Well, that escalated quickly.

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Lord knows I’ve hated every moment of Scotty’s return that’s involved him panting after Laura like she’s a prize dog that might get away, i.e. every moment of his return minus one or two scenes with Lucy. So far be it for me to complain about the end of their marriage.

But… really? After pursuing her for years, including fighting her children for control of her comatose body, stalking her to Paris, and badgering her into a quickie marriage (because he and Morgan apparently attended the same school of “Marriage is the Surefire Solution to Any Troubled Relationship”) we’re supposed to believe he’d give up entirely? Just like that?

Scotty wants a divorce

I got nothing, guys. The only thing I can assume is that Carlivati hated obsessive, possessive, stuck-in-the-past Scotty as much as I did, but felt he couldn’t do away with that characterization before at least addressing it. Because otherwise, the speed of that divorce just gave me some whiplash.

(And I’m a little bummed that this puts Laura once again in the position of having both men in her life making all the decisions for her. Maybe bring her back from France with some more agency, please? It’s not like she won’t be needed, given the situation with Lulu.)

Speaking of which: I have to hand it to the writers. When someone has betrayed the people who love and trust her as badly as Maxie has, it takes a lot to have you sympathizing with her anyway. But they’ve managed it.

Maxie fesses up

Spinelli confronts Maxie

MAXIE: I couldn’t ruin your life again. I had jerked you around for so long, used you… you were finally happy with someone. And even though I hated that it wasn’t me, how could I drop a bombshell that you had given me a child. I couldn’t do that! And I couldn’t let Dante and Lulu down.

All props to Kirsten Storms as well, because she’s obviously done her part. I mean, that whole speech was some condescending bullshit when you really think about it, but she totally sold me on Maxie’s “logic” in a way that the writing completely failed to do at the time when she was originally making those decisions. I’m rooting for her now! Even though she’s completely wrong and deserves every bit of anger she’s getting and about to get! That’s a feat.

I just wish it was a feat the writers could have managed turning making me want to punch Lulu, you know? She’s been wronged! Badly! I ought to be on her side! Except… Lulu doesn’t know she’s been wronged. The only thing she knows is that her best friend — who just came thisclose to dying after giving up nearly a year of her life in order to give Lulu something she wanted more than anything in the world — is now facing the additional emotional trauma of bonding with a baby that isn’t hers.

Lante mad

Sympathetic writing for Lulu would have made her Maxie’s biggest defender up until this point, the better to contrast her trusting nature against Maxie’s guilty lies. Sympathetic writing would have had her in distress over Maxie’s distress when she learned of her near-death experience and drugged delusions. It would have had her sad for her friend and worried for her mental health when she found out about the attempt to nurse the baby. (Which is the first actually sketchy thing Maxie’s done that Lulu’s found out about, for the record.)

Instead, we’ve been stuck with ungrateful, self-centered paranoia that’s just been kicked into overdrive. I’m dreading it already. Shut up, Lulu’s bitchface.


Luckily, we had the on-going story of Connie’s brutal murder to bring a little levity to some otherwise fairly heart-breaking proceedings! I could complain about Diane’s glibness in the face of her former friend’s death, but Diane’s glibness in the face of all sorts of horrible things happening to the people she claims to love has been an issue for a while, so whatever.

Plus, I’m  not going to lie: her proud reaction to Michael’s recitation of proper arrestee behavior was pretty hilarious.

Diane and Michael

Anyway, naturally, seeing AJ arrested for murder caused Michael to instantly view him in a more fatherly light. (Which is a Sonny joke so obvious I don’t think I actually even need to make it, do I?) But it was a sweet moment and it made AJ happy and I might sniffled at the screen a bit in between my snickering. So that was nice.

(Also nice: AJ actually taking responsibility for himself! There’s the AJ I want to root for!)

But the most shocking development by far was Dante kind of, sort of admitting that lying to protect Sonny after he shot him in the chest that one time was possibly not the best decision ever:

DANTE: I know your impulse is going to be to protect him. But that would be a mistake.
MICHAEL: The kind of mistake you made with Dad.
DANTE: [nods] The kind of mistake I made and regret.

…of course, that revelation didn’t actually lead to him arresting Sonny or even drawing his weapon when the man was standing right in front of him with a gun to AJ’s head, screaming that he was going to kill him right there. So, you know… ‘A’ for effort, Dante, but I think that anti-corruption merit badge isn’t yours quite yet.


9 thoughts on “Well, that escalated quickly.

  1. that’s my take on it as well


    I got nothing, guys. The only thing I can assume is that Carlivati hated obsessive, possessive, stuck-in-the-past Scotty as much as I did, but felt he couldn’t do away with that characterization before at least addressing it. Because otherwise, the speed of that divorce just gave me some whiplash.

  2. I think RC is getting ready for another round of LnL, so he broke up Laura and Scotty. Of course, most of the relations except for Kiki’s happen offscreen! Scotty has tons of chemistry with Lucy and Laura is too busy chasing after Luke.

    Spinelli is a little turd.

  3. Shut up, LuLu’s bitch face IN DEED!!! And take Dante’s bitch face with you. Everything Maxie has done for them (as far as they know) and everything she has been through just to make their parenthood dream come true (again, as far as they know) and they’re both just like “k thanks, BYE!”

  4. No, I will never sympathize with Maxie, no matter how much the writers try to demonize Lante. That is right, they wrote them totally OOC and had them go after Maxie in an attempt to prop Maxie and it worked…with some people. Old Lante would never have reacted that way, but sorry if I think they are justified. Yes, they are grateful to Maxie for carrying their child, but Maxie lying to the nurse, claiming to be the mother and attempting to nurse “their” child is just wrong. Lulu did attempt to be sympathetic, but if she continued to be totally understanding and ignore the signs that Maxie is too attached to the child, it would just emphasize how much she is being played and make us less likely to side with Maxie. I am looking forward to the truth coming out and seeing it from Lante’s POV. I have hated how a story about Lante’s journey to have a child was turned into a Spin/Maxie/Ellie story. That being said, the performances by BA, KS, ER, & DZ have been outstanding and I can’t wait to see more of this tangled story.

    • Of course Maxie lying to the nurse and attempting to nurse the baby was wrong. That’s not in question. But Lulu saying that she loves Maxie rings a little hollow when she’s exhibiting zero concern for her postpartum mental well-being. Rather than jumping straight to threats to disown her, I would have expected a truly loving friend to sit down with her for a gentle talk about how she was feeling and why what she’d done was unacceptable and could not keep happening. I mean, this was the first time either of them had seen Maxie since she nearly DIED on the table giving birth! She’s got hormones running rampant; they know she was “hallucinating” while drugged that it was her baby — there was a way to handle that conversation with some grace and compassion. They chose the opposite.

      Obviously, I think it’s a poor writing choice, but it’s one that pre-dates Emme Rylan in the role. Lulu been out of line with Maxie since this pregnancy began, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with the casting.

      • Not to mention, “I know you’re having separation issues, Maxie, but let me just mention the totally unrelated fact that my father is dying so that I can get the upper hand in this discussion.”

        • Yeah, even the reasons she gave for not wanting to lose Maxie’s friendship had nothing to do with concern for Maxie — just Lulu not wanting to lose support for herself. Such bad writing.

  5. Actually I think it does make sense that Scotty gave up. I think for some reason or other, he convinced himself that once they were married he would have her to himself, only to find her running off yet again, still obviously owned by Luke. I think it just snapped him into reality (finally!) that he would never have her and his life would just be panting after her heart and never really having it. I think his dreamworld just finally came crashing in on him and he didn’t want to live the rest of his life coming in second.

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