Is it sweeps yet?

Since I last posted, there have been so many great moments that it’s actually kind of hard to pick a favorite. I mean, can you really top Nikolas finding Robin? No, no you cannot. That was freaking magical.

Robin found1

Robin found2

Look at that! Look at how gobsmacked they both are! I’ve seen criticism that Nikolas’ reaction not joyful enough, but I think Tyler Christopher played his utter shock perfectly. And then, you know, he still had a house full of super villains and a baby to save.

(Plus, this is not Nik’s first time at the reappearing dead people rodeo, folks. Hell, it’s not even his fifth time.)

So, that was super good for me. But then we also stuff like got Faison and a baby making buh-buh-buh noises at each other. And Britt transforming into a Patrick/Robin shipper. And Obrecht finally snapping. (Oh, Liesel. Choose yourself, girlfriend.) Not to mention Robert’s face on hearing about Faison’s Anna mask kink:

Faison and Ben1

Robert face

It’s really hard to top the magic of that face, guys.

And sure, the whole “Jerry holds Anna and Robert hostage from across the ocean” thing is getting a little… flimsy. Like, why the hell didn’t the rest of them just overpower Faison and Obrecht and put a call into the WSB as soon as they left his sight? Why didn’t Jerry send real guards with them — or just lock everyone else up on the island and take off with Robin alone as planned?

Or why–you know what? Nevermind. I’m not going to ruin how much fun this is by thinking about it too hard. BUT I’M SIDE-EYEING YOU REAL HARD, CARLIVATI.

Even the non-Robin related days have had stuff to love. Heather and Scotty reminiscing about 30 year old history! Bradford Anderson rocking better material than he’s had in years! Sam finding out she and Carly share a brother! Ryan’s Hope shout outs! It was a little before my time, but I appreciate the effort to keep the greater ABC soap universe alive.

And then there’s Morgan.

Morgan's duh face


My new found determination to be amused by Morgan’s awfulness is sometimes a bit challenging. Because let’s face it. HE’S THE WORST. But if everyone in town would just start reacting to his petulant bullshit the way Julian does… well, I could watch that all day.

(And yes, I know I should be horrified to see Alexis’ love interest trying to have a teenager killed and I’m a terrible hypocrite and blah blah blah. But it’s Morgan. He’s the worst!)

Of course, there’s also Diane’s approach:

Diane not taking Morgan's crap

MORGAN: So when do lawyers stop giving advice and start doing what they’re told?
DIANE: [burst out laughing] Oh my God, that was so rude — it would be funny if it weren’t so rude. But you sounded just like your father.

Diane Miller, you are a perfect human being sometimes.


13 thoughts on “Is it sweeps yet?

  1. You know I’m loving all of this. It is so painful that they are making us wait LONGER for Patrick and Robin to see one another again. Whatever day that is, there will be TEARS.

  2. Ummmm, for all of 3 minutes I was like “I don’t ACTUALLY want Morgan shot” but then the whining and the “Mikey gets everything!!!” and I was like “oh for the love of, SHOOT HIM. Shoot Morgan so he’ll stop whining about how he never gets to get shot and Mikey gets to have allllll the shootings.” But then when he finally brushed up against that life of Michaels that he wants so badly, he (from what I can tell) peed his skinny jeans and threw his family under the bus to save himself. So I guess Derek ain’t gonna shoot him, but is it too much to hope that when Sonny finds out…that Sonny will shoot Morgan? He’s shot a son before. Row that kid out on a lake like Fredo.

  3. The fact that Britt and Robin are sorta bonding makes me drool for the moment when the two of them are alone in a room with Sabrina … that girl is doomed. Are they purposely making Sabrina more grating than usual lately, or is it just me? Don’t know how long I can bear to watch Sabrina plan her princess wedding, but I assume something has to happen during sweeps month, so not too much longer. Oh, and Robert Scorpio needs to stick around. I could watch Robert and Anna all day.

    My only frustration is the incredible annoyance of the AJ storyline being completely dropped, apparently. I loved AJ and Liz. What is going on there? Does anyone care anymore that Connie was murdered? There are other dropped storylines as well. Things need to be better integrated.

    • Except that Robin doesn’t know that Emma is terrified of Brit or that Brit called Emma a brat and she hasn’t heard Elizabeth’s very low opinion of Brit and there’s just a lot that I think will prevent Robin from ever ganging up on Sabrina w Britt.

      • But Robin also knows who Britt’s parents are, and she has seen how much she loves her baby, which may temper her judgment a bit.

  4. Ha, Morgan as Fredo. I need a +1 button for that.

    I feel bad about how much I wanted Garrrlos to shoot Morgan, but not that bad. The kid has literally not one redeeming quality. On the other hand, I’m surprised by how much I like Carlos. He’s so over-the-top yet cheerfully malevolent.

    The hostage storyline is incredibly stupid, but I don’t care. Obrecht and Faison sniping at each other, Robin and Britt being allies, Nikolas being all Cassadine-y — where has this show been all my life? Also stupid and I don’t care: that the Witness Protection Program keeps its file detailing Julian Jerome’s new identity complete with photo of new face at the PCPD.

    And I think I squealed a little when they mentioned Ryan’s Bar. I know it’s too much to ask that Maeve will be behind the bar when Sam and Silas go there, but from the previews, it looks like we’re at least getting Ilene Kristen. I know most people think of her as Roxy, but she’ll always be Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge to me.

    This week has been BANANAS, but in the best way.

  5. Forgot to say, the worst thing about the absence of AJ is that I have to watch Michael with Sonny instead. Michael and AJ were gold together.

  6. oh man, I love Morgan. He entertains the crap out of me. And I think the kid is a good actor. And hot, heh. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t cackle at this line

    Julian: oh, I’m so sure you’re with him for his sparking wit and his charm, dude.

    I was fine with TC and Kim’s performance on first seeing each other last Friday. Where it went downhill was them practically chatting about groceries on Monday. Luckily it picked up after that.

    • I wanted to add, I think BA has been GREAT as well. And DZ is pretty much there with him. But the storyline leaves me cold. I don’t care who gets the baby, and as a fan of Lante/Dante, I’m not interested them in fighting for a baby that isn’t theirs at all.

  7. I would have much preferred that Maxie did not have a clue who fathered her baby because of the Spixie sex and the surrogate implantation all happening on the same day. Also, I’m done with the baby rabies stories. Enough!

  8. Carrrrrrlos’s beard looks like its been colored with black shoe polish. Now get in that row boat, Fredo! I mean Morgan. You’ve gone against The Family and even though I hate your Family, the fact that you want TO KILL your father because he hired Michael to manage a restaraunt….I have no words, Morgan, just get in the boat. Also is AJ coming back ever? Sean Kanan has been retweeting ppl asking when he’s coming back. This tells me that perhaps his contract is up in the air but he’s not been officially cut?

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