Ride ’em, Davis girls!

Maybe it says something about me that I was 100% more entertained by the last two days of Ava kicking dead bodies and playing mind games with off-his-meds Sonny than I was by all the previous endless weeks of gazing at Silas with tortured doe eyes.

Or maybe it just says something about Maura West’s strengths. (Hint: those strengths aren’t dropping cryptic hints about a tragic past that she refuses to explain.) In any case: give me evil Ava any day, because she’s kind of awesome. And give me Silas out from under her drama, because then he busts out looks like this and I forget for a second to be sad we’re never getting John McBain back:

Silas smile

Sam’s nonplussed but cautiously pleased reaction to the thought of a normal date? Kind of adorable. See also: her attempts to butt into her mother’s love life:

ALEXIS: I don’t really see a future between me and Shawn.
SAM: Come on, that means you are free to get back on the horse again.
ALEXIS: What horse?
SAM: What do you mean, what horse? Grab Derek and saddle up, mom!
ALEXIS: I don’t even know how to respond to that.
SAM: What do you mean? You grab him and you get him and you gallop–

All those years in the mid-2000s I spent lamenting the lack of attention paid to Alexis and Sam’s relationship and THIS is the kind of stuff we were missing? Well, hell. I feel extra cheated now. (Damn you, Guza!)

It seems ridiculously implausible that Julian could have spent this many years plotting to take Sonny down and not already be familiar with all the major players in his life and organization, like, you know… his attorney and also one time baby mama. But I kind of don’t care? Because the scenes where Alexis confessed the story of Kristina’s parentage were pretty much gold for me.

And I suppose I should feel alarmed that we just witnessed him flat out murdering a man, but let’s be honest: that guy sucked. And cold-blooded murder has certainly never stopped this show from presenting someone as rootable before.

the jeromes

And seriously — hating Sonny? Not exactly a sign of bad taste in my book. Especially with the man in question off his meds, which really just means he’s exactly as prone to violent hissy fits and being an self-centered asshole to everyone who loves him as usual. Only now he sometimes also has moments of clarity about terrible things he’s done:

SONNY: I remember when I hired Jason — he walked out of the Quartermaines and he needed a job, so I hired him as a runner and I–I thought I could protect him. Especially from the dangers. It didn’t work out that way.
CARLY: You told him the risks of the job and you let him choose, and you trusted him with the consequences.
SONNY: He was brain damaged! He didn’t know how to choose!

(Um, yeah. Sorry, y’all. But I am Team Jeromes, all the way.)

Speaking of Quartermaines, Monica’s back! Which is great not just because she doesn’t let AJ get away with any of his crap, and not just because she immediately kicked all the remaining freeloaders out of her damn house (although as a friend pointed out, why Kiki and Morgan were so eager to spend winter in an unheated boathouse in upstate New York in the first place is kind of a mystery).

But mostly, Monica coming home is awesome because it means she and Tracy get to have scenes like this one:

Monica and Tracy2

MONICA: Oh, come on, Tracy. It’s no secret you detest me.
TRACY: And the feeling’s mutual. But we’re family. And push comes to shove, family shoves back for each other.

And then I get to sniffle pathetically on the couch, because messed up Quartermaine love is still the best, you guys.

Would that Franco were more interested in learning about his long lost family than in boning Carly, because I would be SO MUCH more interested in a Franco who was humbly working to get to know Monica and Tracy than the one who just walked back into the mansion like he owned the place. How about use this tumor revelation to have him come as a penitent asking for stories about Alan and Edward and Lila? Or Jason before the accident? How about actually mining that Quartermaine connection, since it seems we’re stuck with it now, no matter what?

(No? He’s just going to be flippant, arrogant, wise-cracking Todd 2.0 instead? Well, okay then.)

The one good thing I can say about Franco this week is that he provided an excuse for the wonder that is Heather Webber to pop back into all our lives, and that is always a beautiful thing:

TODD: How did you get here?
HEATHER: Let’s just say I’ve devised an elaborate system that is foolproof for coming and going from such places. I’ve been doing it for years, since the early 80s.
TODD: Correct me if I’m wrong, but that system was built for the express purpose of killing someone.
HEATHER: Well, it could be used on other occasions. Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs… Comic Con.

I’ve decided that Heather/BLTs is my one true pairing on this show. Robin Mattson: you complete me.


17 thoughts on “Ride ’em, Davis girls!

  1. Odd…I flipped my lid over the propofol that looked like albumin but I didn’t even think about the unheated boathouse in almost-Canada. Prolly bc I’m from the south lol. Loved loved LOVED the sweet Clay/McBain eyes. Still not sold on Ava bc if I have to choose between AJ and Ava, I want AJ. Based on nothing more than I happen to like boys so if the more hot female appreciating population disagrees, I have no argument. But it’s Port Charles, y’all! Murderers go free and stay under contract all the time. Maybe we can keep both A.J.’s no matter who poor stupid can’t-take-enough-bullets-for-Sonny Connie intended to name with her blood doodle.

  2. Cept I do feel bad for Alexis that her new twitter-patter just SHOT a guy. Again. I guess when Shawn is all “ok so it’s cool when HE’S a mob killer??” she can be like “But to be fair…he fathered my child BEFORE I knew he came from a mob fam!!” Truly, to be fair you only have 3 choices in the PC…mobster, doctor, gay male hospital employee. While I’m kinda thrilled to have more than one gay character, they aren’t choices for Alexis. Silas is after Sam, Patrick has a girlfriend, a non-baby-momma AND an undead wife. Plus those 2 are VERY busy being the only 2 docs at GH. Mobster is her only choice no matter how hard she tries.

  3. Nothing about the Davis ‘girls’ holds any interest for me certainly not Sam encouraging Alexis to ride her mobbed up albeit unknown father–ewww. ME is a good actor he’s wasted on KeMo I actually liked ME and FH they were good; and RoHo he’s also wasted so sad they brought him back as Franco–not even good-except his scenes with RM she’s over the top but funny. The thing with Carly makes my skin crawl, LW plays everything too loud on GH she wasn’t like that on GL. As for Kiki & Morgan these two are so boring I’m almost wanting squeaky Molly back and that’s so not right. As for Michael the kid so much filmed was wasted on for so many years CD isn’t an awful actor but KA makes him seem that way–I liked his scenes with SK.

    I do agree about Monica & Tracey (two really good but wasted actresses) and that killers all go free–well except Jason he finally got bumped off and into the water. Sonny I wouldn’t miss him in the least–I love Ava she plays this so well and I’m wondering how she would play with Jerry Jacks because he is excellent. The guy who plays Sam’s daddy Julian he isn’t bad but he’s too young looking to play Sam’s father, though I’m all for the older woman younger man thing again–well maybe not.

    I’m not sure what to do about AJ I had hope in the beginning but as usual they concentrated on the wrong characters to his detriment so again EW gets a dud like Nic (not always) Lucky, even Ric was turned into a dud and Zander (though I never really saw them together) they missed the boat with Elizabeth & Patrick that could have been so soapy–Sabrina OMG that girl is boring but I do like her friend Felix bring back Lucas for him.

    As always JMHO

  4. I almost spit out my lunch when Sam uttered those “saddle up” lines to Alexis. Best Sam line ever! If Sam keeps talking like that and continues to look cute and happy with Silas, I may actually start becoming interested in her character, because truthfully she’s always bored me to death.

    Julian is yummy, charming, and can think rings around Sonny and Co., so if they do have to stick Alexis with a mobster (and I wish they didn’t have to), better him than anyone else. And after all, Duke reformed with the love of a good woman, so maybe Julian will, too.

  5. Is it wrong that I want Alexis to marry Julian/Derek and then give into her Inner Cassadine and start running the mob and making it her own empire?

    Then when Britt marries Nikolas, she can be Helena 2.0.

    I guess the story is.. I want women to have all the power and run this show. :)

  6. Agreed on the Franco/Quartermaine stuff. I was thinking that the removal of his brain tumor was the perfect time for him to be like “Hey, call me Robert Quartermaine” and then we can forget he was ever really Franco because I think that is what 99% of the show viewers want. But alas, no.

    • I really do not understand why they haven’t just renamed him Robert Quartermaine yet. Every time I hear the name Franco, it makes it impossible for me to take this story seriously.

      • It just seemed like a perfect wasted opportunity. Plus, if he really feels like the brain tumor caused his behavior before it would be a very strong symbol that he wants to start anew. Of course, that would make me happy and we all know how this show rolls on that front. Maybe I’ll be changing my tune when Robin comes back because you know, ROOOOBBBBIIINNNN! But Patrick’s relationships with Britt and Sabrina have made him less dreamy in my eyes so I’m less psyched about their reunion than I would like to be. But I’m hoping Robin’s presence will give me a good old case of soap amnesia.

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