Five Things About Revenge: “Dissolution”

1. For an episode with a lot of revelations, I had a really hard time motivating myself to write this post. Mostly, I think, because a lot of it felt strangely anti-climactic? Like, Nolan coming clean to Jack would have had more of a dramatic punch if I’d been more clear that his involvement with Emily was still considered a secret. Somehow, I’d just assumed Jack had found out off screen, I guess? They’ve barely shared a single scene yet this season.

Jack and Nolan hug

But I won’t deny that I got a little thrill from hearing Nolan Jack admit he’s always known the truth, or from seeing Jack forgive him almost immediately. And Ems taking them both into her confidence at the end really emphasized how much more I’d be into watching a Team Revenge that consisted of just those three rather than Aiden.

2. Speaking of which: the fact that Aiden can talk about Emily never seeing Nolan and Jack (or Charlotte, for that matter) ever again without a shred of awareness that that might not actually be a comforting idea to her speaks volumes about how little he actually understands her.

Emily and Aiden plot2

I’ve tried to like Aiden. Really, I have. He’s nicely shaped, has a pleasant accent, and is usually good for a spot of quality violence. I don’t ask for much more in a fictional person. But absolutely nothing about his goals or personality work for me. When he had his own revenge to fulfill, at least that was something I could respect. But now his sole goal appears to be making himself the complete center of Emily’s universe, and it is really, really, unattractive.

(If Jack only ever knew the Amanda Clarke side of Emily, and Daniel only knows the fake Emily Thorne side, Aiden only knows the revenge side — the real Emily has bits and pieces of all three. I just want her to end up with someone who understands that.) (Hint: his name starts with an ‘N’ and rhymes with “colon.”)

3. Of course, the man in question only has eyes for Patrick at the moment — and vice versa. Which… is really not where I thought this story was going.

Nolan and Patrick kiss

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as happy to see gay kisses treated like no big deal on Network television as the next girl. But couldn’t that have happened in the course of Nolan working his own revenge scheme? I feel like that’s what they were going for, only they ended up rushing through the whole thing in order to get these two to the lovebird/soul mates phase in time to prompt this rift with Ems. And I just don’t buy it?

(Also, can we talk about the way Nolan totally hand-waved that whole “attempted murder” thing like it was no big? I expect that kind of thing from Victoria, Nolan. Not you.)

5. Oh, Victoria. Putting her trust and her financial future in Patrick’s hands has to be leading to some big betrayal, right? RIGHT? Good Lord, I feel like I’m going to grow old waiting for Patrick to finally be outed as a villain. (Since — and I know I’m a broken record, but — apparently killing a priest wasn’t enough.)

Patrick and Victoria


4. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s scheming is becoming more Victoria-like by the day. Which I enjoy! Although, as with Nolan and Patrick, I don’t know that I really buy her sudden and seemingly complete estrangement from Emily. I’m not opposed to opening a rift between them for dramatic purposes. But I needed a little more of a basis that we’ve gotten — especially since they were previously so close, you know?

Still, inserting Daniel’s ex back into his life was deftly done, and I’d much rather see that play out as an obstacle for Emily’s plan than introducing some completely new character as a spoiler.


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Dissolution”

  1. Sadly, I must admit that I’m losing interest in the show. I’ll continue reading ur awesome recaps, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching.

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