Paging Dr. Corinthos…

You might think — given the number of loved ones he’s seen shot right in front of him — that Sonny would be something of an expert at it by now. I mean, this isn’t even the first time he’s gone through it with this particular loved one! It ought to be old hat for him!

Connie needs a doctor


So many questions. Like… did she actually just apologize to him on her deathbed? Did that really just happen? And did he seriously just completely fail to do ANYTHING at all that would actually be useful in trying to save her life? The answer to both those questions, of course, is: duh. Have you never watched this show before?

(22 minutes! That’s how far into the episode we were before he got around to calling 911!)  (Never! That’s how long it took him to put any pressure on the wound! How? How is he so bad at this?)

Anyway, R.I.P. Connie. We’ve had some good times. I’m already mourning the lack of future fist bumps with Tracy. But you died as you lived: wearing white, shot in the stomach, and desperately groveling to a idiot.

As for the big question: I think anyone who has ever watched television before can agree that AJ is waaaaaay too obvious to actually be the murderer.

Connie's last words

(Unless the writers are counting on us knowing that, in which case the twist would be that he really is guilty… but if we know that, it’s no longer a twist. Unless they know that we’d know that they know we’re genre savvy, in which case– oh, screw it. He’s just too obvious, okay?)

If not AJ, the next most obvious suspect is clearly Ava, who had equal reason (if not more) to be angry with Connie for exposing her lies, and had a reason to be at the office to meet her brother, and who we know has zero qualms about shooting people. Plus, Connie’s last words could just as stand for Ava Jerome. (Or maybe she shot without seeing who it was and assumed it was AJ?)

Anyway, since Ava is also so obvious, and because having it be her would kind of make it difficult for the character to stick around, I’m somewhat inclined to think it might be someone else, entirely. UNLESS THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT US TO THINK.

Really, I’ve got no idea, guys.


In other news, this happened:


LULU: Look, I know this is none of my business, okay? But on today of all days, I just have to say: don’t totally dismiss the idea of having a baby, okay?

I might have blacked out from forceful eye rolling there for a few seconds, so I can’t be completely sure. But I think Lulu went on to lecture Ellie about the joys of parenthood (oh, parents feel awe and wonder and indescribable love when they look at their newborn children? YOU DON’T SAY. I’d never have guessed!) as if a deliberately child-free woman wouldn’t have heard all those arguments a million times before from well meaning parents and family members and friends and talk shows and movies and magazines and romance novels and basically ALL OF POPULAR CULTURE.

Dear Lulu: how about you take your patronizing proselytizing and STFU, okay?

p.s. Hey, writers? How about you give that a try too.


7 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Corinthos…

  1. It CAN’T really be AJ can it? Ava Jerome is my guess. She knew AJ was drunk and mad at Connie. But your synopsis of Connie’s life was spectacular! But AJ falsely accused by Sonny, the catalyst for Connie’s death being a secret Sonny was keeping from Michael…that should just about drive a good wedge between Michael and Sonny. Sure Michael will turn on AJ in the short term but I’ll wait it out if Sonny and Carly eventually witness Michael call AJ “Dad”. Also when Spinelli said “SERIOUSLY?!” at Ellie…so rarely do you get to hear someone say “seriously?!” when a “SERIOUSLY?!” is seriously called for. Plus the slow close up when you saaaaaw Ellie become dead to Spinelli in Bradford Anderson’s eyes….that was epic and daytime Emmy worthy no matter how much someone might usually hate Spinelli.

  2. i’m yelling at him, in my head, well don’t just sit there, go and call 911….how stupid is that…..he just sits there…so she said that she was sorry…..yup…..

    sorry but he’s pathetic…is how I feel..instead of being there, oh gee, by her cousin’s side, what’s he doing, going after AJ……

    and someone wrote that sonny’s (RC) strong and smart….well, he could, oh gee, maybe think for a minute that AJ also could mean ava Jerome….it’s her life, too that connie ruined and her daughter’s with that article….but nope…AJ must be to blame..just AJ…

    sorry, but i’m rooting for him in all of this…AJ….and not the little mobster….

    is seriously called for. Plus the slow close up when you saaaaaw Ellie become dead to Spinelli in Bradford Anderson’s eyes….that was epic and daytime Emmy worthy no matter how much someone might usually hate Spinelli.

    I so agree, wasn’t that part great

    the spin and ellie part……

  3. I lost any use for Kate after she insisted on going back to Sonny having been snot TWICE because of him. Remember when she said to Ric “I love your brother but I do not wish to die for him”, why couldn’t she have stayed with it.
    If the shooter is AJ, I won’t be happy. They brought him back, they worked to repair the damage done by Guza and now have this? Why bother fixing a character to mess them up? It feels like false hope. I hope it’s Ava.
    Sonny NEVER learns. Period.

  4. AJ didn’t do it. I will not accept that AJ did it lol. Ava Jerome serves no purpose as a character so hopefully they’ll pack her off to prison. She provided a connection to get Julian to Port Charles and was a bit of a foil for AJ for a minute but really she’s useless in the plot now so she can go. Sonny is going to be SO WRONG. I need Sonny to be wrong.

    • All joking aside, I would be sincerely shocked if it turns out to be AJ for real. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s involved in this story at all is because he and Ava share the same initials and they just couldn’t resist the opportunity to use that for a red herring.

    • I hope so! Yeah, there’s no need for Ava or Kiki, really. I see Kiki as Starr with brown hair. It’s so weird to have these OLTL actors on GH as though they were never on before as OLTL characters. I still don’t believe that Franco is related the to the Qs. I don’t get why the writers had to do that, it doesn’t make any sense. Sonny really needs to be wrong and PAY for once.

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