Five Things About Revenge: “Control”

1. For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to assume that Emily actually apologizing to Aiden was just her taking Nolan’s advice, the same as she did with Daniel. Because otherwise I’d have to accept that she really is okay with him being a possessive, controlling jackass who tried to ruin a man’s life just for talking to her.

Emily forgives Aiden

And I refuse to accept that.

2. Other things I refuse to accept: that Nolan has no ulterior motives with Patrick — even though this episode sure was trying to sell it that way. But come on! He went all the way to Florida and all he got was that Patrick’s gay? Really?

But I do appreciate him once again playing the role of Emily’s conscience and heart, as he implicitly understood something she was failing to grasp about Daniel’s emotional needs. And I appreciate Emily explicitly stating that Daniel is basically repulsive to her now. (If only she could recognize the same for Aiden…)

Nolan pursues Patrick

3. The episode was also working hard to sell Patrick as this innocent guy who’s been burned by love and blah blah blah. Except… we saw how effortlessly he lied last week in order to con his mother into a new business. And there’s that whole pesky attempted murder thing with Conrad. (Called it!)

Suffice to say:  I do not trust him with Nolan’s heart.

4. Charlotte unwittingly taking the blame for her half-brother was a nice twist. She’s becoming more like her mother every day. And say what you will about Conrad — he’s 100% evil, but his love for Charlotte really does humanize him.

Charlotte and Conrad2

5. I frequently give Jack a lot of crap for being, well… boring and dumb. But a large part of my aversion to him in the past has been the way the show insisted on positioning him as Emily’s true love when he didn’t actually know the real her at all. Now that he does know the real her and doesn’t really seem to like what he sees? He still represents the human cost to Ems’ all-consuming revenge, but it turns out that with a little agency, I’m finding him both tolerable and interesting. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Control”

  1. Patrick is totally playing Nolan, so I hope Nolan is playing Patrick because I don’t want Nolan to be played. Did that make sense?

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