Quit playing games with my heart.

Real talk: I’m always going to be pissed about AJ choking Connie. Especially because that was so completely unnecessary in order to set up the murder mystery. (This an on-going weakness in Ron Carlivati’s writing where he takes sloppy shortcuts and also doesn’t seem to know where the line is. And it drives me nuts.)

But credit where credit’s due, after taking things way too far, he does also sometimes call it what it is:

AJ guilty

AJ: What kind of piece of scum says something like that? I mean to anybody, let alone the woman that he cares about? Yeah, I’ll tell you who does it — the same person that would kill someone for writing an article that he didn’t like. Which is why, Michael, I’ve decided that I’m–I’m going to plead guilty.

Self-awareness! Personal responsibility! How novel! I was especially glad to see him recognizing how INSANE his anger toward Connie was, and also not making any excuses for it. And then, of course, there’s his guilt and shame over the way he treated Elizabeth. Which: yes, bring it on. GROVELING. I DEMAND INTENSE AND PROTRACTED GROVELING.

For her part, I really love the way Elizabeth showed up (in her adorable NYC dress!) but was clear that her presence didn’t mean all was forgotten or forgiven, and honest about the fact that she doesn’t know what to believe or how to feel. That’s right, girlfriend! You set yourself some healthy boundaries!

Liz yellow dress

Because you don’t stop caring about someone immediately, even when they hurt you badly — but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to protect yourself. (On a related note, can someone please give Liz a hug? Or five?) I hope that whatever happens next for these two, it’s not rushed.

I could say the same for Carly and Franco, but it seems that ship has already sailed. Which is doubly annoying because 1) FRANCO. UGH. 2) this is exactly how they messed up Carly and Todd, and I was really hoping that the chance for a do-over with Roger Howarth would at least net more of a slow burn between them. But no. We’re leaping straight from “friendly neighborhood psychopath” to “you’re my only friend” territory.

(For the record, this is even more annoying than when Todd spouted that same godawful line at her roughly eight million times. At least there was a basis for their rushed relationship in the months they spent getting to know each other, the similarities in their personalities, and — this is key — the lack of a personal history in which he terrorized her and everyone she loves.)

Franco and Carly

CARLY: Joke all you want. I’m not going to apologize for caring whether you live or die.
FRANCO: I’m just not really sure why you do.

And yeah, blah, blah chemistry. But if they wanted an insta-relationship between Carly and Roger Howarth’s new character, then they should have made him someone without this much baggage. Because tumor or no, it’s completely unbelievable that she’d be giving him the time of day this fast. (Especially with Sonny self-destructing and both her sons in a panic — you’re telling me Carly would be content to shrug and sit around holding freaking Franco’s hand while that’s going on? Really?)

On the plus side, Howarth’s hair is finally not stupid again? And the hilarity of his lone brain surgery band-aid juxtaposed with the TENNIS BALL SIZED tumor they supposedly removed from his head will never stop cracking me up. So there’s that.

Meanwhile, I think Nikolas just blew a new record for going from likeable to SHUT UP, YOU CONDESCENDING CONTROL FREAK. Or maybe that’s just me?


BRAD: Is that judgment I hear? That’s rather rich, Prince Nikolas, coming from an heir to a legacy of inbreeding, fratricide and, um, fringe meteorology?

Nope. Pretty sure Brad’s right there with me. (Team Brad! Add that to the list of words I never thought I’d type!)

Dear Nikolas: you seem confused about the concept of a sperm donor. Let me help you: they donate sperm. That’s it. The preachiness with someone who — if Britt’s story were true, which it is transparently not — amounts to nothing more her partner in a business transaction is obnoxious. Especially considering Britt never asked you to go strong arm Brad or indicated that she wanted to live with him (!!!) or desired his participation in her baby’s life in any way.

(I am glad to see them giving Brad a little more depth. I’d be even more glad if either the show or Brad seemed to realize that being bullied as a kid doesn’t entitle you to sex with anyone you want as an adult. But if he keeps sassing off to Nikolas’ pompousness, my love for him may rise exponentially.)


14 thoughts on “Quit playing games with my heart.

  1. Ron has always gone too far in his writing as we saw with having OLTL TSJ’s version of Todd falling in love and sleeping with Marty, having Marty kill her shrink, having Ford sleeping with a mentally disturb Jessica, etcc.. and he’s done the same thing with AJ.

    Liz needs to keep her distance from AJ and make that make WORK and I mean, WORK to get back into her good graces, and then he had better romance the hell out of her for months!

    Franco. Blech. Ron could have easily wrapped up Franco as Jason’s twin nonsense by having Heather admit that she gave birth to identical twins named Franco and ???? a few years before Steven Lars was born and gave them over to Betsy Frank’s to raise, and one of them was the serial killer that Jason killed and the other one was living out west.

    • I like your idea of having a Holt instead of Franco, a family we KNOW is related to the Quartermaines! THAT would make sense. This Franco being Jason’s brother nonsense is just stupid. They should have left him dead.

  2. Nikolas was driving me nuts this week. Yeah, we get it. You’re falling for Britt, but that doesn’t mean you get to bully Brad into taking her in. Speaking of Brad, I feel really bad for him. Obviously, he had no idea that Britt was going to claim he was her baby daddy–the look on his face when Patrick said that he was the father was priceless. I wish he would have stood up to Britt and told them the truth. I really hope that he manages to tell Dante, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

  3. I don’t think AJ has gone nearly as far down the rabbit hole as Todd or Ford. The contrivance of AJ focusing all of his rage on Connie was absurd, annoying and bad storytelling. The way he lashed out at Elizabeth while drunk, however, rang painfully true. That is what alcoholics and addicts do. And I agree with tenillypo that so far, Elizabeth’s cautious, conditional support of AJ is working.

    Franco/Carly, however, is not. Every time I start to take baby steps towards accepting this stupid recast, they do something like this to remind me of what a terrible idea it was in the first place, and how many unnecessary problems they created for themselves. Carly ignoring Sonny in crisis in order to sit in on Franco’s hearing? Not to mention, where were all the other people whom Franco terrorized? Granted, they all have storylines involving newborns or sick children, but still, not even a mention of Sam, Lulu, or Maxie? Nonsense. It’s clear they’re dead set on Carly/Franco, but they won’t make it work by having Carly ignore all of her other connections on the canvas in order to inexplicably stand by Franco. Carly is a character who holds grudges for years, for crying out loud.

    • AJ’s lashing out at Liz is horrible but at least realistic, as you said. I just wish none of this happened, why build him up to bring him down again?
      And I hate that Franco is now a Quartermaine, it doesn’t make any sense at ALL, I like the idea someone else had on here of having a bitter Holt coming back. THAT could work. Besides, wasn’t Franco dead? He was better that way. And Alice mad at TRacy for holding the vote when Franco can’t vote because “Franco is family” Please! And why would Carly forgive Franco no matter what when she never forgives anyone.

  4. How about Liz, she not bogged down with a storyline and he actually kidnapped her newborn. Why can Liz never get justice? Her rapist did not go to jail for raping her, nor is he dead as far as we know, the drunken childkiller is still walking around drinking and is franco going to be charged with kidnapping aiden or is he just charged w/kidnapping sam and lulu?

    • I read on another site that Soapnet was airing the scenes where Franco wanted Michael raped in prison. There is no way to fix Franco. RC could have wrapped the Franco/Lauren nonsense up in a pretty bow as I mentioned on this blog, and brought RoHo on as a Holt, Cassadine, Jerome, Webber, Baldwin, Jones, Spencer etc….

    • I’m pretty sure Franco’s being charged with everything and the kitchen sink. It’s just not going to matter, because TUMOR and whatnot.

  5. The writing for this show is all over the place. They brought AJ back, worked hard to erase Guza’s horrible slaughter of his characters and made it look had he had something going and was headed for some great stuff. . .for this? Seriousy? I still think it’s not AJ but nonetheless, why bother fixing a character if you’re going to put him back into a similar mess. It’s so frustrating

    • Well, I think part of the point of building AJ back up is to make you care when it looks like he might fall again. We need to be rooting for him in order for there to be drama in him messing up again. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell he actually killed Connie, so this too, shall pass. The problem I have is in the writers thinking they can handwave the choking thing like it doesn’t matter.

      • I agree. If AJ had been angry at Tracy and Sonny until his drunken spree, when Ava manipulated him and he hallucinated a taunting Connie, this entire plot would have worked beautifully. And it’s great soap, for him to come back from the depths only to fall again and have to start climbing once more. It was the illogical, contrived initial fixation on and violence against Connie that tainted this storyline for me.

  6. I wasn’t even a tiny bit impressed with AJ’s apology which IMO happened because once again he needed someone to hold his hand and tell him he isn’t a big loser and of course he used Liz to ger Michael to feel even sorrier for him. I was happy that Liz remained cold to himl IMO what he said to her just isn’t forgivable (especially given his prior bad acts towards her) and the fact that he was drunk isn’t an excuse its just another reason for a woman who lost her son to a drunk driver to run from him as fast as she can.

    I think Franco / Carly is just as horrible for different reasons. I don’t really see any remorse from him for the crimes he committed…besides its annoying that Franco has suddenly turned into Todd once the tumor was removed. I loved Tarly although I was never a Todd fan on OLTL;. I think LW and Roger have some real chemistry but chemistry can’t overcome everything and this is one of those cases.

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