Brace yourselves. We going full Mrs. Robinson.

Halfway through today’s episode, I started composing a post in my head about how amazing Kirsten Storms looks with the real life pregnancy glow, and how magically interesting Maxie and Spinelli have suddenly become for the first time in years. I was going to bitch a little about Michael and Kiki’s insta-love, and marvel at how Maurice Bernard and Laura Wright can have zero romantic chemistry and still work so well as exes who totally get each other.

It probably would have been a fine little post. But then this happened, and it was simultaneously so gross and perfect and fascinating that I think I lost most of my high brain function?

Morgan and Ava

HOLY CATS, KIDS. Was that amazing for you too? I actually stood up and cheered.

First of all, I have been waiting for Ava to make a man out of Morgan since the moment she started seducing him back at her apartment in the city. I did NOT think it would actually ever happen, though.

Or that Morgan would be the instigator — after spending the last two days pulling a classic move straight out of the Corinthos playbook, aka when caught red-handed in a despicable act, take no responsibility for your actions, blame all the other “hypocrites” around you, and shout about BETRAAAAYAL at the top of your lungs.

(Which just goes to show how perfect he and his mother-in-law — SOAPS! — really are for each other, considering she had the nerve to proclaim herself the aggrieved party after being rejected by the man whose daughter she stole for 20 years — an action for which she has yet to offer a single apology or explanation, by the way.)

But just because I have a hard time not laughing at anyone who’s big complaint is that their parents robbed them of the chance to get shot in the head or raped, I don’t want to suggest that Morgan doesn’t also have some legitimate grievances against his family. He even got some solid truth-telling in:

MORGAN: My whole family’s nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Especially my father.

Word, Morgain. WORD. (Real talk: back before this fratty dudebro SORAS showed up, I used to dream Morgan might come back to town all grown up, hating Sonny, and calling Jax “dad.”)

Morgan and Ava4

Morgan and Ava3

He’s certainly seeming more grown up by the second. I guess two out of three ain’t bad?


17 thoughts on “Brace yourselves. We going full Mrs. Robinson.

  1. I was sitting here trying to figure out wheeeeere this Morgan/Eva alliance was going. And then DELICIOUS!!! Mostly because this soras’d Morgan is an irredeemable douche. Yeah, his family blows but this character lacks any self awareness, he’s just a brat. Genuinely does not care whether KiKi is happy, totally treated her like an allowance he was owed by his dad. Keeps talking about how Michael isn’t even REALLY Sonny’s son. Sonny and Morgan are sooooo obviously related. Unfortunately for Morgan, that means his dad is every bit as self serving as Morgan is. Boo hoo…my new girlfriend met my brother and liked him more so I lied to her, lied to my brother, guilted my dad into lying FOR me and when she found out I’m a liar she got mad so I LITERALLY EFFED HER MOTHER. And when she finds out about THAT, Ima find a way to blame Michael. Now take your lithium, Sonny, because you’re making Carly look reasonable. And way to be, Eva, you drunk cougar villain girl! Have. Never. Loved. This. Show. More.

    • I have been saying the same since Morgan’s first conversation with Sonny about Kiki and Michael. Once he started saying it, while I hadn’t thought about it and don’t necessarily agree with Morgan’s interpretation, I can totally see how he would view his life in these terms. Sending Michael away wasn’t really an option since he was already an adult with this was decided as were all of Sonny’s other kids at the time. Plus Carly only really had control over Morgan and it was her decision in order to keep him safe. However, Michael has been the son Sonny has turned to most partly because he was the one that Sonny had the most to do with raising and also, Dante notwithstanding, Michael is the de facto first born.

      Once Morgan voiced his feelings, suddenly all of his actions since his return started to make sense; the gambling as a self-destructive cry for attention, the passive aggressiveness toward Michael from the second Michael turned up in NY, and his desperation to keep Kiki all fit with his resentment and feelings of rejection.

      I especially agree that Morgan only become so consumed with Kiki when it seemed he was losing once again to his brother. From what we where told, Kiki and Morgan hadn’t met in person until we met them. They clearly liked each other, but it seems they were on line dating through the gambling site before then. So they didn’t have some major relationship. Just a casual thing that was just starting in earnest. I don’t recall him seeming more than in lust with her and amused by her willingness to irritated and annoy Michael until she suddenly seemed to think well of Michael. Then all of the sudden he got all jealous and he loved her. I really think his desperation was less about keeping Kiki and more about keeping her from​ Michael.

      It also makes sense to me that Kiki’s initial attitude toward Morgan’s parents and Michael may have been based on Morgan’s comments about Michael being the favored son and the perfect one. So when Michael shows up being the “good brother” to “save Morgan” she saw Michael’s actions as confirmation of Morgan’s complaints of Mikey as the perfect do-right automaton of a bother with a charmed existence she was lead to believe he was. (It would also help explain why finding out Michael’s real traumatic history impacted her impression so much.) Add Sonny coming in and telling Morgan he’d “clean this up” and “to listen to Michael” would have disposed her to think he’s parents did ignore him.

  2. it was amazing. I also never thought they’d go there, until some spoilers a couple of weeks ago and then I was like omg they are actually going there! and the kid who played Morgan just went for it. As did Morgan himself, heh. And it will be beautiful watching Carly’s head explode. This is way worse than Abby or Brenda could have ever been.

    • First thing I thought, too … Wait’ll Carly finds out about this! I really can’t stand Morgan, but that is one fine young actor playing him, draws me in in spitte of myself.

      Speaking of characters I dislike and actors I don’t, Laura Wright was excellent, and of course rocking her dress as usual.

  3. I was shocked… mouth open shocked… couldn’t find words for it shocked…. smh shocked… had to lay across the bed shocked……

    Well Morgan and Sonny have this in common. Bedding mother and daughter. maybe Morgan will come up bipolar too. But then that leaves nothing for Christina…..

    • Didn’t see it yet but I so agree about Morgan and his sometime dad Sonny in all respects. Everyone seems to have forgotten he slept with Alexis and Sam and knocked them both up.

      • Sam’s baby who died was Sonny’s? That was before my time as an accidental fan. They’ve not really referenced that these last 7 or so years. So when Sam slept with Rick that was the SECOND dude she and her mom have shared?? Wow. Complex.

          • Didn’t Jerry jacks also try banging both Sam and Alexis not sure if that actually happened that was more of Alexis being a hypocrite about her lovers or would be lovers

        • Sam was involved with both Jax and Sonny when she first came to town. They really dropped both those connections once she and Jason became a successful pairing and Alexis became her mother. Which is for the best, because they were both terrible. But yes, had baby Lily lived, Kristina would have been both her half-sister and her aunt. (SOAPS!)

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