Two men, three women, and a baby.

It’s not often that I find myself applauding when Spinelli works himself into a righteous rant. Mostly because his righteousness is almost always balancing precariously on top a mountain of hypocrisy and selective amnesia.

But, hey… when he’s right, he’s right:

Spinelli angry

SPINELLI: You were afraid of losing me. So you lied to me about my own child?
ELLIE: Damian, you were in love with Maxie for years. And when she finally decided she loved you too, if you hadn’t been with me, you would have gone back to her. I mean, you slept with her when you thought I broke up with you!
SPINELLI: I thought you forgave me.
ELLIE: I did forgive you. I didn’t forget. And then, I told you that I didn’t want children, and we argued bitterly. So when Maxie revealed that you are the father of your child, I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take before you left me for her. And for your child.
SPINELLI: That’s why you told me you’d reconsider having a family. You told me you were willing to have a baby because you loved me. But that wasn’t it at all, was it? It was because of your guilt. Because you were allowing Dante and Lulu to take my child and raise it as their own!
ELLIE: Damian I wanted to tell you–
SPINELLI: But you didn’t, did you? Oh my God, Ellie. How could you do this to me? God, I feel like I don’t even know who you are!

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I still hate that this is Spinelli’s child with every fiber of my being. But those scenes were still pretty satisfying, if only for the novelty of Bradford Anderson getting to act his heart out without wanting to slap him because his character was such a douche. I’m not used to that!

(I do still like Ellie, but let’s face it: “I conspired to give your child to someone else because I was afraid you might leave me” is super weak, as far as excuses go. Also, she used the word “intercourse” AGAIN, and goddamnit, Ellie: we’ve talked about that. Stop it!)

Georgie and Maxie

On the subject of acting one’s heart out: Kirsten Storms! Damn, girl. I thought seeing her and Lindz Lethermen together again would be life-destroying enough (and if you were able to watch ghost!Georgie kissing Mac and Felicia with dry eyes, then… I salute you, you inhuman monster).

But no! As if all those Jones family feels weren’t enough, then we had to watch her desperately begging for her baby:

Maxie's baby


And I hate a lot of things about this story — not the least of which is the inevitable damage to Maxie and Lulu’s friendship — but that was still pretty damn heartbreaking.

Almost as heartbreaking as watching Dante and Lulu bond with the baby they’re eventually going to lose. And no, the fact that there are huge, piano-sized anvils falling left and right that Britt’s baby is actually theirs doesn’t really change how painful this whole thing is going to be.

(Also, I’m really bummed that Britt’s baby is a boy. The idea of Dante doting on a little girl was so appealing! But then I guess we couldn’t let Corinthos sperm create too many girl-children. That’s just not allowed.)

Lante and baby


But everyone, from Dante and Lulu to the gaggle of assorted grandparents, was so damn happy and cute and I really, really wish this was actually Dante and Lulu’s baby, you guys. Really.

(Also, does anyone else remember Lisa LoCicero was a fan of the show from way back and get distracted by being happy for her whenever she’s in scenes with the vets? No? Just me?)


In other news: maybe it’s because, given certain other recent events, I’m desperate for a couple that’s not spectacularly imploding. Or because I’ve literally been wanting this story for years. Or maybe it’s just that Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry have some good chemistry going already.

I don’t know, you guys. I really don’t. But Alexis and Julian have had maybe three scenes together, and I am already ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in favor of them getting it on:

Sam's parents


I know Julian got off to a bit of a rough start, and he’s technically evil and all. (Although can hating Sonny really be considered “evil”? Some might even say he should get a medal for that. JUST SAYING.) But the look of gobsmacked wonder on his face as he listened to Alexis’ story about Sam’s father kind of won me over completely.

I like the way he looks at her — like he’s attracted and intrigued in spite of himself. I like the way she’s clearly a little flustered around him, but not the over-the-top, neurotic mess the writing has made her way too often with men in the past. Basically, I like just about everything about the way this is going so far.

Plus, the hugging!

Julian and Alexis hug

I will neither confirm nor deny that I shouted GET IT, ALEXIS during this scene… but I totally did.


14 thoughts on “Two men, three women, and a baby.

  1. OMG, I have been waiting for Sam’s Daddy story forever and this man is the HOTNESS. I watched his scenes twice, I love that NLG is going for quiet and subtle attraction versus her usual loud-mouthed, twitterpation, banter thing.

    It’s like NLG knows..this may be her last chance to hook a love interest..

    • he’s hotness…but i’m sorry that he’s sam’s dad….sorry, I have never been able to stand her……and never ill…


  2. Nope, you’re not the only one to think that about Lisa LoCicero. As I watched I was thinking about how really delighted she seemed in those scenes she had with Tristan Rogers a few months back, and now here she was with Luke! and Laura! She must have been over the moon.

    How did I know that you would comment on Maxie’s hair? :)

    • I didn’t actually notice the hair thing until I was screencapping and then I was like… WAIT A MINUTE. LOL. Maybe the stylists hated the curls as much as I did…

  3. GH was soooooo good last week. So good… It was nice to see Spinelli with some balls, but since we already know that this will work itself out in the end and Brit will birth Rocko or whatever name Dante will give his son (and that’s what he wanted since they cannot come up with a girl’s name. these writers are very transparent…). But it is time for Ellie, Brit and Sabrina to go since they are not in the credits….

    And I predict Julian and Alexis will develop a relationship. Too bad… That means we won’t see Shawn naked anymore…. Sad face. But her is in the credits…..

  4. Derek is too hot for Alexis and as Sam’s Daddy! GH has way too many women and not enough sexy men.

    Spin is a muttering and sputtering jerk wad that deserves nothing but an icy grave. This jerk plotted the death of a cop and deserves only death and no baby. Maxie should have been paired with Johnny!

  5. I agree with Spinelli for the most part, but I’d also like to remind him: This happened because you cheated. I just don’t want this baby to reunite Spixie. Please mean Lulu will have her own miracle baby. If you can give one to JaSam, why not Lante?

    • I have to differ on this one; he thought she had just dumped him. Was it the classiest thing all of 3 minutes later? No. But it wasn’t cheating so much. Regardless, BA is the reason I love Spinelli pretty much always, and ignore the, shall we say more hypocritical moments; and this was a prefect example of why. Actually it isn’t, but it still was fabulous.

      • They were broken up? If that’s the case, then I recant about cheating. I do love Bradford Anderson, he does a good job playing Spinelli even when the character isn’t so great. I just hope this means Lante will have a miracle baby of their own.

        • They were not technically broken up, but Spinelli assumed they were, due to Ellie not showing up for their NYE rendezvous. So… yes and no.

  6. Why is everyone on GH baby crazy? I would have rather seen Maxie rise to a position at Crimson where she took over Connie’s spot. Liz has had way too many pregnancies. As for Lante, let them be a happy and in love couple before saddling with a kid that we see on holidays or before their drunk off his butt grandfather mows him down in two years. Dante should not allow Sonny or Luke anywhere near his kid!

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