Five Things About Revenge: “Confession”

1. Well, this episode was a veritable cornucopia of Nolan fashion wonderment. The return of the red pants (with matching festive neckerchief)! The amazingly ugly party outfit with puffy pleated white pants and the turtleneck and the admiral’s jacket!

But nothing could top that cheeky vest with the little black shorts and the perfect patriotic fedora. Or wearing a t-shirt with his own mugshot:

Nolan country club

Nolan t-shirt

Said cheeky vest also turned out to be the perfect outfit for a meet cute with Patrick. I’m torn because I like to see Nolan have some fun, but Patrick will probably dick him over in the end. (On the other hand, if Ems is there to comfort him after the inevitable betrayal, then who am I to complain?)

2. Speaking of Patrick, I still don’t have a good read on him, but watching him and Victoria glow at each other over who can be more rude to Emily cracked me up. If he doesn’t turn out to be her real son, he still sure figured out the key to her heart.

3. I was similarly on the fence about Margaux, but seeing Daniel pull his overbearing control freak routine with her put me pretty much 110% in her corner. Like, seriously? FIRE HIS CONDESCENDING ASS, MARGAUX.


At least we finally got some follow up on his fight with Aiden at the end of last season…. just in time for him to pull the same controlling, judgmental bullshit with Emily. Ugh, he’s just the worst.

4. And Aiden is working with Emily! I think we all kind of guessed as much? But I still have no idea what the larger game plan is here. I’m also a little sad this means we’re probably getting a ton more Aiden/Emily screen time coming up.

(Dear Writers: I watch this show to see Emily destroy people with the help of the loyal, trusty, billionaire sidekick who loves her more than life. Not to see her star crossed affair with a cheap James Bond knock off. )

Conrad bloody

5. Oh, Conrad. You’d think that after so many years of being an evil scoundrel, you’d know by now how to keep your cards close to the vest, and also to never underestimate Victoria. I mean, I have no idea how she engineered that car wreck, but frankly, I would not put it past her to have installed a remote controlled bomb in his car years ago, just in case.

(This is why you NEVER GIVE WARNING when you’re about to betray someone, Conrad. Jeez!)



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