Five Things About Revenge: “Fear”

REVEEEEEEENGE is back! And back to basics? Maybe? (Cross your fingers…)

1. Six months have passed in Revenge-land! And any viewers who didn’t already know there have been some changes behind the scenes could probably have guessed as much by the way most of the cliffhangers and also the entire season two overarching plot were handily eliminated within the first five minutes:

Emily season three

Nolan prison blues

NOLAN: It took a lot longer than expected for the fail safe I embedded in Carrion to ferret out all the Initiative numbers and exonerate me.
EMILY: All that matters is that it did. Now let’s never say the words ‘Carrion’ or ‘Initiative’ ever again.

Well, all righty, then! I guess the super powerful, international, terror-for-profit conspiracy that was the ultimate architect of Emily’s father’s downfall just got taken down off-screen. You know, NO BIG. I would bitch about this more, but let’s be honest: you all heaved a tiny sigh of relief at the thought of never hearing about the Initiative and Carrion again too.

I will complain that we were  cheated out of the opportunity to see protective Emily working on Nolan’s behalf. THAT WAS ALL I WANTED. Not cool, Revenge.

2. But hey, we did get to see his best outfit of the episode —  which, no, was not his amazing white parachute suit:

Nolan and Emily prison hug


Oh, and then Nolan vowed to be by Emily’s side for better or for worse, and helped her poison the governor, and she bought him a house right next to hers, and EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME FOREVER, THE END.

3. Checking in with the Graysons: Charlotte’s not pregnant anymore (which is helpful for those of us who have already forgotten Declan existed and would like to keep it that way), Daniel’s clearly about to get his French on, and Victoria’s been enjoying a summer of bonding with the only child who doesn’t hate her. I don’t have much to say about Patrick so far except that he has a weirdly incestuous vibe with all his female relatives and it kind of makes me uncomfortable?

Charlotte and Patrick


Oh, and in case you were wondering, Conrad Grayson is still amazing. ARCTIC POOLS, PEOPLE.

4. Jack’s been out finding himself this whole time, and I won’t lie: I also feel a little cheated out of getting his immediate reaction to the real Amanda Clarke bombshell. He’s still sanctimonious and judgmental, though, so I guess nothing’s really changed.

5. Ashley’s been exiled following an epic Victoria/Emily team up in which the former actually referred to the latter as ‘family.’ I’m sad to lose the character, and even sadder that they could never really figure out a way to use her better, you know? I’d much rather see her integrated into a good plot than certain other characters I could name…

Emily and Victoria team up

Speaking of which: Aiden’s not dead! And is betraying Emily? Or playing some sort of long game that will ultimately help her? I don’t even know, you guys. But it probably says something that until he showed up in the last 30 seconds of the episode, I hadn’t once thought, “hey, I wonder what Aiden’s been up to?”

We’re clearly supposed to suspect him of being the shooter two months from now who takes out Emily in her hideous wedding dress (YEAH, I SAID IT). Which is why I highly doubt that will be the case. Although the way things are shaping up, pretty much any character other than Nolan could be the shooter, so… who knows.

Welcome back, show!


8 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Fear”

  1. “Oh, and then Nolan vowed to be by Emily’s side for better or for worse, and helped her poison the governor, and she bought him a house right next to hers, and EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME FOREVER, THE END.”

    Yes X1000. That is sort of how I like to imagine the end of Revenge going. Ems and Nolan fake their deaths then live out their lives on a secluded island paradise being BFFs.

    When Aiden showed up I just groaned, I thought I would be rid of him for at least a couple of episodes!

    I also got the weird incest vibe from Patrick with Victoria and Charlotte. I’m hoping he is a ringer than Ems has secretly planted.

    • I can’t tell is the incestuousness is there on purpose or because the actor just doesn’t know how to do platonic? But it’s weird.

    • Listen, this is “Five Things About Revenge” not “Every Damn Thing About Revenge.” ;)

      But yes, the date was a nice touch.

  2. I was pretty happy to see Ashley go as I never liked her or liked to hate her or anything other than was bored by her. And, yep, I was happy to see Aiden. I don’t care what he is up to – I enjoy him far more than I ever enjoyed Ashley. I like Aiden.

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