbally rages at Connie and chokes her only stopping when he is hit over the head by Sonny… he sees her hug Nik in the middle of the hospital so hardly a romantic clinch and he doesn’t only get drunk but he says the one thing to hurt her the most…Sorry I just can’t on any level want that for Liz. I would rather she be alone. No one deserves that kind of treatment and I def don’t want it for my fave.

    The truth is that although I agree AJ has had it tough…still a lot of people have it far tougher…he is just fundamentally weak and flawed and while that can make an interesting character on a soap, I don’t want Liz anywhere near him.

    • Just to clarify, at no point in this post am I arguing that AJ’s behavior is justified or not abusive. My only point is that his drunken meltdown is believable and in character for him as an addict with a history of self-loathing spirals where he lashes out at everyone around him. His contrived fixation on Connie, OTOH, is not believable to me in the slightest. It’s an issue of good writing vs bad, and I thought yesterday was pretty good on that front.

      My feelings about Liz and AJ moving forward will depend entirely on whether or not this represents his rock bottom. Yesterday, I was proud of both the way she took pains to look after someone she cared about and also the way she stood up for herself and refused to stand for mistreatment from him. If he comes out of this truly repentant and examining his numerous issues, then I’d be willing to see her give him another chance. If this becomes a pattern of AJ the screw up all the time… nope.

  11. I agree, tenillypo. The drunken lashing out at Elizabeth in the bar was one of the few times that AJ’s self-destructive response to the revelation about Kiki has made sense. We should have seen him fighting to keep the company and running into one road block after another. The people he should be angry at are Ava and Tracy; and Franco should be the person he’s seeking as an ally. The Connie stuff is illogical and maddening, but lashing out at the person trying to pull him back after he’s fallen off the wagon is textbook, and I thought SK played it beautifully.

    I also didn’t see Liz as enabling AJ at all. She went looking for him, knowing he was in trouble. She tried to talk him down. He verbally abused her, and she took his car keys and left him to drown his sorrows. It was perfect.

    • This exactly! Liz showed compassion for someone she cares about, but drew the line at accepting his verbal abuse.

      It’s maddening that some parts of this story (including AJ’s lashing out) are written and executed so well, while others (his rage at Connie in particular) are illogical. Half the story is beautifully character-driven, while the other half is a series of nonsensical plot points.

      • Seems to be a hallmark of this regime. When they’re good, they’re very very good, and when they’re bad…they don’t make any sense.

        It is still light years ahead of the Guza era. Most of the time.

  12. I always love reading your take on this crazy show. Elizabeth was awesome yesterday, and BH was perfection. Unlike Elizabeth, though, I think I was pretty much done with AJ as an attractive option for her after he and Carly bed-wrestled. However, because I love her, I continued trying to figure out what she sees in him that made her look past that, as well as his other (completely sober) moments of disrespecting her. I’ve been trying like crazy to look at him through her beautiful, understanding, forgiving eyes, but I just don’t get it. Most of the reasons I can see are only related to her being the care-taking, self-sacrificing person she is, and have nothing to do with what I should be seeing: her fighting to hold on to a healthy, fulfilling relationship. I haven’t seen enough of AJ placing much value on Elizabeth beyond what SHE does for HIM, and what HE gets out of their relationship. I know it’s partly the superficial, plot point writing their “romance” has had for a while, but still, I needed to see more of her receiving something positive from him that would warrant her devotion, especially after just a few short months of dating. I sincerely hope yesterday was AJ’s bottom, but regardless, I’m done trying to figure out a way to make myself understand or accept this relationship. Even sober AJ will have a long way to go before he’s good enough relationship material for my fav. I hope for more for Elizabeth than continuing to stand by this needy, needy man.

    • IDK, I think Liz has gotten plenty out of the relationship up until now. It’s just that most of the benefits have been simple day-to-day stuff and less dramatic than the downsides (which, admittedly, are getting larger by the day).

      But my two cents: I think Liz felt drawn to AJ initially as someone else who, like her, felt haunted by past mistakes, who loved Jason and can empathize with regretting never being able to make things up to him. They’ve known each other a long time — he’s Jake’s uncle, Emily’s brother. There’s a history of shared experience there.

      AJ was there for her during Steve’s health problems and sentencing. Liz has been pretty alone for a while now, between Steve, Lucky and Nikolas leaving town, Emily and Jason dying, and Ewen turning psycho. Her support system has been largely decimated. But AJ has provided support at times when she felt sad or down (about her grandfather, for example), and he’s also made her feel needed and appreciated, which is important. She’s obviously felt comfortable confiding in him about some intensely personal stuff. And he obviously enjoys her company and has gone out of his way to show her that by bringing her lunch and coffee and flowers, and stopping by just to say hi and check on how she’s doing. Little things, yes, but little things mean a lot sometimes. He’s also paid attention to her children and clearly enjoys spending time with them.

      So I don’t find her decision to commit herself to him surprising up until now. We’ll have to see where it goes moving forward.

      • You make great points, and I agree, little things do mean a lot. You remind me that AJ has been decent when things have gone more or less smoothly for him, and I need to give him more credit for that than I do. However, when AJ faces adversity his behavior (sober and not) towards her reveals what I regard as the true measure of the man, and any positives can’t outweigh the cruelty and immaturity for me. Yesterday wasn’t the first time he’s behaved miserably with her, it’s just the worst, and I can’t even try to support the relationship any more. It will be interesting to see Elizabeth’s reaction, she’s much more kind-hearted. :)

        • It’s a huge deal for me that AJ seems unable to deal with any kind of adversity. At every bump in the road either professionally or personally he has had a huge OTT meltdown. The truth is that he is weak and I don’t see him changing or maybe I don’t see Ron allowing him to change.

          Yes AJ has had a few times (when things were going well for him) where he has supported Liz or done something nice for her (bringing her lunch, sending her flowers etc, sitting with her when she was worried for Steven) still the negatives greatly outweigh the positives…the relationship has been so unbalanced..Liz has supported him, promoted him, defended him, chosen him over another man who loves her very much, she has forgiven him multiple times…she has been there for him over and over again…and in return she has twice had things she confided to him hurtfully thrown back in her face in a cruel fashion, she has been humiliated by walking into a restaurant for their first date and finding him with his tongue shoved down another woman’s throat, she was lied to for weeks and only accidently found out he had slept with someone else during another little self pitying episode…now she finds him drunk which should be a huge deal for her after Jake, and he throws that in her face in the cruelest way possible…and they haven’t even been seeing each other a year…really only a little over 6 months…

          I guess what I am asking is where is the upside in this relationship for a Liz fan…I just don’t see it at this point. I think Liz deserves better; I know as a fan who has watched GH for years and seen this same relationship for her over and over that I deserve better.

          • Ok BH has gone from almost gone to a front burner story. great .I have always been an AJ fan, I really was a fan of Billy Warlock “s AJ he never seemed to give up trying to be in his sons life. he delt with Carley marrying him, and trying to take his money, and then he was destroyed because he is an alcoholic. AJ has been the one everyone expects the worst from, and so he doesn’t do any thing else. When Sonny put him on a hook, and threatened him etc, he signed, and when he went to the police they called him a liar. His own family didn’t believe him, they believed he was drunk, Now here we go again. His family calls him names. he tries and loses. As far as what he said to Liz ,that was very uncalled for. The best parents lose sight of their kids for a moment, and she was in the house. What was she suppose to do. Tie him to her? The ones responsible for his death is, Drunken grandpa, and the writers. I would like to see them give Liz some boxing gloves so the next time she hits the person goes down. I wouldn’t mind if that happened to be Sonny or his lame son. Liz cares about AJ, and what she did was try to make sure he was safe. What he did was say these things to keep her away so he could climb into his bottle .I guess he wanted to drink. he should be angry at himself also. Shouldn’t someone have done a dna check on FrancoTodd Kiki, and also make them wait until Franco was out of surgery. Oops sorry forgot. No dna test is ever true . Luke and Sonny hooray the baby is not either of their relative, so no bombs, guns ,island shot in the chest, no drunk driving . Mac and Felicia are sooo much better. welcome back Kimberly . Hope you will stay for a while, and PLEASE bring Robert with you.. Seems like anyone who is with Sonny is not long for this world can we look forward to Olivia being next!.Who killed Connie Ron C he wrote her out.And someone tell Tracy grow up the mean girl nastiness is disgusting in a women of her age. Can’t wait for Ava to stick it to her,especially now that the truths out and Kike won’t talk to her.. Monica needs to go to court and file some eviction notices. clean house.

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