Everything’s coming up Cassadine!

I imagine non-soap watchers must have been somewhat puzzled by the mass shriek they heard during today’s show.

(And no, I don’t mean the shriek of laughter we all let out when Michael claimed Sonny had taught him to take responsibility for his actions, “right or wrong.” Although, don’t get me wrong: THAT WAS PRETTY AMAZING.)

Silas and Sam kiss


I also don’t mean the shriek of confused lust that some of us let out at the sight of Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco working their magic chemistry again, although… that was pretty good for me. (What? It’s been awhile, okay? I HAVE NEEDS.)

No, the shriek I’m talking about is the one Alexis’ eyeballs made when they came into contact with little Julian here:



Good God, the sex they’re eventually going to have is going to be so hot, isn’t it?

Dear William deVry: first of all, congrats on the abs. They’re very nice. Also, please feel free to keep smiling in amused delight whenever Alexis gets flustered around you, like she’s the most fun you’ve ever had and you’re just super pleased as punch that of all the underage girls in all the bars in the world, she’s the one who grew up to be your secret baby mamma. Because I not gonna lie: IT’S REALLY WORKING FOR ME.

Please also continue to look at Sam and Danny with wonder and tenderness and longing, and that hand-behind-the-head hugging thing?

Sam and Julian hug

Sam and Julian hug2

Yeah. Keep doing that.

Speaking of men in the Davis ladies’ lives: I continue to enjoy Nikolas in all non-obsessive stalker related capacities, including: supporting his aunt and cousin, bonding with Julian, providing a friendly ear and no judgement hugs to Elizabeth, and being a true friend to Britt — by which I mean protecting her but also laying some truth bombs on her about her behavior.

You’re all right, Nikolas Cassadine! And I’m not just saying that because Tyler Christopher is looking better than he has in years. (But seriously, it helps.)

Nik and Britt

I like the way Britt is a woman Nik can’t put up on a pedestal, both because she’s far from perfect and also not really trying to hide that fact. I like the way he’s someone she can be herself with in a way she may have thought she could with Patrick, but really never did.

(Although, Britt, hon? People don’t think you’re a bitch because you’re “assertive.” They think it because you’re the type of person who steals from and insults children, abuses employees, and interrupts an AIDS charity to make public announcements about all the unprotected sex you’ve been having. Also, you order wine spritzers at dive bars. WHAT WERE WE SUPPOSED TO THINK?)

Anyway, revisionist as the history she laid out was, it seemed like the kind of lie a person like Britt would tell herself, so it worked for me.

Britt and Nik

And it’s not like Nikolas didn’t leave some details out of his own tale of woe, like how Aiden’s real father was the brother he’d been cuckolding. Or that another paternity lie caused him to miss out on time with baby Spencer — who only exists because he cheated on his raped wife.

(Serious, you guys, Britt and Nik are so terrible and beautiful and perfect together, I can’t even. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but imagine their babies! The blood of TWO super crazy evil criminal mastermind empires coursing through those kids’ veins! They’ll be unstoppable!)


18 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up Cassadine!

  1. These are the three couples or future couples I really want to happen. Sam and Silas were hot and so adorable. I loved the banter, the pinch, the smiles, and the kisses. Alexis was so funny being all hot and bothered by Julian, not that I blame her. William Devry has been a great addition to the cast. He has chemistry with Alexis, Sam, and Ava (which sometimes borders on inappropriate).

    Britt and Nik just work for me. They are two imperfect, flawed, and gorgeous people, who come from really crazy evil families. What’s not to like?

    • I have no previous experience with deVry, but he’s great in this role. I’m more excited about this story than I have been in a while now.

  2. No Brad/Felix commentary? I found that whole thing problematic, but compelling due in most part because of the actors ability to sell their POVs. I think the guy who plays Brad has the capacity to show some layers, if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, Mr Coerces Young Men would need to do more than cry about being fat as a kid to win me over. I’m surprised to think it could happen, but from that scene, I think it might.

    • I do have Brad/Felix thoughts, but it was late and I was tired. Maybe if SOMEONE didn’t distract me with Game of Thrones talk…. ;)

      Basically, I’m glad to see Brad getting some depth, but unimpressed by his sense of entitlement. Through his whole angry sob story, I kept thinking that if this was a straight dude talking to a lady, I’d be ripping him a new one for Nice Guy(TM) syndrome. Then again, that’s kind of fitting from a guy who thought people being mean to him in high school meant it was cool to sexually harass co-workers and coerce sex through blackmail, so… I’ll be interested to see where it goes.

      • Yeah, I agree. I totally thought the reasoning was BS. That is why I was so shocked that I was buying it at all. The actors have surprising chemistry. That is the only way I can explain it.

        Game of Thrones owns me right now. I will not apologize for that.

        • Nah, don’t apologize. You know I love it when you nerd talk me, baby.

          As much as I’d like to see some gay kissing, I was kind of relieved they were interrupted because I’d like to see more of an actual slow build of Felix learning to like Brad, rather than just buying into his BS pity party. And hey, maybe an actual triangle with Lucas?

          • Three gay characters on a daytime soap at THE SAME TIME? Three gay men don’t exist in a small town/big city together. That is stretching reality too much, T.

          • I just like Brad because he isn’t sooo stereotypically gay man most tv shows always show. He acts like a guy, who just happens to like guys (kinda like me…lol). Also I’m always a softie for villians…hahaaa.
            Oh and he’s kinda cute, too.

  3. I seriously love Nikita! Best writing Nikolas has had in years. He stopped Patrick from man handling pregnant Britt, but also knew Britt must’ve done something to make Patrick that upset. He was also disaproving of Britt’s lies, but didn’t want to throw a pregnant woman out.

    I just want one wacky family dinner where Helena and Dr. O discuss their disappointing children, while Stavros and Faison talk about not making their dream women fall in love with them. No matter how many they kidnap them (and or their family members)???

  4. I have already said this other places, but I am quite impressed w/ Wm devry. I was not at all sure I was going to be able to get past Michael Cambias, but turns out dude is just a very good actor, and now all nice and charming. I am looking forward to more of him with Sam, Alexis and Danny. Also, more Nik/Britt please. I like them very much together.

    • Word that Tyler looks better than he has in years. I think he unbulked quite a bit. I do wish his sleeves were a little longer, the tattoos are very un-Cassadine. I am also distracted by JT’s lower arm tattoos, they also seem very out of character.

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