Five Things About Revenge: “Sin”

1. Old fashioned revenging! Crisis of faith! Crossing faces off the picture! Nolan playing the role of Emily’s conscience! I love that the show is so obviously and deliberately going back to basics.

I also really like the way we’re getting to see an Emily who’s both refocused on her mission and also capable of doubting its righteousness. That’s what got lost in the mire of last season’s international intrigue: the personal connection.

Emily and Conrad

And the irony that Conrad — one of her greatest enemies — could be the one to make her realize how close she was to crossing the line and alienating her last true ally? DELICIOUS.

2. Speaking of my darling Nolan: so much Nolan goodness in this episode! Starting with the return of the beloved red pants (thanks to the kind commenter who shared this beautiful link) and continuing onto his love life — now refreshingly sans long term drama but now with about 150% more shirtlessness:

Nolan's ONS

Nolan baking pants


But if you know anything about me at all, you know that it was this scene that had me bouncing on the couch, clutching at my heart and squealing like a lunatic:

EMILY: I brought you into this because I thought you loved my father.
NOLAN: I do love him. And I love his daughter, and I want to protect her.

Ugh, these two — I can’t even deal with them and their whole, perfect “stoic, hard-hearted hero and the loyal, emotional side-kick who keeps her honest and guards her heart” thing.

3. Hey, Charlotte finally has a personality that isn’t set at “nonexistent” or “obnoxious”! Good for her! Between finally getting suspicious of her big sis and kicking her father to the curb, Little C really grew a back bone over the summer.

Plus, her relationship with Jack is pretty much the only thing about Jack that I’m liking at the moment. (Although if he keeps hanging out with adorable puppies I’ll definitely start looking forward to his scenes more.)

Jack and Charlotte


4. Because this is Revenge, I’m sure there’s some hidden scheme within a scheme in whatever Aiden’s up to. Or maybe I just want to believe that, because the alternative — that his entire gripe against Emily really does amount to her refusing to give up her quest and run away with him — is too stupid and petty to even contemplate.

(Also, really? His “proof” to Victoria that already super rich Emily has the Grayson fortune is that she bought her BFF a house? Good luck taking that case to court guys.)

5. Meanwhile, Queen V’s relationship with Patrick continues to give off inappropriately sexual vibes, while her relationship with Conrad continues to give me life. (The hilarity of their luxurious “bankruptcy” lifestyle and ensuing decision to live off one painting a month will never get old. OH, THOSE WACKY RICH PEOPLE.)

Victoria and Nolan

But I especially enjoyed her dropping in on Nolan to re-gift his own muffins, because both of them spar really well, but with a more subtle vibe than she and Ems have. And like Conrad and Emily’s heart-to-heart in the chapel, this is a pair we don’t often get to see interacting alone. (Variety! Keep it up, show!)


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Sin”

  1. I DIED when Nolan said “And I love his daughter, and I want to protect her.” And of COURSE Emily responded in her typical fashion and pushed him away, breaking both his heart and mine. It sure was nice hearing her tell him that he was right at the end, though.

    Nolem/Nemily/whatever they’re called… I have never loved TV BFFs this much, ever. They are MY HEART.

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