Sonny’s throwing barware again. Must be Tuesday.

If you know me at all, you know that my level of caring about Sonny’s latest melodramatic screaming fit resides somewhere between slim to ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME. (Ghost wedding! That really happened! No, really!)

However. I am also known to be susceptible to the sight of Maurice Bernard cooing at babies. And the look on his face when Dante and Lulu announced that they’d named their baby after Connie?

Sonny meets Connie Jr


I’m not going to lie: it hit me in the feels a little. (Side note: I actually kind of hate that name for the baby? But it was a nice moment and I suppose it’s a moot point because she’ll be Georgie soon enough anyway?)

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that said feels were already primed and ready to go from Maxie and Anna’s heart-to-heart earlier in the episode:

ANNA: You were carrying the baby for such a long time. She was a part of you. And now she isn’t.
MAXIE: I miss her. Her–her flips and her hiccups.
ANNA: Of course you do! It’s natural.
MAXIE: But it has to stop. Lulu was scared of me. Me! Not that I blame her.

(Can I blame her for you, Maxie? Because I do! I really, really do! SHUT UP, LULU.)

(But I digress.)

Maxie and Anna

ANNA: Maxie, I have known you since you were born. You are every bit as strong as Robin was. And she would be first to say that if she were here. You’re not going to feel like this forever, okay? I promise you that.
MAXIE: Thank you for having so much faith in me.
ANNA: Oh, I have all the faith in the world in you. I do. That’s what godmothers are for.

It would take a stronger woman than I am not to sniffle a bit through Robin mentions and godmother love. Anna Devane, I wish you were real and also my godmother and could come and give me gentle pep talks and hugs when I’m sad. Maybe also teach me the secret of looking exponentially hotter the older you get, too? (Wait, am I digressing again? I DON’T CARE. ANNA DEVANE FOR PRESIDENT, Y’ALL!)


15 thoughts on “Sonny’s throwing barware again. Must be Tuesday.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious the writers are making Lulu (and Dante) extremely unsympathetic on purpose. Otherwise Maxie would look absolutely horrible. imo, she still does. Even if she wanted nothing to do with this baby and wanted Lante to raise it, they still have the right to know it’s not biologically theirs and what they are getting into.

      • I agree, it’s obvious. It’s also working on me, at least, because right now I want Lulu run over by a truck. I wish they’d gone more subtle.

        • heh, it would probably work on me if Lulu weren’t one of my favorites. Or used to be, cause I can’t really get into the recast. But the writers are still annoying me with their not so subtle method.

      • It doesn’t work on me because I see it and the fact that they think I’m stupid enough to fall for such obvious audience manipulation fucking annoys me. It only makes me hate Maxie by extension and Maxie used to be one of my favorites while I’ve never had any particular feelings for Lulu one way or another. It only makes me call out the heinousness of what Maxie is doing. It’s like when the show did the same shit woobifying Sonny or Jason when they were being heinous by trying to make their counterparts unsympathetic. Sorry but woobifying heinous actions does not fly with me AT ALL.

        • What can I say? I hate characters when shows try to make me sympathize through their awful actions. I much preferred Maxie’s pillow baby lie because the show wasn’t trying to manipulate anyone re: Maxie’s motivations. Yet, I sympathized with her grief over Jesse way more than I sympathize with her here and Jesse sucked balls. This only makes me yawn and makes me perversely wish that RC goes for a twist like he was apt to do with OLTL’s baby shenanignas in that baby “Connie/Georgie” ends up being Dante/Lulu’s baby after all and Maxie’s head explodes from her bullshit.

        • I think the difference is that I would feel sympathy for Maxie anyway. I think she’s made some dumb, messed up choices, but she’s done so with good intentions. I certainly don’t consider her heinous in the same way that Jason and Sonny were. She’s not killing people for money and being proclaimed a hero.

          I wish I could sympathize with her and Lulu both, is all.

  1. That was a lovely scene with Sonny and the baby, although I’m not wild about the name Connie either. If she actually were Dante and Lulu’s, imagine the conversation they’d have with her about the origin of her name in a few years. “We named you after your grandma’s mentally ill cousin. She was murdered by one of your grandpa’s enemies right before you were born. Okay, sleep tight now!”

    My favorite baby moment of the week, however, is when Britt was cooing at her minutes-old newborn who looked at her and emitted a very manly belch. SO CUTE. I’m really hoping that when it’s revealed that Britt’s baby is really Lulu’s (I’m assuming) that it doesn’t ruin whatever is happening between Nik and Britt. I can’t imagine that knowingly keeping his sister’s baby from her would sit well with Nik of all people considering what Jax did with Spencer, but the writers need to figure out a way around that because Nik and Britt would be an epic couple.

    • I’m now assuming that Britt is unaware she’s carrying Dante and Lulu’s baby (SOAPS!) due to some machinations of her mother. So hopefully sympathy over the pain of losing what she thought was her child will cause Nik to get over the fact that she’s also been conspiring with Maxie this whole time about baby Connie (ugh).

    • you guys are probably going to think that I’ve lost it.

      didnt’ watch sonny with the baby, so couldn’t care less…..and you are so right about the name connie…what a name to choose, I know that dante was close to his cousin, but..come on…

      but i’m changing my mind about britt…as long as she stays somewhat like she is now…she’s going to turn out to be ok…..

      don’t like that she was still not willing to say a proper thank you to Sabrina, but she is getting better in that department…loved maxie, how she made britt see the baby….so to speak…said, don’t make the same mistake that I do.

      I wonder if she’s the mom, and all that…..

      and I think that she and nick rock….I don’t want him back with liz at all….at this point in time…to me, they have long lost the magic…and i’m so sick and tired of brothers always having to have the same woman, it’s so totally old…..

      but, we do have AJ and Jason in that department…so it’s still a go, with liz…


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