Well, that was amazing.

It seems like lately the show has two modes: things that I want to kill with fire — like, say, anything to do with Franco’s attempts at dating hijinks. Or Franco’s attempts to revive his art career. Or Franco’s attempts to use his super funny recent past as a serial killer to intimidate romantic rivals. Or–well, you get the idea.

But then there are the things that are so awesome that I can only flail madly at my computer screen. Like, say, pretty much everything to do with the Robin story.

Scrubs birthday

Robin effing Scorpio, you guys! Not giving up, even after almost TWO YEARS of captivity. Spitting on Jerry! Snarking at Obrecht! Fighting to get back to her family — but also not blaming Patrick for moving on with his life, and taking care of the baby she thinks is his. I just love her so much.

And I especially love her faith in Anna:

ROBIN: The little girl inside of me keeps thinking my mom is coming to save me. I know it’s silly, and I know my mother isn’t a god. But… I’ve always seen her as some kind of a superhero. And I keep thinking that at any minute, she’s going to come busting through that door to take me home.

Seriously, I need Anna to kick ass and take names and break down doors and RESCUE HER BABY GIRL so badly.

I also need more scenes like the ones we got today with Robert and Mac. Their relationship’s gotten such short shrift during most of Robert’s visits since he rose from the dead, but the actors obviously still have a great connection when they’re actually allowed to be in the same room. Case in point: addressing the glaring absence that’s still a sore spot for a lot of viewers.

Robert and Mac

ROBERT: I couldn’t stick around for my daughter’s funeral. I mean, I just couldn’t stick around to say goodbye to my little girl.
MAC: Luke read your letter. I think we all understood. [Ed. note: speak for yourself, Mac] You know, I don’t think any of use expected you to show up after seeing…
ROBERT: The charred remains.
MAC: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up.
ROBERT: Hey, listen, if I can’t talk to you about this, who can I talk to? What that fire and explosion left behind was unrecognizable. I couldn’t believe that it was Robin… But I couldn’t deny it either.
MAC: No father should ever have to see that, Robert.
ROBERT: I could have been stronger. Stronger for Emma, for Patrick, for you, for Anna…

Sensitive bro conversations for the win! Robert’s torment not being able to tell Mac about Robin just about killed me. (You guys — we’re going to get to see Mac find out Robin’s alive soon! I kind of want to cry a little just thinking about it?)

Of course, if you watched today’s episode — and if you haven’t, stop reading this right now and go watch — then you already know it ended with an injection of SUPER EXTRA BANANAS AWESOME that really can’t be done justice in mere words. So I’ll let the images speak for themselves:





Never mess with a mad doctor scorned, y’all. Liesl Obrecht was already my queen. After whipping out the truly deranged crazy eyes of rage, though? My love for her may now have transcended all of space and time.

But maybe the best part of this whole sequence was Faison’s BALLS TO THE WALL reaction scream of horror:



Is it tomorrow yet?


Meanwhile, over at the other major story of the moment: there’s basically nothing but agony. Also, call me fickle, but after months of wanting to throttle Lulu for her selfishness and lack of compassion, all it took was one day of Maxie’s bitchface for me to transfer 150% of my loyalty in  the opposite direction.

I mean, just look at the faces she pulled while having the gall to be surprised that Lulu and Dante were actually taking her at her word that Connie was theirs:

Maxie sneer1

Maxie sneer2

DANTE: Our names are on the birth certificate. At this point, we are legally Connie’s parents.
MAXIE: [with a truly hilarious amount of scorn] That’s a lie.

I swear… FLAMES! Flames on the side of my face!

And I really thought I’d be okay with Maxie changing her mind about “claiming” (UGH) the baby. It’s a horrible thing to do, but there’s really no non-horrible resolution to this situation at this point. But then she pulled out the attitude, and all I wanted to do is smack the smug right off her face.



The one non-painful bright spot of this mess was Felicia’s magnificent reaction to learning Frisco could have prevented it all from getting to this point months ago:

MAXIE: There is one person I told, but I made him promise not to say anything: Frisco.
MAXIE: Mom, please–
FELICIA: Even Frisco should have been able to see what a horrible, unwise decision he was letting you make.
MAXIE: It’s not his fault! I begged him not to say anything.
FELICIA: Oh I’m sure he loved that. After abandoning you most of your life, he drops in out of the sky and he gets to feel important because he’s keeping your little secret. That’s not helping you, Maxie. That’s enabling you.

Nailed it!


12 thoughts on “Well, that was amazing.

  1. I would LOVE to be Team LuLu but I was thinking “the last time you saw Maxie, you actually HIT her, called her a selfish bitch, you guys yelled at her about how babies aren’t interchangeable and how horrible she was to try to give you HER baby and now you’re all ‘so here’s a pen…sign that baby over to us. K thanks bye.'” Maxie was wrong but I just like her better than LuLu. I also want one of those masks they can get in Port Charles that gives you someone else’s body and voice and teeth. In other news, having not known Robin since childhood…I have had no use for her. Too perfect. But the last few days I’m quite rooting for her to come home.

    • I guess I don’t see the “babies are not interchangeable” line as hypocritical like you do. The point wasn’t that Connie is any less than the baby they lost; it’s that Maxie had no right to just unilaterally substitute one child for another as if they were goldfish or something. It was disrespectful to both the child she miscarried and to Lulu and Dante, who deserved the chance to grieve and to make the choice over whether they wanted to adopt Maxie’s baby (if she’d offered that choice).

      But since she didn’t offer that choice and they already love this baby, who she insisted she still wanted them to have, of course they want to keep her.

      (Plus, Maxie totally deserved that slap.)

  2. Maxie is slipping back to the smug Maxie who never accepts responsibility, like when she lied to Lucky about being pregnant or was all up in Liz’s face despite having done greater things wrong. It’s so frustrating. I’m with you on this, Tennilly. Though Lulu’s selfishness after the baby was born just came from nowhere, which made it confusing. Come on, Maxie, did you really expect Lante with being OK about being lied too or just replacing a baby? You go, Felicia!
    Hurry home, Robin! And set both Sabrina and Britt straight. You are the only one for Patrick! Sabrina has become very grating since her makeover.

  3. Faison’s reaction was awesome. They kind of toned it down for the replay today.

    I am loving all of the Scorpio stuff: Robin knocking out Obrecht, the Mac/Robert scene, Felicia’s reaction to Frisco knowing about Maxie’s secret.

  4. I totally don’t blame Lante for wanting to keep the baby, but I wish they would just give the baby over already because we know eventually that is how it’s going to wind up and I’m not particularly wanting Lante to have Maxie’s baby anyway. It’s so frustrating how this story was really good until pretty much the moment Maxie slept with Spinelli. I mean sometimes Carlivati’s over-the-top writing is fun (see: Faison curling up into a ball, still laughing at that) but damn it, would it have killed him to write a story where Maxie was “simply” Lante’s surrogate? And all of them had to struggle with the emotions over that? Oh well.

    • I know it won’t happen, but it would have been riveting if baby “Connie” aka “Georgie” turned out to really be Lante’s after all since Maxie lost one of the “twins” before her miscarriage sex with Spinelli? Spinelli gets on my last nerves, so I have no problem with him hitting the road, alone.

      • Yes!! Ben would be Britt’s, Lante would get their baby, and more importantly Maxie would be free of Spinelli. Sounds fine by me.

  5. Team Spixie all the way because of how Dante and Lulu have treated Maxie. So Dante and Lulu have no compassion for Maxie that she lost their baby.

  6. I think Lante were dumb to trust their surrogacy with Maxie in the first place. I’m even shocked that Olivia did not suggest being the surrogate since she still washes Dante’s clothes, cooks his meals, and burps him like a baby.

    The baby being Maxie and Dante’s would free Lulu for adventure story lines and also send Spinelli offscreen.

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