Five Things About Revenge: “Mercy”

1. Nolan’s still rocking the neckerchiefs! And he’s off the hacking wagon! Glory hallelujah!

He’s also getting back to his “seduce a sketchy dude and then blackmail the hell out of him” revengenda roots — at least, I assume that’s what’s going on with his play for Patrick following a mysterious trip to pump my girlfriend Brianna Brown for info.

Nolan and Patrick kiss

(If she comes to the Hamptons and whips out the full on crazy eyes at some point, I will be SO HAPPY, you guys.)

2. Speaking of Patrick, his team up with mommy to carry off an old fashioned Victoria Grayson Hamptons banishment was delightful. I do love to see Queen V in her ice cold element. (Also, her sincere lament that neither of her other children did nice things for her like pull elaborate cons to steal other people’s life’s work just really said all there is to say about Victoria Grayson as a person and a mother, didn’t it?) (MY QUEEN!)

And, um, Patrick is clearly a con artist and clearly not really her son, right? Right.

3. Conrad, you magnificent bastard. I’m still unclear on whether or not he crashed the car on purpose, but his complete turn around on feeling any remorse once he knew his life wasn’t actually in danger was hilarious. As was the dramatic pill crushing scene in the living room. Never change, Conrad. Never change.

Conrad and Victoria

(Since literally every character right now has a possible motive to kill him, I really don’t know who it was. Patrick seems too obvious? But I guess my money’s on him for the moment.)

4. Dear, Daniel: when even the person giving you advice remarks on how he’s pretty much the last person who should ever be used as an example of How To Marriage Good, maybe take that as a sign to do the opposite of what he suggests? UGH, DANIEL IS THE WORST.

This probably sounds like I’m complaining, but I actually kind of love that he’s the worst? Especially when Emily actually gets to call him on it, as she did here. (THAT WAS SO SATISFYING.) Poor Emily. All her plans are failing apart lately. Who can blame her for losing her temper with Daniel or enjoying a little schadenfreude at newly employed Victoria’s expense?

Emily and Aiden

5. I’d really like it if she also got to call Aiden out on all the ways that he is terrible, but the show seems unfortunately less aware of the fact that he even is terrible? Which is one of the reasons I find often Aiden annoying. Although I can’t imagine either Emily or Nolan will let him off the hook for setting Jack up in the Graysons’ crosshairs. Especially if, as the previews implied, he really is just pulling a territorial hissy fit over another man having the nerve to speak to Ems. (HATE!)

On the other hand, the ABC promo monkeys cannot always be trusted, so… I guess we’ll see. (Seriously, though. Aiden is terrible.)


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Mercy”

  1. I am so tired of Aiden throwing Em’s friends under the bus and no one on the show seeming to mind at all. In S2 it was Nolan, and oh hell no I will never forgive him for it, and now it is Jack? Jack is still mostly dumb, but he beats the heck out of Aiden and Daniel for boyfriend material. Aiden and Daniel’s possessiveness is seriously getting old. Can they start going out with each other?

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