Finola Hughes for president of the universe.

Remember all those years when no woman over 40 was allowed to have a story on this show? When the only time Anna or Alexis or Tracy showed up was when the writers wanted to make a joke out of them? Remember that? Usually I try to repress those years from my mind, but sometimes it gives me comfort to imagine Bob Guza staring at his television in confused horror at the sight of Alexis involved in a front burner romance with a hot younger man, Tracy getting the drop on Jerry Jacks and rescuing Luke all by her lonesome, and Anna as the competent, stalwart indisputable star and center of the show.

Anna Devane, y’all! Queen of my heart. If Finola Hughes doesn’t get an Emmy next year… well, I’ll do the same thing I’ve done every year since they started rewarding this show at its worst, i.e. write the Emmy’s off as a meaningless exercise in self-congratulatory bullshit. But I digress.

Obrecht as Anna

Anna and Faison

Since she’s been killing it pretty much non-stop since she came back last year, I assumed it would be hard for her to impress me any more. But it turns out, the only thing better than one Finola Hughes is two Finola Hughes. Her impression of my darling Liesel’s impression of Anna? AMAZING. The two of them in a Mexican stand-off in the most hilariously inept “maximum security” prison on the planet? DOUBLE AMAZING. But nothing can top the punch of Anna’s destroyed face as she realized the truth about what actually had happened to Robin and why.

(Special shout out to Anders Hove, who’s delusional charismatic creepiness was turned up to eleven as he calmly explained how he knew faking her daughter’s death and impersonating her dead husband would finally make her love him.) (So reasonable, that Faison.)

And if Anna realizing Robin’s alive didn’t completely destroy you, then may I submit Mr. Jason Thompson, professional HEART RUINER, as he: 1) heard his dead wife’s voice for the first time in a year and a half, and 2) let himself be convinced he’d imagined it:

Patrick hears Robin

Patrick cries

This reunion is going to kill me, I swear. But it will be such a satisfying way to go.

Elsewhere, because everything about this umbrella story is working for me, we have Nikolas and Britt continuing to be perfect for each other. It’s no secret that I’m not now, nor have ever been, a fan of him and Elizabeth as a couple. That’s not just because I’ve always preferred her with other people; I just find them fundamentally uninteresting together, as I have with any of the good girl pairings he’s ever been given. Nikolas’ perfect prince persona just doesn’t work for me played off of an Emily or a Liz or a Sarah or even a Courtney (UGH).

But whenever he interacts with someone with a little more — moral dubiousness, shall we say? — I instantly perk up and take interest. I wasn’t the biggest Gia fan, but she was his only major pairing that ever worked for me at all. When the writers teased him with Lydia or Claudia? I WAS ALL IN. So, his and Britt’s “I was raised by a family of psychotically unstable super criminals” bonding has been sort of magical for me:

Nik comforts Britt

Britt Nik hug

NIKOLAS: Do you really think who your parents are matters to me?
BRITT: Yeah, it should. I mean, it scares the hell out of me. I feel like I’m tainted.
NIKOLAS: Look at me–look at me. You are an amazing doctor with a great — albeit wry — sense of humor. And you’ve been a great friend to me ever since the first time we ran into each other at those fireworks, really.
BRITT: No, I feel like it’s just one disaster after another, and ever since I met you, I’m just hanging on by my fingertips…
NIKOLAS: Well, the fact that you can be as strong and stable as you are given how you’ve grown up is actually–
BRITT: Surprising.
NIKOLAS: Amazing. I was going to say amazing.
BRITT: If I’m strong right now at all, it’s because of you.

OH EM GEE, GUYS. I’m torn between wanting them to make out RIGHT NOW and wanting to draw out the delicious tension foreeeeeever. And now they’re roadtripping to Cassadine island to have a confrontation with her terrifying parents in the compound where Nikolas’ recently unfrozen/refrozen father attempted to brainwash his sister into being his bride? My SOAPS! cup runneth over.


27 thoughts on “Finola Hughes for president of the universe.

  1. Seriously, the show was all kinds of awesome!! FH and JT deserve Emmys already and they have not even had the actual reunion!!!

    The only thing I could not stomach was Sabrina telling Patrick he was wrong….Patrick knows what he heard, he knows that Anna and Robert have come back from dead, he knows Anna better than Sabrina….go with your gut, not her!! it was soooo infuriating!! Actually I also didnt like that Anna was knocked out by Dr.O..she body slammed that woman, how did she get up so fast?? and after being hit in the head by Robin??

    Also going to PR???Great idea but didn’t Felix just say that Carrrrlos just went back there??? How is that for new beginnings.

    Also why did Patrick have to rip the tickets….he could have gone with Emma when she was old enough, as tribute to her mother!!

    The only other downside is that it does not look like they are on today :(

  2. I LOVE how when Sabrina heard Robin might be alive, from overhearing known psycho Heather Webber, taunting Anna. She RAN to Patrick to tell him, because he had ‘a right to know’. Also he was dating Britt, who Sabrina told everyone, who’d listen to her talk, was wrong for Patrick because he was ‘done grieving’.

    My fave part about Robin being back, other SCORPIO-JONES feels, is Sabrina/Pabrina fans desperation. They’re doing everything to insult Robin/Scrubs/Emma/Patrick.

    They’re also claimed that Robin is being propped. Yeah, because Robin’s husband, daughter, mom, dad, uncle, cousin(sister), aunt and step dad talking about things we saw ON SCREEN is propping.

    When characters who’ve never interacted with the character and random dayplayers start praising for OFF SCREEN actions, that’s propping.

    Sorry for the rant, Sabrina brings out the worst in me.

    • I think it makes sense for Sabrina to urge caution this time, having experienced how much pain it caused Anna and Patrick the last time they went through this with Heather. I mean, if this was real life, her reaction would be pretty reasonable… as clumsy as a lot of the writing for her has been, I don’t see her as the villain in this situation.

      As for ship wars… ugh. It’s hard for me to imagine Patrick/Sabrina fans didn’t see this day coming, honestly. I don’t think there’s any doubt that whatever he feels for Sabrina, he’ll let go in a heartbeat the second he knows Robin’s alive for real. I’m sure even Sabrina knows that, and wouldn’t fault him for it.

  3. I watched yesterday’s episode 3 times. THREE TIMES because of Anna CRUSHING IT.

    I love her so much. SO MUCH!

    How is it possible to love GH like this?

  4. Nothing to add to your Finola worship, really. She was magnificent.

    I was screaming at my screen, shouting at Sabrina to shut up and for Patrick to ignore her, dammit! It was embarrassing.

    On the Nik front: In a very uncharacteristic move for me, and even though I thought NL wasn’t a very good actress, I loved him with Emily (I loved original-recipe Emily played by AT even more, but that’s another subject), thought they had enormous chemistry even as they got really boring toward the end. But I also love him with Britt, and I take your point about the interesting dynamic he has with women like her. I think Nik/Britt could be an awesome supercouple.

    • Well, even though Nik and NL’s Emily personally bored me to tears, they were also pretty popular, so obviously mileage varies, and that’s cool.

      But yeah, just imagine the potential crazyevilawesome potential of any children of a Nik/Britt pairing! With the blood of Stavros and Faison and Helena and Obrecht flowing through their veins, they’ll take over the world in no time!

  5. Wow, this is sooo weird that this episode had that effect on you. I, too was picturing Bob Guza watching and cringing, thinking, ‘This is what they want to see?!’…and the rest of us saying, ‘Yeah, Moron! This is what we like. Not like we didn’t beg you for these stories the whole time you were slaughtering our favorite characters because they were too old to be on The CW’.
    Loved the Anna/Dr. O throwdown, and especially loved that Tracy was the one to screw Jerry Jax over. About time The Q’s got some revenge for his part in Alan’s death. I’ve been over the moon to see my Tracy back to her very capable old self, instead of the Luke prop Guza wrote her to be. I always thought Luke and Tracy had great potential as a nefarious duo, but not the way Guza did it. Just made her his doormat.

    • I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts of the Luke/Tracy/Jerry scenes — the shout out to Bobbie and original!Jerry’s relationship. You know Guza would have rather died than acknowledged that.

      • That surprised me. The previous regime ignored it. That’s happened a couple of times under FV and RC. They’ll do things, things that are good that Guza et al would never do. That’s not say Carlivati doesn’t have his terrible moments. Case in point: that inane boxing match between Franco and Derek/Julian over Carly yesterday.

  6. Between the scene with Anna and Faison, and the especially heart wrenching scene of Patrick trying to hear Robin…then hearing her…and then the scene at the elevator where he was desperately trying to tell Sabrina that he KNOWS his wife’s voice…and breaking down…damn it, people! Give Finola and Jason their long overdue, much deserved Emmy awards, and while you’re at it…give Brooklyn one for her fabulous adorableness as Emma!

    And will someone kindly…or rudely, preferably…shove Sabrina and her mousy, irritating, whiny self out of Patrick and Emma’s lives with her insisting that Patrick and Emma believing Robin is still alive is a sure sign they’re just in denial and refuse to move on….PLEASE! Patrick’s own in-laws came back from the dead, so it’s not all that far fetched, contrary to what that twat says.

    Bring on the Scorpio-Drake family reunion!

  7. I kind of hope that Robin and Sabrina will become besties. Sabrina has been EXACTLY the kind of female presence for Emma that Robin hoped for. Robin being Robin would be pretty grateful. Sabrina being Sabrina would be glad for Emma to have her mom back. They could be the unlikely female friendship that has been ruined between Maxie and LuLu.

    • I wouldn’t rule it out, but I don’t think it’ll happen right away. I see them as being civilized rivals at first. With none of the vitriol that characterized Robin’s rivalry with Carly, or Maxie and Lulu’s early days. I actually find myself wondering how Robin and Britt will react to one another. Robin and Sabrina’s temperaments are similar, while Britt is very different (she reminds me a little of Brenda in her early days). Also, I just think Kelly is a stronger actress than Teresa. It will be interesting to see them opposite Kimberly.

      • Yeah. I don’t see Sabrina trying to fight Robin for Patrick, but I would imagine it would be painful for her to be around any of them for a while. I am extremely curious to see Robin interact with both her and Britt, especially given the way Britt’s used and been used through the whole thing.

        • Emma hated Britt, robin will hate Britt for that reason. If they write this REALLY well, we might all end up feeling sorry for Britt when it’s revealed to everyone (including her I think?) that her parents were behind Robin’s fake death. Annnnd Robin’s currently on Cassidine Island isn’t she? So she and Nic can commiserate some more about crazy family stuff.

  8. I like to think Guza, Frons and JFP are watching GH in horror at the number of vets stealing the thunder away from their so called “A” listers aka Sonny, Jason, Sam, and Carly. Muahhahahahah!

    Anna is the Queen!

  9. The Scorpio’s rule GH. Anna really has had her day. lets go Robert, lets see them destroy Faison ,jerry and Dr O ‘. Hopefully Nick will get to see what scum Britt has for parents. Not that his are any better. let these two help get Robin away. Sabrina got on my last nerve also. But Partick should have known. The city of PC is loaded with back from the dead.But lets have the story roll on. I am also looking forward to the reunion of Robin and all of her family. The unholy three that completely desamated this show as we knew it are gone .So Re-Ron better watch it. he has a bad habit of going to far out there.

  10. I’m jumping ahead several days from this entry (and i think my questions are spoiler free) but in soap fan terms, I’m relatively new. Can anyone tell me if Diane and Scott ever knew each other when Scott was a DA or if that line about her having a love/hate relationship w him was a historical rewrite? Also am I REALLY supposed to believe that Sabrina’s ex is a GANGSTER?? THIS Sabrina had one bf before Patrick and he was Carrrrlos the mob guy? Last thought…WAKE UP, STUPID SARS’D MORGAN!!!

    • Their time on the show overlapped when Scott was around last, so I’m sure they shared some court scenes. I don’t remember anything specific, but Diane sort of has a love/hate relationship with all her opponents, so…

      Re: Carlos and Sabrina — I like to think that he was actually a totally different person when they dated. Like, they were both awkward and dorky and then he had his own princess transformation when she left and now he’s all I GOT HOT FOR YOU, SABRINA. LOVE ME.

      • Thanks! There is so much vet action happening that I’m confused a lot lately. But not complaining, the stories are way better than when Jason stared into space while the girls fought over him.

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